Tuesday, October 17, 2017


scuffled a bit for spare change,
rarest-bluer and shifting notice
that's posted and careens around
the headspace in the shop oh i'd
fake being english and study the

night dry for an abject pleasure
of watching the faces drop.. off
the clocks, raygun fluid twisted
upstairs, knock twice don't ring
the doorbell don't wake the dor-

mouse-- dealt from the bottom of
the deck to serve you the magni-
ficent sunning array of yarrow &
it's pooling, pooling, frozen to
the tongue yet melting, melting;

i don't really think style's all
that important, honestly: you'll
give us substance and we'll bear
you good will, clasped hands re-
generating the automatism of re-

psychiatric duology & this story
seems to be of a host of ghosts,
whether carrier-signalled or up-
wards spiralling so pristine the
middlemarch air that reels with-

in the puddle of deep white, go-
ing backwards slow to remember i
greet the girl and show us to my
room, which is a king, who isn't
mannerismed.. or to be compared.

Monday, October 16, 2017


hysterical crackology immutes my
black-and-blind honour program i
put in the horror of an environ-
ment that resists change and re-
sists submersion, believing as i

do that immersion is the only a-
postolic form of baptism.. unuse
of interrupt, defined so freely:
whether you want it latinate, or
even unencumbered, the dream ar-

gument doesn't convince me as it
once did, which is not to say we
don't also desire the one dream,
people of? interpeopled fantasi-
es that suffer dream sicknesses;

jungle gets edited-- i have ever
been one to punctuate and play--
imputing a new discourse, super-
imposing it perhaps, but without
the spectacle of military and it

looks like not even revolution..
my mind is not strong enough to,
and my heart may fail, in time i
think, but i've dreamt as legib-
ly as i find it was possible to,

given the whiteline program, and
teaching, being given, seems im-
portantly facile yet struggling,
the portion left to the biblical
allures us more fairly than sex.

Friday, October 13, 2017


modernist guernican picasso over
my desire, also laden heavy with
casually burning ignition, stud-
ied simple like the attrition of
bad words, and taking stances a-

way from their literal meanings,
just in order to abstract every-
thing to make it usual-- ellipse
the divisor and ultimate ruinat-
ion of circularities, yes in the

symbolic order we're imaginistic
and compounded, but not monetar-
ily or oppression-- your aurora,
boring as i am i know how to al-
lude, punctually, calligramatic;

it's luck of the draw, the dream
which rumbles beneath the runes,
making us floating-headed in the
cardinal directions, erring on a
side that isn't fully developed,

yet: boxes and sunshines oh stay
vulnerable and make yourself up,
it's no longer literary and can-
not be recused or forgotten, yes
the video about the author, bri-

coleur savant moaning over waves
that are coloured brightly as an
honest unity is more resplendent
when exposed to free space clean
air & plenty of congratulations.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


loose, the scape shifts unto the
poor and dark, royal apparel and
scene set millennium, just so: i
don't know enough words to begin
to fill a page, much less a con-

fession.. just accept that jesus
walks-- being watched by anyone,
and everyone, and no one at all,
sometimes, yields algebraic math
that feels inauthentic when fac-

tored with statistics, oh let me
neglect my politics as well-- no
weapon formed against thee shall
prosper, et cetera, quelling the
irreverence with gasping virtue;

the man who levies the sentences
must wield the blade, except for
the involvement of righteousness
that calls not for violence, but
for the deeply soaking blood and

water of salvation-- imagining &
remaining sober, pour me some of
the vapor of trails and mountain
fastnesses in the midst of citi-
es, and i have shown you fear in

a handful of dust! attribution &
legislation & skylarking, simple
infinitive subdivided prismatic-
ally maetl for the machinist and
his footwork, yes i know i will.


scanner, blinked up skinning and
magnificent arranged, rays their
colours with somnolence, all the
better to see you with-- intoned
muscular personality & pessoa, a

book of masters can't, and fact-
icity prescribes that such as my
book of lossless can't, too.. be
it loved and windswept, the care
and inherent grandeur of delusi-

ons that moves under us like the
names they call this girl: you'd
better know that she is holy and
call upon her with the pulses of
your own heart, heavens abiding;

i don't look back once i've got-
ten to the ironic reversal: this
is a study in teleliterature, if
the spines are broken or other..
prophetic bible and hymnal twin-

ning consist of the word whether
set to songs or simply said, how
gorgeous and apparent a disposi-
tif of parallax serpentined much
over the forgotten rhyme & writ-

ing home-- my eyes may be blind-
ed, but so may my tongue cleave:
and there is a river the streams
whereof shall make glad the city
of god & my lord keeps a record.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


gathering, megalustred instant &
hopeful hipster walk into water,
the sounds all surrounding as if
the crescendo weren't enough: we
will uplift ourselves, gliding &

repeating, like tines-- ultimate
privacy in the headlines haven't
you got anything popular to make
all the crashing, sibilant cymb-
als that clapped, stutter legato

into the candyfloss of synthetic
reversals which have been madeup
magnanimous for you? apologetic-
al angling for angels' lifeforms
and the ladder, dangling silver;

what sound, to finish it: spoons
and spanners clanking away, like
the sordid orchestra of a defer-
red disagreement, simply plotted
for the purpose of power, having

the majority and yet ever'll sky
listening.. too imagist, too im-
aginary, and two is enough week-
end ravers: funny break, even, i
drew my voice hoarse and corpsed

wrapped up in tzara, in interest
of absolving--or possibly abdic-
ating--something i can't portray
and non, je ne regrette rien, my
bricolage of sanctions & melody.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


you'd murmured wake, i hear this
noise like wind rushing rushing,
planned-obsolescent yet holy god
crush me with petalling and per-
haps cycling girl-- a continuous

emotion that surfs her fragility
and supports, revisited communi-
ty project that sports such yel-
low soul, and cradles itself yes
in the bosom of-- impact, myself

the ground is liquid with flames
and reflecting its mundanity all
in the icey sons of the unspoken
heavens, and the daughters there
wave, with truthful omniscience;

and i only want to kiss embraced
royal reality betimes, gold pro-
fessorship tenured synthesizing,
adventurous again, and provoking
such as appositive literature in

small and smaller books.. every-
day i am made overcome and know-
ing the respectful, bowed season
of existence, so tautly slack my
love paramour: lately, the words

don't damn the man, fifty & liv-
ing pardon that resetted scene &
tumbles philosophically likening
my suffered mirth to lights over
the surreal fields, and marxist.