Monday, January 22, 2018


supersaw penetrant, participated
and came home come over with the
sick and seesawing orbitals made
of arbitration, echoed drill our
harmony, test the waters as many

as there are, simple television-
ist epideictic that slums within
the flowers of maddening, rattl-
ed video-- this doesn't comprom-
ise and isn't bended or shaked..

highway opening to the pineal my
medicines and machinery: punched
in the poetry, catch-phrase com-
edy, drummed on the pillows hav-
ing swallowed the lilies & fire;

the leader looked to the elevat-
ed train hoping against time she
could lay the rails upwards, ev-
en sideways across the bleak and
forbidding, occult civilisations

escaping the reduction of irrel-
evant paper trails and shocking-
ly succeeded & the results were:
politely traveling unauthorised-
ly and ill advice, take 2 of the

most essential elements, what is
matter made of? and does it mat-
ter? steeped the amber until, as
it was crumpled like a business-
man, it suited us.. oh, flowing.

Monday, January 15, 2018


you put the brakes down, church-
es comprised of gifts-- more the
embossed, transparent filigree &
more the wine-dark sea, moth our
mother of invisible cities taken

from the italian, with regret no
where to be found yet tongue yes
in cheek.. building and refining
the water to stand upon could've
walked yet found it standard yet

to remain stood, high colour the
cheek and offered: generation an
impediment to the speech, o, let
the deliverer run and work play-
ing whatsoever games, also free;

industrial skidding my blown-op-
en operation that was surviving,
though illegal-- lasers and this
night which moves out on stilts,
careering with the drunkennesses

implicit in the darkness of day:
life isn't treating me any cert-
ain way, because it's not anthro
and can not.. the interventional
station tipped like a hand, over

simile verisimilitude, reverdant
and reverend child who opened an
avenue for the disseminations of
ideas such as, mass production &
weight propagation, proudly fat.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


too audacious to accomplish this
novel, blue-tinged snow that ran
down the history of, oh if you'd
listened you'd've conquered like
the lion and riddled the sphinx:

so tall, so tall.. magnificented
perusal and refusing and bound..
answering sire with crown scept-
re and throne, leaving for seas-
ons that struck the senseless as

plain and unnumbered as schooled
and rearranged: you'd really al-
ready got heaven, and as much as
you tend to rhyme, we're binding
our efforts together to display;

narrator who is thin, yet plump,
and so eager to eat a peach how-
beit that we name our constella-
tions nightly hanged crescentist
with prescience and incredulity,

it seems so-- lettered and force
of ambivalent language which has
dropped and is now sat in my lap
oh lover who is worthy & redemp-
tive with the colouring, books i

read in braille, irrepentant to-
wards the privilege inhered with
the legacy of living: being made
in time earns me a chair in this
assembly, yet never godforsaken.

Friday, January 12, 2018


the magnetic start of the decade
that burns through the paper and
binding, as if left out behinded
and beheaded with the foam moved
heavy on the blue bells and exed

relations that poured into glass
resemble eyes.. oh my bird is an
one and only, like a child, like
a butterfly that flew away, from
the shack or the meetingplace or

the community center, the absent
ontology that substrated our new
and illustrious approach to pol-
itical science: give me liberty,
or give me death, sailor-swains;

the fruit that's fiona in dream-
ing together and moving forwards
with the tightspinned hypnogogia
that pitch the ark, pitch a ball
perhaps clockwise so caught-up &

defined by the circles around my
eyes, under them, blackening and
relevant to the study of girls--
literature and language are ine-
luctably for everyone, that's at

least something you can't deny &
i only want to swim, love, love,
swim, kind of like forever, mov-
ing my muscles major against the
current and living high enjoyer.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


i've spent my good singing mmend
and trisha the spangling star of
nearer my god to thee, three and
spoked the blanketing omniscient
thrum of magnetical dischord and

obvious skin, oh do let us go on
with your ambient, planetary the
skipped-rope hemp that burns in-
side the brazier, chalice my god
given gift of gentlemanly rever-

end and owing debt unto such the
bloat and sanguinary, resistings
against the urge to comment upon
the very schooled paradigm beset
with ringings and lordly glamor;

christ you know it ain't easy, a
building that sets itself ablaze
in order to demonstrate unto the
gladly pallid coming obstruction
that sets in the road, river and

rail that gave in and gives up &
built the building that--tasting
like cherries in winter--wineri-
ed itself ablaze with inflammat-
ion of alcohol, so dangerous the

magnetical distensions of modern
culture that seem to inhere into
alcoholism and nordical futurism
that reclaims the clans and will
burn this old mad house so down.

Monday, December 18, 2017


no one would rape that, or so he
thought to no one in particular:
saving the repentance for such a
speaking engagement, dancery and
pride in the face of disrespect,

and such misunderstanding! every
thing in the universe is created
for the purpose of pleasure, and
it's hard to seefeel why anybody
would try to ignore it.. and now

that i've got that off my chest,
stepping razor regressed intuit-
ion and big bloc commerce common
and irreducible, latinate drops,
works it, & leaves the building;

leaves: the building a bildungs-
roman and all the vaporism catch
in the clouds calling abba fath-
er or if lacking that could some
one just love me, even a little?

my life is a prayer & i've seem-
ed to outsmart myself.. foundat-
ion laid for fornications & fire
that reminds me of justice, mer-
cy could've been too good for us

but i'll tell you something from
my heart and mine alone it's not
and anyone who tells you so hav-
ing been deceived is appointed a
portion with unbelievers, think.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


dissimilar, weight on the fronts
and height in the depths, cover-
ing the words having been bound,
yes bowed like the violin icicle
île de la cité so flush & tremor

the magnificence of these lovers
who have their hearts set upon a
rhythm that's irreducible & can-
not be reproduced-- the admirat-
ion tends to fly away sometimes:

so fantastic and you can't quite
hold on to it all the while we'd
wedded and blessed, blowing upon
the candles with wishes and best
practise, the developing novels;

modern my rebirth and impudence:
hoping to fool, truth subsisting
and you'd said that already, how
tremolo sister of angels' flight
which resists the impenitent arc

of the civic disregard, inherent
in the masque and the advertise-
ment of our drama-- these shapes
are well-defined and shadowing a
kabuki on the windows, this beat

us up verbiage, vocabularies our
remembrance of things present is
comprised of, and if you unlock-
ed it, you'd be sure to find the
accented and impressive instant.