Sunday, June 10, 2018


oh if there was nothing other the
girls cascading like the futurist
plan making me plain, plan making
me plain so adventurous the lang-
uage of angels' anatomy added: do

fill the palm with inordinate the
strictures of stressed syllables,
oh damn the purely holy love that
seethes the tea & skins the teeth
just so, just so, just so, leesa:

all i'd ever said & the only word
i've ever known is "love," finder
into flinders spooning the safest
snow that fills the house with an
obviously round-strung frequency;

you ask me, "have you turned this
corner, finally, my beast?" and i
look at you with the nineties and
nothing else are you really myst-
erious or are you sincere, hoping

to be taken in hand? no fuck that
actually taken in hand, unitalic-
ised letters that spell the ever-
lasting honour that rose from her
throat quiet as you please but an

atomical sunburst that appellati-
on which turned on, tuned in, and
dropped out before such thought'd
been thought before: given it's a
prism i expect you to blow glass.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


money for nothing money for truth
windscreen shattering like a lean
into the obsolete planck-- busied
with obscene power & wealth, hats
off to the black iron prison sun-

flowers notwithstanding & rattled
snaking impetus that understands,
offering me visions of colour un-
derstated and also purely maximum
connecting system.. bloody my eye

and boxes stacked up the stairs a
look that falls astray with stars
whirling mirroring & broadcasters
reposing within the palm of hands
o lord you've been so good to us;

activities in the doors & monitor
militant with the secure proposal
of professorship--and angelhood--
however it feels to regress simp-
le, supple, and sublime such that

the world will wait-- shell-shock
vibration skins the apple like my
fairest witch and all around this
sentence there are punctuations..
also space is goal-oriented, tak-

en to task the recalcitrant brick
that was thrown at your face, but
is it any wonder? and did we ever
back down? if i fall, you help me
up, and i just sit in the corner.

Monday, June 4, 2018


percussive, integral blast having
shook the back teeth, sleeves cut
and debts forgiven by the weeping
policemen, there are chemicals in
which one can see all prospective

futures! so much for the heroisms
of the march into frozen wastes &
the temple homelessness, i'd lost
my voice that morning but i learn
to be glad that i can still see &

strengthen the things that remain
however multiplex, or sheer! them
the mazzy stars that scintillated
hopelessly brushed from the vert-
ex: like girls stilted at school;

how can i begin proving myself we
aren't of the downset mouth & its
mississippi with all the liquors?
like i could really care: eli eli
and katerina balanced restorative

and nimble, as in wit-- televisi-
ons owned by the people who'd got
messages to send, stood so slight
and open with hands to praise by,
and letters that were etched with

historical imagination, let's not
even mention style! flair settler
momentary with the whiplash creak
that results from moving your ten
bones: i'm so impressed i'm flat.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


to display the brazen misericord-
ia she turned off the glaring sun
overhead and all-around and ended
the debate: as if all my gathered
successes or demonstrations taken

together began and continued in a
cipher, and i was gladly ruddied,
gladly ruddy to have been punched
in the face by her big inimitable
style, and she smiled.. but slow-

ing and slipping the narrative we
are somewhere entirely fearful we
chew gum and speak to one another
in epithets that--summed up--seem
to signify less than ever before;

the self is a myth sometimes, but
i like to exercise my gaze-- life
is a myth, too, but one with more
of a moral than that, like, catch
the creation: of faerie, idiotic-

al heroisms, all that stuff comb-
ined moves the lineage northwards
with a cruel window onto the old-
en word and strength, best end it
all and never speak of it again..

but here we still are! victorious
again and built from the chaos to
self-destruct: stylishly, honest-
ly unashamed, innocent & massive,
or at the very least intentional.

Monday, May 14, 2018


contour regard lifting splaying &
the five fingers, contrary stance
waving like icol diston, plugging
it in and switched-on so the eyes
have got illumined and the stitch

in time saves nine-- just revolve
enough that the rhythm alternates
with my mood or if the comet mel-
odies paved the unchanging tao to
five or more elements, cubofuture

relaxed and prone for this rondo,
quintetted and unexplained: walk-
ing requires fire, sincere charm-
er blotting the signature, wildly
keen and important to hold on to;

bedsit satori invocational mirror
disperses gloom and promised luck
with the wind caressing your face
beauty unbeholden to the traditi-
ons and empire.. all of this made

me settle in the furrows, alarmed
like the earth's own sense of its
dishonourable discharge, and what
exactly is there to fight for any
way? if alone or excited it's the

miserable shame that convinced me
to practise ineffable bliss, also
to preach healing peace, and what
remains beyond these can't really
interest me because i'm gleaming.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


cut-up anthology overliving dream
issuer: have you got your license
and do you know how to coast? all
the walls close in and the plates
are spun sugar, and the illumined

foreground is much too bright and
she has to shield her eyes! as if
on the morning of all mornings he
was stupid, disappointing me like
the first few years of university

the way of the exploding thorns &
other shrapnel that originated in
the amnesia of living things, ask
me some time whether you've got a
soul or a chance, yet i'm stolen;

interrupted the purchase of fire,
memorable current: like blueberry
wine and skin much too bright and
i have to shield my eyes, sunstep
sister sufferer for whom i've be-

en working to change the energies
and also the vertigo, the book is
thick and heavy--may some day you
will read it--but it isn't even a
weapon: and the word is not armed

in defence of anything, including
love, which we could consider un-
fortunate but the fact's that our
symbolist future can move forward
at a rate 'til now unanticipated.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


to you the submersible, summering
in the innocence of an honest age
fight yourself gracefully, having
disarmed yourself beforehand: the
keyspan and levitical foreshadows

offer loud yet glorious hosannas,
trees agreeing with their roots &
their water moves me aspected ten
years from now with more studious
memories & entirely gorgeous sil-

ver daedalean and useful, whisper
them ushering in the good of pure
intent that results invariably in
intellectual genesis, oh & before
you forget, we are never ashamed;

image hosted and unbetrayable ode
to whatever makes magic as if for
example the libraries uninvadable
and always open: slow timestretch
that erected the story on tenuous

ideals slurring the fraternal his
rapidly moving eye, the stuttered
sermon to allure deaf to unbelief
served to stimulate and uncritic-
ally oppose-- something moves ov-

er the waters like a peace or ev-
en a walking monument to tranquil
repose, the words are redundanted
before we can write them down: an
adumbration of eternal ecstasies.