Monday, September 18, 2017


resplendent pink, as often found
upon the gums of healthy, living
animals, how human we must be on
the cusp of vital information! a
panic on the streets of carlisle

and its dripping bedsit infamies
that seduce inviting: with equal
measure, she thought with mental
acrobatics competitively filling
the store of common radiance and

stuffing fluff in the empty head
of an invalid, perhaps rimbauded
or multiple with so aggravated &
vestal a myth to contemplate, so
long as forever is extinguished;

i make it my business to mention
that i mean well when i walk the
streets: with a weakeyed wife by
the name of leah and the reputa-
tion of rachel please understand

and keep in mind that i am never
israel until i recover the bones
of joseph bringing them out from
egypt into an uncertain and hon-
estly timid, laughable future: i

find it laughable because i can-
not weep, craning my voice call-
ing abba father to the entrances
of all kinds of jazzy sub-bassed
jungle and perhaps even divined.


renaissance of unlived-in vesper
and total the magic endangerment
to the sum or difference, absent
and present surrealistically, as
a book on a shelf, unthumbed and

not written in: severely blank &
tragedy, will you never meet me?
i, who have studied your histor-
ical impetus and consequences? a
pleading, repetitive crescendo &

its waves cresting like the viol
inherited its bowed immanence by
the will and foresight of such a
maker, el hacedor and the aching
of a bracelet made out of teeth;

stealing glances at the high-art
clock in the train station.. you
will arrive at the predetermined
hour and not later, no less: the
laconic and lacanian philosophi-

es press me into one of the five
unreal squares of synthetic time
that leaves a residue of beads..
all on the glass of infinity, we
learned early how to write names

that don't affray, nor alleviate
the seized, besieged politics of
young women et cetera, corpus my
lovelettered carrier signal hav-
ing waxed pale must be replaced.

Monday, September 11, 2017


sloterdijk says, and follower my
slighting linguistics can't con-
tain in the gracious, outpouring
ouroboros that shines in the sky
like a sun or a moon-- everyday,

the autobiographical impulse has
been shortened by the procession
of lifetime piling up, and danc-
ing away the dross to fatten the
pocket, some day i'll aim a ball

at it and revere the tracers our
eyes can't behold, just speaking
language to you for the sake of,
i don't know, the clasp and sym-
bolic value, free intersections;

how divisionist! the francophone
adoration and internal spines of
the library of babel, yes allud-
ing to the monuments of histori-
es that, while imagined, memori-

es vanquish the illiteracy of: i
farfeel with the senses that are
repetitive yet hours nourish you
gently swaddled in snowy breath-
ing the word of eternal life and

the names become fuzzy like ash,
but not like that, either: faded
not into the nothingness however
remembering the solemn intent to
gratitude, and it was beautiful.


scintilla of magnanimous greeted
living, with the shells cracking
open to reveal a venus and these
madonnæ, pharaohesque statute of
crumbling and swimming good in a

lake made of germanic english: a
metamorphosis and photosynthetic
building that exists centrally..
as if in the middle of nowhere &
yet the crux of civilisation and

its discontents, compact-- amaze
me danish, norwegian, icelandic,
and faroese, and you'll swell in
the mythemes created for you, so
really progressive and penitent;

mmmender of eversonic blossoming
and love generated to counteract
the juxtaposed three-year-oldism
and the ancient belligerence the
sea tries to wash away and can--

one morning we'll awake to these
hands uplifted and faces free of
tears, no sorrowing rain and the
unlocking, graphical intertesta-
ment illustrated by the lord who

is tripartite and yet one, myst-
ery of discovery gripping the o-
pen-hearted who're penning rhyme
to express what we've not found,
but which subsists within lives.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


absent subject, forgotten object
and grace assumes the position a
life and its magical dreams hav-
ing been denied become perfected
by and for, and foreign, bye-- i

and thou merely making minuscule
steps towards the gated communi-
ty and raza, doesn't speak names
or sing the body isomorphic how-
ever.. the percussion is fitted,

comfortably into the rolling and
elongated paradigm shift that we
have expected and that has final
authority over the accreditation
and revision of the long august;

temporal is relevant: scratches,
places in my skin that cannot be
healed without ministry, but the
outlook is good, don't stop me--
i felt once like i had something

to put in the mainstream, and by
giving of myself unreservedly, i
found that i had burned & paint-
ed: it's something you wanted me
to tell you, but that is diffuse

and refracted from the inception
of the free and giving know this
that all is overgeneralized, and
that one is self-sufficient, en-
ough to bespeak a limitlessness.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


coming over all televisual, pre-
logical constituency of politics
and the latency they'd given our
aurora-- it doesn't matter right
now, for what it's worth, and it

yet matters right now: shackling
blackened death metal, all-ill &
coloured with the magic of heady
woe and invented proselytics, we
came we saw and we conquered but

this won't be our legacy: if you
ever build children, if they ask
of you a fish, will you give him
a serpent? so covered in rambles
and shoegazing courage to power;

here is where yggdrasil grew, at
times tilting over the materials
voided and devoid of humaneering
inspiration.. everything's fixed
in ink and currency, which won't

let this happen to our children,
you have effects & why don't you
use them? the unelected skitter-
ing-flanged author of--but can't
finish--our doubling, sword-like

epic, which has gone alternately
impressionist, decadent, surreal
and technical.. if i were to ask
you to rewind the tape, where do
you stop just because of gender.


giver to the alliteration of the
stars, and the inherent design's
sustained itself with an obvious
ploy to magnanimous grace, it'll
unfold and display: like a wind-

ow that's square or polygonal or
a breeze that carries its series
of names, all of which are synd-
icated on the major networks, as
well as cable.. you're so fitted

into the harmony of the sunspots
and their waterfalls, may i ever
repeat myself into the groove of
an earthworks and its chemicals,
giver to the assonance of fires;

everyone took the day off flying
in their desiring-machines for a
while, and the animal is no less
valuable than the intellectual i
have to remind myself sometimes:

hypertext sigils that abound ov-
er the forgotten and remembering
syntheses of hard house and kick
inside the atmosphere of lyrical
debilitating beauty and grandeur

made ever so granular, determin-
ed ahead of time so it's trusty,
blissed-out, and blessed, like a
trinity or perhaps if we'd vent-
ure it an acultural performance.