Wednesday, May 24, 2017


sleeping milky with the attribute
of attrition, nay all these wars,
hallelujah people that march into
the tide with the fearlessness of
someone who knows god.. untressed

but purposefully, as if her style
wasn't vital or heady, but she is
become the indica girl euphoriant
and sibilant with the soul-smack-
ing sense of it, all while watch-

ing the fanblades revolve (in re-
verse) to cool us and soothe, the
air renewed by movement in a con-
structive vector and the science,
it falls unexplainable and vapor;

spirit revelational my father let
us fly-- making things by methods
such as poiesis and instructional
moving video, anyway half-bidden:
prepared for an afterlifetime our

eyes will weep to see and lifted,
in this faith and order to listen
with the perception of those made
in-between, we are more than con-
querors through him who loved us:

if you believe, if you can feel a
motion inwardly and recognize the
hebrew tongue, and if you wrapped
your arms around your child today
you're as invited as anyone else.

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