Thursday, June 15, 2017


clicky, cutting countoff that i'd
seen burst forth like a butterfly
emerges from the sunned scattered
plot with the icicles and irides-
cence to prove it.. patrician and

severity with anniversaries, near
not feared, oh how does this ever
apply to our lives, and at such a
time? the questioner itself might
be viewed irreligious and insane,

but i'm sympathetic to a fault: a
wintered summary that wickedness,
following into the peacock's wake
won't disrupt/disturb an envelop-
ing bass that calms like a truth;

i can feel the applause and ador-
ation rising on the planes, half-
girl paradigm shattering sky, yet
told more lovely-- entirely unvi-
olent but encompassionately ultra

and redeeming valuable, she's got
tired of the attention but cannot
give it up foreverwise, and if we
have a word of caution, it sounds
something like the road does when

travelled in mystery: i am always
asking for something even when my
mouth is closed and you have ever
risen to the occasion with little
smoke, lasers, and simple things.

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