Saturday, August 5, 2017


apprise, prismatic amplifications
regarded come the hegelians & all
of the normaliens, the tongues've
been reversed in on themselves as
if winter came over their surfac-

es like surf, listlessly influen-
tial americans harbored in books,
but beatifying the real and other
for the edification and embossing
of ambassadorial edition, flower-

ing us now with showers of bless-
ing and the onslaught of privacy,
nevermind the pride, and diameter
is not always a limit: discovered
petrichor flowed in the parlance;

after the turn, pages are binded,
i walked forever having forgotten
nothing and regretted nothing and
constructing myths for myself you
could drink coffee to-- sometimes

we're chamomile, lily-begotten an
emphasis on all the israeli monu-
ments: just a task which we we're
holpen to endure, given the maths
and scientific temper the plosive

and harmonious masterpiece of the
agonist ecstasies of ecclesiastes
and understood all this with hope
that was shaken and clasped, know
this: that harmonics scintillate.

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