Thursday, January 30, 2014


pirouette and simple smiled faces 
that welcome, that welcome-- push 
the button that generates vinyl & 
various styles, i had got to wake 
up fresh over it and the ordeal'd 

left me by morning-- glorifying.. 

perhaps not wise to glory over us 
so much, as in tandem, as tangent 
and bad patterns spoken by a ste- 
nographer, take me out to a shop, 

and buy me wisdom.. for its price 

is above rubies-- can't quite de- 
tect whether i need to pray or no 
but back in the fears, went out & 
shook that higher, was satisfied; 

locked-groove sex, timestretching 

touch and this is what we do when 
we're alone: climb up my metaphor 
and descend on a simile, like/as, 
too rich for our own good-- metal 

me with aurora borealis, that you 

had made for me in the night-time 
whilst i was asleep, and couldn't 
wait to show in the morning, when 
we both awoke-- you from your far 

dreaming, and me from my knockout 

punch: blonde as you please, for- 
ever type of girl who will always 
have a quip for a philistine, and 
whereas i'm hers, by her i stand.

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