Sunday, February 2, 2014


super scary monsters.. night-time 
vision upon my bed and can't take 
time off of a procession thereof, 
the persistence of time, the per- 
sistence of memory, wild chief an 

absentee safety guarantor for the 
people of the true and living god 
and if i am a poor ambassador: if 
i am a poor spokesman, it doesn't 
hurt the message-- jumbo jetliner 

girl with speed and big dreams, i 
want to grow younger with you un- 
til we recede backwards into this 
womb, and burst open on the other 
side full with excited intellect; 

combed filtered, your hair hanged 
long and without price for me, as 
i strutted through the waking as- 
pect of life as an human being: i 
walked in the vision, whereas had 

i been lucid before i met you i'd 
have had no need for your sacrif- 
ice-- don't shoot the messenger a 
jeanne-d'arc trajectory and deep- 
est arch, eyebrows raised my way, 

all because i said something that 
you liked: it doesn't happen oft- 
en, an euphoriant peek behind the 
curtain, but we are bound to hold 
fast what's been committed to us.

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