Monday, August 22, 2016


flax resplendent, with tattletale
environment replete with and for-
gotten about: climbing spiralling
inward by the graceful systematic
burgeoning of modernist sympathy,

bullhorn program and computerized
skin-- which sinks into the floor
first: the water, or the blood? i
skipped a few vowels in my enunc-
iation of the assumption, so give

unto me to demonstrate conceit in
the context of spherics.. person-
al graphic user interface and sin
is left, is left behind, all to a
neoprofundity that's illustrated;

what am i if i don't have the big
words? flying a rainbow kite in a
windstorm, razorbladed acid house
with updated electronics, grappl-
ing techniques understood, under-

stated, and invested with squeaky
synths.. in another language, may
have been in a dream or a centri-
fuge, i could make my contacts an
encyclopedia of olympian majesty,

grave as you please and nigh unto
burning as far as empty dusk set-
tles forwards and backwards, rock
paper scissors style, in the palm
of a child who thinks it's a pyx.

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