Tuesday, August 30, 2016


settling scatter-plot, building a
rubric for animation that scales,
chords, and theory can't contain:
the beatifical imagination of our
homo sapiens sapiens illusions, &

a collision between advanced rock
and roll & the infinitesimal hues
of crying filtered through digit-
al sound processors-- habit-form-
ing substance with feelers creep-

ing for lifeblood and an illumin-
ed stratus which reaches apogee..
not once, not twice & never again
positioned like the saturnine hu-
bris of satellites and birdcalls;

relentless eveready punctualizat-
ion that spreaded and was broad..
an attempt to fathom an insubord-
inate, civilised clamor for free-
dom and antibodies, dose them all

with the sunlight and energetical
proud-backed historicity implicit
in nativity-- i want, therefore i
am: if this is not enough a taste
then it is in fact a foretaste, a

blessing conferred upon the souls
of living, breathing unwaverers i
encounter routinely as uninterred
bands of sound, which revolve and
spit sparks for the glory of god.

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