Thursday, September 1, 2016


thriving arc, that tracers across
the radiant sky my miles and john
and abstracted, radioed-in decod-
ing strictures, with liberty, and
justice for all-- pizzicato pluck

flying that levitates one, that's
got us by the ovals & replenishes
itself with the emeralds of work:
angels' sustenance, a latticing &
scissor-cut slalom that's pink, i

find it so enticing.. buildings a
blind man cobbled together out of
scratch and kings', although this
signal is noisy albeit rosy: bent
circuit staggering forwards lean;

oh, to be inspirited, the bookish
won't tell you that trade secret,
anthroposophist illgotten against
the bluish brilliantine white our
home pushes downstairs into hands

ready to impetuously generate the
maneh of self-gratitude, and does
it ever grate! as if we were more
than a matched pair: something on
the order of heliosubsistence but

with all the benefits implicit in
being, i know this isn't strictly
beautiful but it's certainly bus-
iness.. cutting across statelines
to smuggle the truth, everywhere.

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