Sunday, September 11, 2016


de l'alouette, john the revelator
and the imagining of roofless el-
evated sphere, i'm not doing this
for us, but i am doing it, anyway
so hush and don't fuss, schematic

of violin, trap kit with fretless
bass and a catchy number, one i'd
say advertises your figures-- the
rail is light, the light is unbe-
holden to the people who feel it,

colorless tasteless scared of may
be blowing it all in one place or
blowing it at all, i have to tell
you bigger and bigger stories, or
i toss and turn day in & day out;

ramshackle punter making a living
out of slips of the tongue: sawed
in half and mixed and rearranged,
so you can admit one and take the
heat off me for a while.. however

i want this to be beautiful, come
on strong with an owl in daylight
and hands stuffed full of wads of
cash money, current with the mer-
chant, and sane monkish guitarist

just doing it for the fun, out to
lunch, naked, and for a revolving
cast of dayglo industrialists and
eleven-four time, it just sprawls
by real slow & crime doesn't pay.

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