Thursday, September 1, 2016


maxi schematic controller who's a
paragon of silent introspection..
skitt'ring fullstop copilot whose
senses nevermore fail: theoretic-
ally, who could cooperate? thund-

ering inscription found relative-
ly eroded and late, hours passing
with the hoarfrost of humus, also
many years and limbs and this has
become your leader of renaissance

from new york to chelmsford again
back to paris, ever on the shift-
ing sands, and lifting the girl's
chin so she can look at startling
eyes, maserati and keen intently;

five o'clock shadow of a national
overthrowing invaders, who all've
prayed round the squared circle--
prepare to meet me by the vanish-
ing university, where the profes-

sors yield kindred, and so clean!
it's no less than a cooperational
bloodline, noble consequence that
is hereditary though these things
often skip, er, three generations

and must i go on? having been saw
square and sine for a month spelt
murmur and spine, repetitive, but
not moot, i'll make a scene if we
have to but i'd rather take root.

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