Tuesday, October 11, 2016


careen around the fountain, metal
skipping rope imagist with all of
our pretense and torque.. isn't a
walk in the surf, boy, the event-
ual decline? surely intent, chess

for the twittering mass, catholic
and fretting upon the footwork a-
while with needled mentasm & that
concurrent species of aggravation
which spiralling, rings out, inv-

iting applause for: both the girl
and her governess, the scientific
applications of revealed religion
vis a vis heading home for sleep,
and counting sheep, with pillows;

there exists a vast, nagualist a-
vocation that's subsumed by warm,
round sound that anyway pinpricks
like a dose of medicine with even
a spoonful of sugar: contretemps,

covalent investiture towards life
everlasting and immanentised with
the teleological inversion of the
physics of mathematics.. i really
don't know how to make it anymore

plain-- evidence taken pleasurab-
ly and coagulated to make arabian
scaled belletristic liquor out of
a relentless, allusive literature
that amounts to lived experience.

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