Saturday, October 8, 2016


sky upon skies, and ichor subsets
with the mechanical drama of lov-
ers' eskimo kisses and light his-
tory: it could've been comic, but
wrapped up with a punchline-- its

hyperlinks reaching to embrace an
usurping ursprach, lily and leila
in the squat parties coloring the
scene with class and verve, as if
a threefold cord cannot be quick-

ly broken.. oh the living potent-
ialities of paraphrase move me to
sit radiant and meditating for an
epoch or so and letting the angel
speak so forth move nowhere fast;

half again over and nonesuch with
reinvigorations and west virginia
and of course garage, just burned
off the gossamer for access to my
golden braid: i am an instigator,

a good liar and deep sleeper with
time on my side and my hands, are
you? rides a train in ultramodern
tokyo with all the tech house and
triangle waves instead of addict-

ion, allow me to disabuse you the
notion that everything that feels
good is good for you, an activist
city inhabited by saints of these
crafts that compare with harmony.

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