Thursday, November 17, 2016


euphemist with a cause: black no-
thingness cannot elide the gentle
scents and colours of a year gone
grand, the child's home where the
weary rest from their labours-- a

tree grows in the soil, which has
been nurtured by responsible life
and is not inured to hardship: is
not culpable of the having forgot
what it means to breathe oxygen &

cannot possibly be named in one's
own language-- this takes our god
who is everlasting and true, mak-
er of a threefold chord and ring-
ing out, it entwines us in bliss;

now that i've got my motive clear
i pledge to honour myself and the
mystical other, whether with palm
or psalmistry, because i know one
of you tends the branches of your

revealing science, and whatsoever
vow i make, i surely keep-- haven
awaiting in the kingdom of forev-
er and it subsists within, like a
breeze can blow inside this atmo-

sphere and that atmosphere is not
more or less than a vital whole i
found myself revealed to wherever
the universe is unbroken and good
precious light keeps up a record.

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