Monday, November 14, 2016


punk has to be somewhat literate,
or it collapses inward spiralling
like the flower of discord assum-
es a second mother tongue for the
benefit of the native assembly, a

mechanics of progressive house to
sit in and be surrounded by-- no-
thing ever arises from the depths
of nonsense to smack you in veins
that were supposed to carry blood

to discrete parts of your body, i
think, and if it did you probably
wouldn't be able to step under or
around the tanktreading immanence
of it or at least without injury;

this is ultimately private: scal-
ar legions and the rule of the a-
bandoned ritual that was formerly
the war, stand up or lie on earth
for a while, you're on the clock,

as it is & can nevertheless still
the moving pictures with this in-
nate sound.. bounce graphics into
artistry with the finesse of let-
tered, flowing people: how are we

going to get them from one nation
to the next? i hid in my admonit-
ions and rediscovered an automat-
ic ascendancy, which was platinum
& weaponised, but i don't use it.

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