Saturday, December 10, 2016


a parchment skies of anachronist-
ic shedding and sculpture the mi-
nor variant that results from the
best laid plans: all coined by an
obeliskian luck-giver, the fruits

of soft posture and daguerreotype
wine that sifts through the fing-
ers quite easily enough that omen
disappears with eden's breath and
cannot recur-- don't let me down,

this time, vainglory: attest this
monochromatic variety that blinks
its impetus--throbbing--against a
wall and surroundings and all in-
tellect, which we're not void of;

tell me the most beautiful stori-
es in returning and i'll have be-
gun already to colour us with the
silenian impasse that strikes, "o
adoration verbose and similar, be

cautious with what's neither liq-
uid nor gas, but can be consider-
ed solid, to all intents and pur-
poses"-- they were reaching for a
chaos that'd been quite inimical:

to their games, their manifestat-
ions of destiny and the cruel but
accurate purpose they'd put us to
and if i have to sit right here i
will, and if i must move make me.

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