Friday, December 16, 2016


allegory, come down for a talk a-
bout ways and means: scatterplot-
ted pointillist rays, which might
be redundant, break the day bold-
ly into basics, giving us all the

rose spirit of amnesia and melody
at a moment's notice.. can i live
reddened with pristine adherence,
but not descend into the arena of
marriage to--or addiction to--the

administration of medicine, which
folds inwardly like origami tends
to total more than the sum of its
parts? i'm trying: god knows, you
expressed our critique exquisite;

inclination deserts me for a time
and she has proved a better lover
for all her quakes: with blacken-
ing sunlight & reinvigorated dark
bolstering you two together, such

that you segue artfully into acts
unknown and implacable, that seem
to inflate my mind, though thank-
fully the sky is void & limitless
tonight-- a study in opposability

granted it's beautifully imagined
and would look good from any vast
height and i'm afraid of distaste
to the point that i make me small
and irreducible: just know i can.

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