Monday, January 30, 2017


the path to ascendants' chicanery
is fraught with false starts, and
multiple personalities place rea-
son after cause upon the altar of
recalcitrant authority: never be-

fore spake woman, like this woman
spake, giving grace to the humble
and quartering the fruits, fifth-
ing the pipers' celestially pond-
erous error-- i could sweep it a-

way one-eyed, one-handed but then
i wouldn't be a prince, nor celt-
ic, nor gallic.. it's up to us to
bloom great shivering gems into a
sky heretofore devoid of nuances;

however bold, or shorn, my vow is
a vow: we are the children of the
latest emergency, and act accord-
ing to libraries deliberately and
delicately forgotten, such that i

am a forgettor and you are a pro-
tector, mathematics aligned siph-
oning the precious signs from the
forehead of the sylph--and herald
and triumvirate--so that nonesuch

and trial are the rhymes of lydi-
an minstrelsy and what has so far
been accomplished? the sleepy eye
of any manner of animal: is valor
undressed? the spirit is willing.

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