Thursday, February 2, 2017


meanings occluded, the experiment
was dead on the ground, and all i
could see was hard house: like my
graceful, endemic encomia, wheth-
er for pandora or helen it was as

lovely as a thunderhead-- astoni-
ed like a man of olden times, the
ancient of dreams dispersing dust
to choke the lies out of lungs we
long abused, and that itself is a

lie of the utmost, because we are
not guilty of giving ourselves o-
ver to centuriocracy, o believer:
yea, allow your wavering faith to
soak into your bones & shredding;

hope is a generation, the albumen
of a little child's moistened eye
that looks for a hand and receiv-
ing a scorpion rather involves us
forever with the deplorable word:

i will not abide an evil for sake
of the good, and waterfalling god
through my heart will not stone..
how to perform that which is good
i find not, and beyond all this i

have to remain human! no excuses,
distortion and delay and phrasing
and visual plays that move us for
a while and which we do not forge
or forget we'll school ourselves.

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