Friday, June 24, 2016


process of elite flair that moves
me to contortion, a blond scatter
plot with all the visions intact,
won't scare and doesn't harm, but
by virtue of itself in fact humb-

les me to less/fewer, a reduction
that is far from the absurd while
incorporating some of its method:
rising skyward sky, ringing heav-
enbound winded angel with designs

upon encomium and compassion: the
drugs didn't work and neither did
i, yet i was left and bereaved, i
was announced and implored and in
offering platitudes, we rejoiced;

i could feel my weight and having
refused to rush, i pushed, making
the land that i stand on mine-- a
cyberneural mission completed: my
obvious return to the glory which

we had before the earth was, this
whereby i know i'm mine, flatten-
ing effects to straighten my sig-
il and hyperactivism that signals
progressive matrices of binaries:

are we in opposition? so am i.. a
plenitude & gracious mathematics,
that cannot affray, afford, none-
theless dispenses portions on the
worthy, so that suffering erodes.

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