Wednesday, June 8, 2016


harpsichorean discoverer, hearken
wildly wise to the sorrowings she
masked with tigress' stripes, and
the threshers, which have worthi-
ed themselves unto the kingdom in

your christ parts: i have nothing
and desire less, thrown blossomed
title and archaeology of a forgot
vise, scripted in the forge those
angels alliterated, all for a man

and a woman, and their commands--
the bounced percussive reverbera-
tion that zeal alone accomplished
will ever efface the promontories
of our bethlehem and alexandrias;

crest coming on with city scapes,
fell in love with the innocence i
saw reflected in her, and at once
go forth in the name of cerebral,
tested times that will drop sweet

wine (and the hills, milk) etern-
ally, o immanuel-- protect from a
creeping chill all ice encompass-
ing and evangelism chosen & drawn
for someone to drink from: listen

with the inward sense, so as this
missive goes not astray nor glows
with the cracking strain of honey
wrapped around the brain stem nor
the base of the spine physically.

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