Thursday, June 16, 2016


poiesis of gentle falconeering, a
build up to a peak that caresses,
inside an inner shell that encom-
passing gospel also alludes, milk
colded and flown all for the girl

with her hair hanging down withal
her tender, tired eyes, but hope-
ful eversprung and drinking these
inward and without sirens' calls,
that she may nonetheless sigh-- i

have no less of a lack of invisi-
bility, and can crack the core to
elision, madonna the proprietors'
hospitality and stroke such fires
as are deemed meet, or necessary;

reversion and intelligent debt, a
foresight to forbear and redouble
myself in pure, manifold varieti-
es, which are endless yet not un-
named-- which yield and grow unto

themselves devisitationally, this
great sorceress's plan and eagles
that flying pan am point north an
agility which can be held in your
hand, if you wish to strike south

with the wind: at your back, free
sun on face made for looking into
and feeling inwardly-- it is this
liberty which calls a soul out of
its cocoon into the silk vesture.

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