Thursday, June 2, 2016


walker arts school and dramatical
impresentation of pressures and a
building to spill, kept like gold
in a wall and digged out in order
to make of melisma a new and sub-

stantive spine: that whispers out
of the midst of grace, that moves
me parenthetically almost to this
apex, and is sealed with my twist
of fate, falling blunted and ever

scraping the future for intention
that will not forsake the imagin-
ation of good, young heart-- have
been reminded that there was once
a power of that and their sevens;

hollowing rouges, blush echo tan-
gent in tandem with dervishists &
devotion fourscore and armature i
cannot obtain-- a moving stranger
whose motives sing to the stars a

russian lullaby and minuetted may
reverse in traffic to become real
and intent, so that the lovers'll
rock, splendour magnified through
a bough of rocks and skinned ice:

i had within me to worship whilst
glasscandle grenades bulrushed my
city and there was indeed an ark,
which by the virtue of infinities
swum hanging brightly, removable.

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