Thursday, June 16, 2016


finch's surfer stiletto unanimity
and according to an holy mountain
range is extended to everyone re-
spectively-- retroactive virality
virile in the made man's darkened

improvisational sugars, we dunked
our heads in the water for a var-
iety of reasons, but paramount is
the test pattern: climber and un-
natural--yet familiar--brothers &

sisters, in the sense that they'd
been constructed by the means she
wore in her skin.. tattooed false
and true contiguous flesh that'll
bear a message gloriously, selah;

space stuff, the dimension of our
entrance and summering for twelve
ages by the measure of humanity--
cheap shot punchline: mellifluous
to the tongue with plenty of har-

monic, nocturnal synergy teaching
my mind and my mouth to accept an
albumen through the umbilical zen
of dreamers who march steeped be-
yond the sunrise and with courage

to match our convictions-- i have
been counted amongst that number,
before and i expect that the con-
clusion of the matter is the joys
of altruistical metal, sharpened.

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