Thursday, June 2, 2016


repentative skill loving applied,
brushstrokes and metrical solilo-
quy for brothers quay, for railer
and mansionary all given got with
the honour of prospect interrupt:

my only true love, the profundity
that strikes me on one cheek, and
i present to him the other, saved
slips and watermarked silhouettes
with the rain falling down on us,

excused for a while-- to dance an
operatic spasm which yields bouq-
uets of lilies, worn copper penny
with the base metal shown through
and all the illuminations of sky;

i wanted to be a child for us two
but i found that i had become hu-
man to the extent that trailings,
tracery and inflamed violations a
skip in the pattern revealed will

not blank the nebula's aurora nor
the hugo-- as walking beside this
shore for a moment, scattered via
time's momentum to fill up a cup,
or two with the nectar of absence

but the taste! so fluid, forgiven
verbiage with accoutrements which
speed down the lane and: became a
phoebus apollo, four hundred, and
forty, all for her genteel touch.

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