Thursday, February 6, 2014


alabaster crashes down, skin col- 
oured like honeyed milk with lips 
that magnetize: that attract, and 
beg to be kissed with my promises 
that none are barren among them-- 

garage and loads of stuff which i 
have found made me grind my teeth 
but this is the mellow acid age.. 
an obstacle ahead is reduced to a 
fine dust which brings on euphor- 

ia when burnt and inhaled-- small 
hourglass figure on the four-wall 
room and ceiling and floor, as if 
everywhere, which is okay with me 
and if you asked it's just right; 

feeling like a deep sleep with an 
epic dream sequence, something to 
make a film out of, and not every 
thing in our lives is beautiful.. 
hark who's talking mumbler of ap- 

parent revelations and you've had 
your 15 minutes of fame-- i want- 
ed to extend my limbs skyward all 
in celebration of the mathematics 
that allow us to combine two into 

one, sometimes-- a folk festival, 
a ring around the rosie, and been 
waiting for someone to drop trou: 
that would mean i'm never ashamed 
again, which'd been yours anyway.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


super scary monsters.. night-time 
vision upon my bed and can't take 
time off of a procession thereof, 
the persistence of time, the per- 
sistence of memory, wild chief an 

absentee safety guarantor for the 
people of the true and living god 
and if i am a poor ambassador: if 
i am a poor spokesman, it doesn't 
hurt the message-- jumbo jetliner 

girl with speed and big dreams, i 
want to grow younger with you un- 
til we recede backwards into this 
womb, and burst open on the other 
side full with excited intellect; 

combed filtered, your hair hanged 
long and without price for me, as 
i strutted through the waking as- 
pect of life as an human being: i 
walked in the vision, whereas had 

i been lucid before i met you i'd 
have had no need for your sacrif- 
ice-- don't shoot the messenger a 
jeanne-d'arc trajectory and deep- 
est arch, eyebrows raised my way, 

all because i said something that 
you liked: it doesn't happen oft- 
en, an euphoriant peek behind the 
curtain, but we are bound to hold 
fast what's been committed to us.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


pirouette and simple smiled faces 
that welcome, that welcome-- push 
the button that generates vinyl & 
various styles, i had got to wake 
up fresh over it and the ordeal'd 

left me by morning-- glorifying.. 

perhaps not wise to glory over us 
so much, as in tandem, as tangent 
and bad patterns spoken by a ste- 
nographer, take me out to a shop, 

and buy me wisdom.. for its price 

is above rubies-- can't quite de- 
tect whether i need to pray or no 
but back in the fears, went out & 
shook that higher, was satisfied; 

locked-groove sex, timestretching 

touch and this is what we do when 
we're alone: climb up my metaphor 
and descend on a simile, like/as, 
too rich for our own good-- metal 

me with aurora borealis, that you 

had made for me in the night-time 
whilst i was asleep, and couldn't 
wait to show in the morning, when 
we both awoke-- you from your far 

dreaming, and me from my knockout 

punch: blonde as you please, for- 
ever type of girl who will always 
have a quip for a philistine, and 
whereas i'm hers, by her i stand.

Monday, January 27, 2014


she of the many wolves' moons, my 
dedicated bleeding heart, and the 
scriptures in gold ink interlaced 
that travel around her halo skull 
like fireflies in the deep summer

and i confess that i am amazed: i 
didn't know, that i had a part to 
play in the great drama of life-- 
vocoder wordplay and great sensa- 
tional vocations such as: climbed

and dropped back down again, wore 
the latest fashions and then will 
strip them off at a moment's not- 
ice, as well as the vanilla comp- 
lexion and black subsisting here;

i will feed you god's foods: con- 
sidering that you dine on prayers 
let me make this one quite plain: 
unadorned, unornamented, a simple 
plea for retribution for the love

i've wrought against the backdrop 
of your beautiful, burnt-to-black 
husk and shedded to reveal an ice 
cream of a skin, which rewards my 
taste as much as i could desire--

leviathan, that crooked serpent & 
other fallen angels to slay, mind 
getting bloody? i think it's per- 
fectly natural to shed some, may- 
be because i share mine with you.