Wednesday, May 31, 2017


i feel an impetus rising in these
walls: as it were a plague on our
house but we've long since earned
immunity, all the infinities, and
their eternities, wolved with the

woebegone ugliness of intelligent
fire.. i don't despise myself but
i'm learning to grow into a shell
built for me by an innocent & who
dwelt in hell-- how i long to ad-

vocate for contralto advice & the
grasping impenetrability that you
suspect would divine us into per-
haps another world like annie for
a while, no not the one you know;

the tenth track on the disc isn't
always the best, but it makes you
most immaculate: laser-guided be-
yond impeccability through to the
crowflight fidgeting, that summum

bonum that feels like progressive
house in the early evening, oh my
god i am full of contraindication
and need a builder to construct a
purpose for my life, any ideas? i

surrender my infants' breath to a
chromatic angel whose wrists, yet
intact are the terminal for tears
that begin in the heart and you'd
not expect such but help survive.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


sleeping milky with the attribute
of attrition, nay all these wars,
hallelujah people that march into
the tide with the fearlessness of
someone who knows god.. untressed

but purposefully, as if her style
wasn't vital or heady, but she is
become the indica girl euphoriant
and sibilant with the soul-smack-
ing sense of it, all while watch-

ing the fanblades revolve (in re-
verse) to cool us and soothe, the
air renewed by movement in a con-
structive vector and the science,
it falls unexplainable and vapor;

spirit revelational my father let
us fly-- making things by methods
such as poiesis and instructional
moving video, anyway half-bidden:
prepared for an afterlifetime our

eyes will weep to see and lifted,
in this faith and order to listen
with the perception of those made
in-between, we are more than con-
querors through him who loved us:

if you believe, if you can feel a
motion inwardly and recognize the
hebrew tongue, and if you wrapped
your arms around your child today
you're as invited as anyone else.


struggle to sustain: interest and
parties and blocks with lettering
that spells things like the names
of the future children who've al-
ready bowed, author their origami

which is prevalent in the stores,
books, and stones-- foreverhaired
girl who smiles the brilliant pun
leaning into the wind occasional-
ly putting her feet out the wind-

ow: how has this been so graceful
as to attract wild life, and what
are we going to do about quarter,
after the sun burns away the math
and we've naught to swim but sea;

oh yes, the grace is sufficient &
it kind of feels so different now
that we've got our fingers on the
pulse-- radical whitening shadows
that sing to you of numerology as

well as the thousand-yard stare &
tracing the jawline to stuff that
scarecrow full of straw, it scar-
red me: in languages as yet unde-
fined-- staying up all night man-

ic and depressive, blackened fact
with placebo rhythm to sharpen up
the nervous system and wring some
confession out of us, which is no
less than we deserve, truth told.