Saturday, July 29, 2017


i am asking you that i don't feel
this guilt: humdrum, well-met age
quod agis and stammerer of script
and caricatures, beholden unto my
insidious professorship and moved

timed excelling scholarship.. but
pollen and shimmers jemmy herself
with the accord of angels' and in
future there'll've been books-- a
bluish blush that reveals the war

of breathtaking beauty, wait that
isn't a war, it's a cry of life &
conquering, with magnetic patois,
and as always the long goodnight;

but all of that remains unmeaning
given the lacunæ that phonetical-
ly prosify the parodic chapelling
that the grown-into-boys are mut-
tering under their words, as if i

had made a mask, and couldn't en-
joy the dream pop anymore-- taken
its toll, and kneeling recollect-
ion with alternative tracklisting
and film, if i may '68, and i do:

the baby was born on the nineteen
like a skull surrounded by flesh-
es that were free radicals almost
qualia in the perceptionist withs
green and never dried, how droll.

Friday, July 21, 2017


clause implodes, linguistics hav-
ing been shortened, irrhythmical-
ly irregular, bulletin point sent
blown capsule aggregative folk: a
blessing for naima turned my tab-

les onto mathematics which appear
in the ground and foreground both
romantic and obviously forgotten,
oh illiterate humanity and young-
er lungs are at work, believe-- i

limit myself with integral, phys-
ic psychedelia, and pay the piper
whose tune has yet to be called..
i always wanted it this way, such
that i can recline infinitesimal;

mania of shattered infrastructure
observed on the primary wednesday
of the month, the mouthings open-
ed my mind to nullsleep & all de-
void of tropicalia-- it's so hard

to punctuate that it punctured so
visionism move me around a lot as
if in water with moonage, hyster-
ian curandera come freely through
epochs of bondage, and faultlines

distract your attention momentar-
ily as befits their grandeurs and
must be closed: let us walk, pray
gentility cozen the felt abstain-
ing nonvote, this happens before.

Monday, July 10, 2017


the padded synthetic junglism, oh
how it weighs heavy like an heavy
weight, pugilist/gregarious punch
to the face that dislodges one or
more teeth.. it's been designated

to lift me off my feet and intro-
duce me to the lights--which also
pack punches--and liquor that i'd
left behind, the distasted bright
sunblood that rolls around in the

clover and waterfall cities, hav-
ing given all it could to my city
and so have i, and it's only rec-
ently that i'd come to understand
that i am an early riser, sleepy;

well, it might not quite be art--
maybe i've got to prepare myself,
read the arts of warmongers in an
eyeglass, raised-eyebrow manner &
if that's so, then how could i be

sure of anything anymore? i drank
the liquid in and let it flow in-
side my veins--like having such a
choice--and the result was a bomb
and a flower, and in that i shall

certainly decide: making love, or
making hate and it seems selfsame
to me at least that the only rad-
ical position is selfless genera-
tion, yes i am calling your name.