Friday, June 29, 2018


unprotection martyrous introspect
had began with a bark and a sign:
not making images, precisely, but
how to do things with words.. and
musculature sculpts, synergy open

on the altar and the alarms: say-
ing punking ardour and many mazzy
trees, like the floodgates opened
and together there three stand my
trinitarians & to be or not to be

crouchers, which--couched in vial
rhetoric--are scrambled like air-
waves & other inheritances due to
the offspring & progeny of dedic-
ation, musique concrète directed;

somewhere it's going to make sen-
sation resplendent in reflection,
alternate cymbal and snare pounds
that are always kept in the spare
till.. my face is spare, too also

square: divided against itself it
cannot but be derivative, however
immersion, composition, and inno-
cence are here, they are here-- a
walk in the sounds, pushes itself

bikewise and colours the textures
of a receiver-pattern, turn these
telephones off and don't mutilate
me: but on the other hand, please
remember & i am he as you are we.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


giver and magnanimities are snow-
falling into the wind with no sun
and earthless behind stifled sus-
tainer that blends and strums-- i
take my head in my hands, and all

the while kate has got my soul in
some kind of imaginatively griev-
ing euphoria: yes, it's like that
now: buildings cracked through to
the underground or weeping sister

my bloodied ichor remnants purist
but iconic mirrors reverberations
of the name you never told anyone
and that rests gently sleeping in
every series that we both played;

every so often i stop and i'm un-
able to countenance the fair even
blush that teases the creek, hold
open such l'effrontée swollen and
pushing secretive legerdemain you

safe warning-shot woman.. of bold
and alternating metempsychoses of
redeemer shouted-out mount marble
and wit that the enchanter offers
pulling faces, laughing, "you can

sit in between the seas, and want
to bathe," and then i fall apart:
we've been busied with the fallow
ground meanwhile the fore is mag-
netically dolorous & appropriate.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


oh if there was nothing other the
girls cascading like the futurist
plan making me plain, plan making
me plain so adventurous the lang-
uors of angels' anatomy added: do

fill the palm with inordinate the
strictures of stressed syllables,
oh damn the purely holy love that
seethes the tea & skins the teeth
just so, just so, just so, leesa:

all i'd ever said & the only word
i've ever known is "love," finder
into flinders spooning the safest
snow that fills the house with an
obviously round-strung frequency;

you ask me, "have you turned this
corner, finally, my beast?" and i
look at you with the nineties and
nothing else are you really myst-
erious or are you sincere, hoping

to be taken in hand? no fuck that
actually taken in hand, unitalic-
ised letters that spell the ever-
lasting honour that rose from her
throat quiet as you please but an

atomical sunburst that appellati-
on which turned on, tuned in, and
dropped out before such thought'd
been thought before: given it's a
prism i expect you to blow glass.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


money for nothing money for truth
windscreen shattering like a lean
into the obsolete planck-- busied
with obscene power & wealth, hats
off to the black iron prison sun-

flowers notwithstanding & rattled
snaking impetus that understands,
offering me visions of colour un-
derstated and also purely maximum
connecting system.. bloody my eye

and boxes stacked up the stairs a
look that falls astray with stars
whirling mirroring & broadcasters
reposing within the palm of hands
o lord you've been so good to us;

activities in the doors & monitor
militant with the secure proposal
of professorship--and angelhood--
however it feels to regress simp-
le, supple, and sublime such that

the world will wait-- shell-shock
vibration skins the apple like my
fairest witch and all around this
sentence there are punctuations..
also space is goal-oriented, tak-

en to task the recalcitrant brick
that was thrown at your face, but
is it any wonder? and did we ever
back down? if i fall, you help me
up, and i just sit in the corner.

Monday, June 4, 2018


percussive, integral blast having
shook the back teeth, sleeves cut
and debts forgiven by the weeping
policemen, there are chemicals in
which one can see all prospective

futures! so much for the heroisms
of the march into frozen wastes &
the temple homelessness, i'd lost
my voice that morning but i learn
to be glad that i can still see &

strengthen the things that remain
however multiplex, or sheer! them
the mazzy stars that scintillated
hopelessly brushed from the vert-
ex: like girls stilted at school;

how can i begin proving myself we
aren't of the downset mouth & its
mississippi with all the liquors?
like i could really care: eli eli
and katerina balanced restorative

and nimble, as in wit-- televisi-
ons owned by the people who'd got
messages to send, stood so slight
and open with hands to praise by,
and letters that were etched with

historical imagination, let's not
even mention style! flair settler
momentary with the whiplash creak
that results from moving your ten
bones: i'm so impressed i'm flat.