Monday, December 18, 2017


no one would rape that, or so he
thought to no one in particular:
saving the repentance for such a
speaking engagement, dancery and
pride in the face of disrespect,

and such misunderstanding! every
thing in the universe is created
for the purpose of pleasure, and
it's hard to seefeel why anybody
would try to ignore it.. and now

that i've got that off my chest,
stepping razor regressed intuit-
ion and big bloc commerce common
and irreducible, latinate drops,
works it, & leaves the building;

leaves: the building a bildungs-
roman and all the vaporism catch
in the clouds calling abba fath-
er or if lacking that could some
one just love me, even a little?

my life is a prayer & i've seem-
ed to outsmart myself.. foundat-
ion laid for fornications & fire
that reminds me of justice, mer-
cy could've been too good for us

but i'll tell you something from
my heart and mine alone it's not
and anyone who tells you so hav-
ing been deceived is appointed a
portion with unbelievers, think.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


dissimilar, weight on the fronts
and height in the depths, cover-
ing the words having been bound,
yes bowed like the violin icicle
île de la cité so flush & tremor

the magnificence of these lovers
who have their hearts set upon a
rhythm that's irreducible & can-
not be reproduced-- the admirat-
ion tends to fly away sometimes:

so fantastic and you can't quite
hold on to it all the while we'd
wedded and blessed, blowing upon
the candles with wishes and best
practise, the developing novels;

modern my rebirth and impudence:
hoping to fool, truth subsisting
and you'd said that already, how
tremolo sister of angels' flight
which resists the impenitent arc

of the civic disregard, inherent
in the masque and the advertise-
ment of our drama-- these shapes
are well-defined and shadowing a
kabuki on the windows, this beat

us up verbiage, vocabularies our
remembrance of things present is
comprised of, and if you unlock-
ed it, you'd be sure to find the
accented and impressive instant.

Monday, November 27, 2017


you've been wintering in spacey,
solvent home retrograde theorist
who's got the whole world in her
hands, power to know and will to
silence, mere philosophy hinder-

ed the intellect with handicaps,
bergeron sunburst crippling also
blood-- i came to you without in
the inference of geometry proved
nothingness orbiting our attempt

to map the science of intuition,
which learned us, utterly rubric
and generative dance with scalar
drunkenness yet style, defensive
and built for perpetual collage;

strummer shocked with tropics, a
book in the building and a woman
who carries her stockings on her
legs, semi-attached, as it wants
pulse to subsist in theatrical &

creative, decadent liberty.. you
glance at the portrait, and find
a flaw which we've done our best
to efface but fluent harmonics &
reedy jangling allure us to out-

skirts, long enough to cover the
subject & short enough to remain
interesting, did you just create
a joke and will you put the ket-
tle on listening for the secret.


old, wrecked skin, which was al-
so anointed, according to all of
the minimal reservations, worlds
spanned and didn't want to come,
so steel, magnetical imagination

dripped as if from a faucet, the
words are so sativa, bodied them
with analysis and fact, replete:
i've taken tiny steps, and hold-
ing the light in my mouth, björk

lion stonemilker and oathwielder
who caresses the cascading, ever
cautious and adventuring for the
sakes of reinvigorated language,
that won't work, didn't display;

suppose you try to heal yourself
holding on the audio track visu-
alised an open vista that wasn't
a system, reversal games incomp-
etent liar and noncompetitive no

riddling that would intelligent-
ly design, whatsoever d'you wish
we're doing here? did you decide
to deny? whether your own power,
or anyone else's, it's criminal:

however love exculpates, and in-
sisting that love is never dull-
ed by the procession of sophist-
ry intaglio on the surface we're
rubbing, moving working through.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


millionfelt folded origami stare
and whitening the smile that was
dropped from a story window, re-
lentlessly original storytelling
paradigm in future that subsumes

all the gold-dust and the preci-
ous metals that move the engines
grand, slow, harnessed, generous
oxygen circulating by dint of my
cleanliness.. shuddering drinker

blinking out the stars with old-
en stories moving her guts and i
didn't leave her there, no! soul
fall down and fire, she had for-
given me before i ever set foot;

rhymes that boast splendid magic
given the river which divided us
both sky and glancing, blow upon
pipe, and also involving oneself
in the tragic comedy of karma, a

ritual which is--to some--sacred
but which gives me toothache, so
sweetening a delicacy, currently
subsisting on tongues inside the
logic substituted for sensuality

in the wind.. there's a gotham &
a self-reliance, and confessions
are usually uninteresting to all
but the dreamer, so consider our
engagement post-rocked & mathed.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


aurelian mystic, natured & good,
like the electronic sigh, which,
having moved upon the faces this
girl was watching, chimes beauty
unutterable and unforgettable in

the same width as a breath, mak-
ing beautiful sustenance for our
family and its savior-- what the
truth said was almost graspable:
came covered up like a shadowing

parable and the mouth that gives
voice to the pooling of honeys &
milk, in the future.. o how holy
my savior, my master and my king
united triumvirate triumphantly;

all the poetry--over the millen-
nia--coalesced into the wavering
sign between the eyes of the in-
dian girl, whose arms were lift-
ed hands dancing to feel an ult-

imate and everlasting rhythm the
world whispered to itself "we've
forgotten.." as safe as nothing,
so that her palms could trace an
hypersigil in the skies that un-

beknownst to us all were secret-
ively withholding their clouding
rains, waiting for the chance to
enthrone her and wreath her with
stars but it went on from there.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


arcanist dignity, combine us the
flavorless, odorless, tasteless,
colourless elixir of life! rowed
and bower, prepare for prayer my
big, strong hands.. that i may &

am, withdrawing the embarrassing
revved motoric meteora while the
play drags and stutters, all the
better to insist itself forsaken
and tickle our scalps with magic

like creativities, bursting into
the scene with entrance, as if i
didn't mention dramatic flair, o
grace strum and stun me so fine,
and so that i've been incumbent;

nonaggressional pact, commenting
upon, such as the weather or the
storm in a teacup or a ship in a
bottle, mastery made us this way
and who am i to confront himself

given the recalcitrant impulse a
forever ago, signed-- lullabies,
marxism, and bruxism? when faced
thus fair, is it far? sometimes,
yes it just happens fortuitously

like a furious and reclining new
style, fourier the fantastic law
that digitally processes, yet we
may also extract: like the eggs,
like the trees beneath the seas.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


oh lover of waterfalling and she
wheels with the wind, and not an
eye dried by it-- looking to our
forebears for this free verbiage
and moreso and moreover the dogs

licked his sores.. don't despise
skipping hazel again, diminished
the overclocked impulse to rule:
my magister, lean like you'd got
thin and so weedy (like theodore

nott) then i will compress intu-
ition long enough to've written,
oh, possibly farewells, or bene-
dictions that dismiss us in ord-
er, enough to fifty-fifty clown;

you want to make me something so
beautiful that it made strangers
cry, and i see what you're talk-
ing about but how much better we
should laugh? catharsis can have

been useful, betimes, and we can
not know how longer we'd sustain
the charade-- all my friends are
somehow in the past, but my fam-
ily is so immanent that i choose

to learn how to improve myself--
doubly benefitted and graciously
accepting the mantle of personal
development: yes, like a photo..
from nothingness to colour, now.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


we spoke lovingly, as if admired
the broadstrokes, impressionist-
ical and heavied with the glaci-
al pedagogy of a mistress.. or a
master? comme ci, comme ça their

babbly literature that attempted
to reconcile the culture with an
homotropical source-- no, gianna
it doesn't matter: if they don't
understand & perhaps though they

came to scoff they should remain
to pray.. massive and inter alia
and loudly announcing each move-
ment in moments indivisible, yet
harmonic and so dreadfully thin;

excellent good my tutor speaking
through the spokes as they roll,
roll on in the rain, maybe, else
proudly pound consummation's re-
fraction splitting their hastily

indrawn breath, which we've und-
erstood to express surprise-- is
it that easy, all the time? even
though i talk to you in the book
i expect you're growing satiated

with the regal adorers.. make it
new, strike it through, make son
song through the rays that adorn
the strings, so much like little
beads of dew, which we remember.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


i hope you'll excuse the punch..
disabled grayscale with windows,
shaping scraped in the castlings
and hero worship, so unutterable
with propositions and detection:

she is working on a building, an
hymn that can't be sung honestly
in the past as we now live it as
we all see the present as an im-
possibility, sometimes, laconic-

al and transparencied from their
weaving symbols and traceries in
the air above the flames, rising
indelicate & in flagrante delic-
to the aphasic murmurers' reeds;

counting and measuring with vel-
ocity like a physical organisat-
ion.. my blackened power, metals
by smittening me with most isra-
eli/montparnassian vivre, critic

overstanding wheel away closer &
spike me with a blade tempered &
sharpened with the fluttering on
the breath of that same fire-- a
dysphemistic synecdoche that set

my teeth on edge and my hair too
on fire, as if the woman were a-
ble to forgive and had bled, for
i find feeble the folded fingers
obvious in these failing frames.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


scuffled a bit for spare change,
rarest-bluer and shifting notice
that's posted and careens around
the headspace in the shop oh i'd
fake being english and study the

night dry for an abject pleasure
of watching the faces drop.. off
the clocks, raygun fluid twisted
upstairs, knock twice don't ring
the doorbell don't wake the dor-

mouse-- dealt from the bottom of
the deck to serve you the magni-
ficent sunning array of yarrow &
it's pooling, pooling, frozen to
the tongue yet melting, melting;

i don't really think style's all
that important, honestly: you'll
give us substance and we'll bear
you good will, clasped hands re-
generating the automatism of re-

psychiatric duology & this story
seems to be of a host of ghosts,
whether carrier-signalled or up-
wards spiralling so pristine the
middlemarch air that reels with-

in the puddle of deep white, go-
ing backwards slow to remember i
greet the girl and show us to my
room, which is a king, who isn't
mannerismed.. or to be compared.

Monday, October 16, 2017


hysterical crackology immutes my
black-and-blind honour program i
put in the horror of an environ-
ment that resists change and re-
sists submersion, believing as i

do that immersion is the only a-
postolic form of baptism.. unuse
of interrupt, defined so freely:
whether you want it latinate, or
even unencumbered, the dream ar-

gument doesn't convince me as it
once did, which is not to say we
don't also desire the one dream,
people of? interpeopled fantasi-
es that suffer dream sicknesses;

jungle gets edited-- i have ever
been one to punctuate and play--
imputing a new discourse, super-
imposing it perhaps, but without
the spectacle of military and it

looks like not even revolution..
my mind is not strong enough to,
and my heart may fail, in time i
think, but i've dreamt as legib-
ly as i find it was possible to,

given the whiteline program, and
teaching, being given, seems im-
portantly facile yet struggling,
the portion left to the biblical
allures us more fairly than sex.

Friday, October 13, 2017


modernist guernican picasso over
my desire, also laden heavy with
casually burning ignition, stud-
ied simple like the attrition of
bad words, and taking stances a-

way from their literal meanings,
just in order to abstract every-
thing to make it usual-- ellipse
the divisor and ultimate ruinat-
ion of circularities, yes in the

symbolic order we're imaginistic
and compounded, but not monetar-
ily or oppression-- your aurora,
boring as i am i know how to al-
lude, punctually, calligramatic;

it's luck of the draw, the dream
which rumbles beneath the runes,
making us floating-headed in the
cardinal directions, erring on a
side that isn't fully developed,

yet: boxes and sunshines oh stay
vulnerable and make yourself up,
it's no longer literary and can-
not be recused or forgotten, yes
the video about the author, bri-

coleur savant moaning over waves
that are coloured brightly as an
honest unity is more resplendent
when exposed to free space clean
air & plenty of congratulations.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


loose, the scape shifts unto the
poor and dark, royal apparel and
scene set millennium, just so: i
don't know enough words to begin
to fill a page, much less a con-

fession.. just accept that jesus
walks-- being watched by anyone,
and everyone, and no one at all,
sometimes, yields algebraic math
that feels inauthentic when fac-

tored with statistics, oh let me
neglect my politics as well-- no
weapon formed against thee shall
prosper, et cetera, quelling the
irreverence with gasping virtue;

the man who levies the sentences
must wield the blade, except for
the involvement of righteousness
that calls not for violence, but
for the deeply soaking blood and

water of salvation-- imagining &
remaining sober, pour me some of
the vapor of trails and mountain
fastnesses in the midst of citi-
es, and i have shown you fear in

a handful of dust! attribution &
legislation & skylarking, simple
infinitive subdivided prismatic-
ally maetl for the machinist and
his footwork, yes i know i will.


scanner, blinked up skinning and
magnificent arranged, rays their
colours with somnolence, all the
better to see you with-- intoned
muscular personality & pessoa, a

book of masters can't, and fact-
icity prescribes that such as my
book of lossless can't, too.. be
it loved and windswept, the care
and inherent grandeur of delusi-

ons that moves under us like the
names they call this girl: you'd
better know that she is holy and
call upon her with the pulses of
your own heart, heavens abiding;

i don't look back once i've got-
ten to the ironic reversal: this
is a study in teleliterature, if
the spines are broken or other..
prophetic bible and hymnal twin-

ning consist of the word whether
set to songs or simply said, how
gorgeous and apparent a disposi-
tif of parallax serpentined much
over the forgotten rhyme & writ-

ing home-- my eyes may be blind-
ed, but so may my tongue cleave:
and there is a river the streams
whereof shall make glad the city
of god & my lord keeps a record.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


gathering, megalustred instant &
hopeful hipster walk into water,
the sounds all surrounding as if
the crescendo weren't enough: we
will uplift ourselves, gliding &

repeating, like tines-- ultimate
privacy in the headlines haven't
you got anything popular to make
all the crashing, sibilant cymb-
als that clapped, stutter legato

into the candyfloss of synthetic
reversals which have been madeup
magnanimous for you? apologetic-
al angling for angels' lifeforms
and the ladder, dangling silver;

what sound, to finish it: spoons
and spanners clanking away, like
the sordid orchestra of a defer-
red disagreement, simply plotted
for the purpose of power, having

the majority and yet ever'll sky
listening.. too imagist, too im-
aginary, and two is enough week-
end ravers: funny break, even, i
drew my voice hoarse and corpsed

wrapped up in tzara, in interest
of absolving--or possibly abdic-
ating--something i can't portray
and non, je ne regrette rien, my
bricolage of sanctions & melody.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


you'd murmured wake, i hear this
noise like wind rushing rushing,
planned-obsolescent yet holy god
crush me with petalling and per-
haps cycling girl-- a continuous

emotion that surfs her fragility
and supports, revisited communi-
ty project that sports such yel-
low soul, and cradles itself yes
in the bosom of-- impact, myself

the ground is liquid with flames
and reflecting its mundanity all
in the icey sons of the unspoken
heavens, and the daughters there
wave, with truthful omniscience;

and i only want to kiss embraced
royal reality betimes, gold pro-
fessorship tenured synthesizing,
adventurous again, and provoking
such as appositive literature in

small and smaller books.. every-
day i am made overcome and know-
ing the respectful, bowed season
of existence, so tautly slack my
love paramour: lately, the words

don't damn the man, fifty & liv-
ing pardon that resetted scene &
tumbles philosophically likening
my suffered mirth to lights over
the surreal fields, and marxist.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


erasure, multiply and subdivisi-
ons, mask me black and political
block script tenured archangels,
and the earned privilege of talk
that sets in the west like stars

onscreen sleep on their sides: a
slap in the face, major classic-
al music and focus in linguistic
derivation save the calculus and
its physics.. you saw me flying,

if only for a little while, hum-
ourous interpellation to a doct-
or and her achieved, unrighteous
mammon, but it neither impresses
nor turns the tides gently away;

epistolary arsenal under a defi-
nite influence, all the laughter
can stop at any moment is exact-
ly how important it is to recog-
nize each moment of time, subtly

subaltern stacking and reference
books, thin ice style: and being
unsure whether i've said all i'd
had to say-- nonetheless i won't
give up: i'll kneel down kissing

the earth betimes, with the soft
down texture of skin and memori-
es fluttering around my head, a-
long with dreams and other ideas
that who knows? could shock you.

Monday, September 18, 2017


resplendent pink, as often found
upon the gums of healthy, living
animals, how human we must be on
the cusp of vital information! a
panic on the streets of carlisle

and its dripping bedsit infamies
that seduce inviting: with equal
measure, she thought with mental
acrobatics competitively filling
the store of common radiance and

stuffing fluff in the empty head
of an invalid, perhaps rimbauded
or multiple with so aggravated &
vestal a myth to contemplate, so
long as forever is extinguished;

i make it my business to mention
that i mean well when i walk the
streets: with a weakeyed wife by
the name of leah and the reputa-
tion of rachel please understand

and keep in mind that i am never
israel until i recover the bones
of joseph bringing them out from
egypt into an uncertain and hon-
estly timid, laughable future: i

find it laughable because i can-
not weep, craning my voice call-
ing abba father to the entrances
of all kinds of jazzy sub-bassed
jungle and perhaps even divined.


renaissance of unlived-in vesper
and total the magic endangerment
to the sum or difference, absent
and present surrealistically, as
a book on a shelf, unthumbed and

not written in: severely blank &
tragedy, will you never meet me?
i, who have studied your histor-
ical impetus and consequences? a
pleading, repetitive crescendo &

its waves cresting like the viol
inherited its bowed immanence by
the will and foresight of such a
maker, el hacedor and the aching
of a bracelet made out of teeth;

stealing glances at the high-art
clock in the train station.. you
will arrive at the predetermined
hour and not later, no less: the
laconic and lacanian philosophi-

es press me into one of the five
unreal squares of synthetic time
that leaves a residue of beads..
all on the glass of infinity, we
learned early how to write names

that don't affray, nor alleviate
the seized, besieged politics of
young women et cetera, corpus my
lovelettered carrier signal hav-
ing waxed pale must be replaced.

Monday, September 11, 2017


sloterdijk says, and follower my
slighting linguistics can't con-
tain in the gracious, outpouring
ouroboros that shines in the sky
like a sun or a moon-- everyday,

the autobiographical impulse has
been shortened by the procession
of lifetime piling up, and danc-
ing away the dross to fatten the
pocket, some day i'll aim a ball

at it and revere the tracers our
eyes can't behold, just speaking
language to you for the sake of,
i don't know, the clasp and sym-
bolic value, free intersections;

how divisionist! the francophone
adoration and internal spines of
the library of babel, yes allud-
ing to the monuments of histori-
es that, while imagined, memori-

es vanquish the illiteracy of: i
farfeel with the senses that are
repetitive yet hours nourish you
gently swaddled in snowy breath-
ing the word of eternal life and

the names become fuzzy like ash,
but not like that, either: faded
not into the nothingness however
remembering the solemn intent to
gratitude, and it was beautiful.


scintilla of magnanimous greeted
living, with the shells cracking
open to reveal a venus and these
madonnæ, pharaohesque statute of
crumbling and swimming good in a

lake made of germanic english: a
metamorphosis and photosynthetic
building that exists centrally..
as if in the middle of nowhere &
yet the crux of civilisation and

its discontents, compact-- amaze
me danish, norwegian, icelandic,
and faroese, and you'll swell in
the mythemes created for you, so
really progressive and penitent;

mmmender of eversonic blossoming
and love generated to counteract
the juxtaposed three-year-oldism
and the ancient belligerence the
sea tries to wash away and can--

one morning we'll awake to these
hands uplifted and faces free of
tears, no sorrowing rain and the
unlocking, graphical intertesta-
ment illustrated by the lord who

is tripartite and yet one, myst-
ery of discovery gripping the o-
pen-hearted who're penning rhyme
to express what we've not found,
but which subsists within lives.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


absent subject, forgotten object
and grace assumes the position a
life and its magical dreams hav-
ing been denied become perfected
by and for, and foreign, bye-- i

and thou merely making minuscule
steps towards the gated communi-
ty and raza, doesn't speak names
or sing the body isomorphic how-
ever.. the percussion is fitted,

comfortably into the rolling and
elongated paradigm shift that we
have expected and that has final
authority over the accreditation
and revision of the long august;

temporal is relevant: scratches,
places in my skin that cannot be
healed without ministry, but the
outlook is good, don't stop me--
i felt once like i had something

to put in the mainstream, and by
giving of myself unreservedly, i
found that i had burned & paint-
ed: it's something you wanted me
to tell you, but that is diffuse

and refracted from the inception
of the free and giving know this
that all is overgeneralized, and
that one is self-sufficient, en-
ough to bespeak a limitlessness.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


coming over all televisual, pre-
logical constituency of politics
and the latency they'd given our
aurora-- it doesn't matter right
now, for what it's worth, and it

yet matters right now: shackling
blackened death metal, all-ill &
coloured with the magic of heady
woe and invented proselytics, we
came we saw and we conquered but

this won't be our legacy: if you
ever build children, if they ask
of you a fish, will you give him
a serpent? so covered in rambles
and shoegazing courage to power;

here is where yggdrasil grew, at
times tilting over the materials
voided and devoid of humaneering
inspiration.. everything's fixed
in ink and currency, which won't

let this happen to our children,
you have effects & why don't you
use them? the unelected skitter-
ing-flanged author of--but can't
finish--our doubling, sword-like

epic, which has gone alternately
impressionist, decadent, surreal
and technical.. if i were to ask
you to rewind the tape, where do
you stop just because of gender.


giver to the alliteration of the
stars, and the inherent design's
sustained itself with an obvious
ploy to magnanimous grace, it'll
unfold and display: like a wind-

ow that's square or polygonal or
a breeze that carries its series
of names, all of which are synd-
icated on the major networks, as
well as cable.. you're so fitted

into the harmony of the sunspots
and their waterfalls, may i ever
repeat myself into the groove of
an earthworks and its chemicals,
giver to the assonance of fires;

everyone took the day off flying
in their desiring-machines for a
while, and the animal is no less
valuable than the intellectual i
have to remind myself sometimes:

hypertext sigils that abound ov-
er the forgotten and remembering
syntheses of hard house and kick
inside the atmosphere of lyrical
debilitating beauty and grandeur

made ever so granular, determin-
ed ahead of time so it's trusty,
blissed-out, and blessed, like a
trinity or perhaps if we'd vent-
ure it an acultural performance.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


can i ask you a question? lucid,
at least, long enough to rummage
in your pockets, i read until my
eyes gave in to me, and will you
never sleep? not with the chance

of gnosis? guessing doesn't ever
give the synthesis what immacul-
ate insight it deserves.. anyway
voyager of turn it down, hunters
and sorcerers turning it on with

the impressed, distressed, heavy
denim and all i can do is allit-
erate.. but i don't mind: i have
made a career of exploding, less
format, sentence, and semantics;

if you don't get inspired, i can
try again: enough renaissance to
dream standing up, then maybe we
get brave enough to try running,
and it doesn't peak-- bequests &

passion that can't be consumed &
fugue that's vogue like animist-
ic psychology, noted the differ-
ence in it and hasn't been cont-
rolled, oh just raving.. listen-

er i see you and the hallucinat-
ions are visuological, made this
point seem five and longsufferer
for, i don't know, some purpose,
that we can lean into & breathe.


skylarkist ministrations that've
built themselves up to the stat-
ure of remonstrations so reserv-
ed, reversing the kingdoms which
fall nightly like nightfalls, is

this the sound of motion-picture
androgyny? just as a film scrap-
ing a chalkboard, unremitted and
philosophy with the heavy winds,
listening is easy and it doesn't

make sense, it doesn't make any-
thing intelligible, but it's al-
ways intelligent--when corrupt--
and frozen, i am laying me down:
in the ditch of unlivable pasts;

if one was to tribute and homage
the purely sensual, the consens-
us and the steel-stringed, let's
leap like limbs.. from the trees
and from the bodies, metaphoric-

al as you please, struggling you
fed me information when what i'd
wanted were data, it does catch:
remnant that's nonsensical, just
for the flight thereof, oh, when

i discover the you in me and can
meld, blinking upstairs that put
me in mind of critical theories,
i've got to lace it and possibly
conclude it, yeah it's over now.

Friday, August 25, 2017


legato liberty produced, has the
intelligent rubric of intention-
al elision: to guide the makers'
hands in electing the inhabitab-
le futures that we colour in and

sometimes slumber.. which, if it
can be taken as true, tends sug-
gestively towards a massage-like
concatenation of effects on--not
only the psyche--also the dream-

work and the matter within which
it subsists: the apotheosis liv-
ing at the nadir of civilisation
and talking over not only itself
but the complete historiography;

howbeit freewheeling, comes this
king with her sceptre and spect-
ral fire that is overdetermined:
whereas it had been merely elem-
ental, it's now got great and a-

leatoric, driven to the constant
that underlined in the volume of
the book retcons the postmodern-
ities that the subset chooses to
militarise, river made from rev-

ersal of sky and ground: this a-
mong the maniprincipled arts may
inform the sphere, all its equi-
distant members, and not to for-
get the neoheroic administrator.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


of angelic punk, we shan't speak
nor give direction, yet whirling
suffices to stay and potentiated
the stream of stark raving, con-
temned for lending its letter to

the transhumanist gaze and temp-
orary autonomy: delving further,
it's easily discernible that the
furor of lost and found meets at
the interstice of shadows--burn-

ing--and colour--perpetrated--in
a skinning, stone, electric mar-
vel which cannot be invoked, nor
can it be adumbrated with accum-
ulation or sophistical critique;

all this seems to say the heart-
ening execution of republic with
all of the preservation inherent
therein, in fact progressing on-
to the substrate casting of liv-

ing-skull preponderance, a time-
less aphorism that transmutes an
effervescent nonsense simultane-
ous to the vibrations of rocking
heavy water: later, this becomes

the sensual crossing of connect-
ed, heliacal programmes contain-
ing good data that have been un-
organized and convey little more
than nonbeing that's everything.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


censured the wayward, children &
women all growing shaded in suns
whose revolutions are sparkling,
so serenity bloom backwards this
anthology of time that recapitu-

lates itself for the perpetual &
mutual benefit of all present: i
feel like swinging--and ever go-
ing for the two--have convoluted
singing with james the bell, aum

the mathematics and philosophies
of impossible sculpture and poem
and i am seated, prone, laid out
like the corpse of myself, to be
viewed, and perhaps appreciated;

slightly incipient tendentiously
talking moved by the vibration i
could sense with my root, absorb
the moisture and draw it in like
a sight, it was the way eternity

appeared before it had been pop-
ular, so that makes me a hipster
in the ginsberg fold, and whence
the wolves? you cannot take away
my literature, and you can't in-

vent letters long enough to sway
us from the holy situations that
originate in the crown, and only
ever evolve strangeways.. music-
ally making novel the absolvers.


given the impetus to perform up-
on command, demanded inscription
reversing duplicate intuition, a
widescreen type of view of alter
egos and the concomitant futures

thereof: it has all amounted the
same, so much of a challenge, or
gauntlet thrown, and i was kiss-
es blown and glimmering.. become
the vacancy of ethereally lived-

in space, which is for rent, but
not for sale, which means i will
charge you your ideas and you'll
collapse unfolding like the nude
descending a staircase, i think;

commerce can be ugly, woebegone,
and insidious, like a profession
of poor faith, that's not to say
"bad faith," but the invention's
got to roll of the tongue, as if

you believed & had seen an aleph
which is not to say "the aleph:"
all prologue is inherent in sim-
ilar parallels, and that wrought
by feeble hands bespeaks a feeb-

ler spirit, sometimes-- although
that's occasionally true, howbe-
it that there exists redemptions
for the woebegotten overerased &
the traces thereof so satisfied.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


free pressure! from its manifold
beholdennesses and then to infix
the liberatory spirit of materi-
al truth, oh the excess exists..
inconspicuous empire that's con-

spicuous by its imperspicuity, i
direct you to the foothills, the
races displaced however honoura-
ble, myself being without cause,
yet thereby on behalf of all, at

least as opposed to nihil-- what
makes sense to me right now is a
repetitive process of discovery,
though it may be cyclist and in-
corporated it's not all piteous;

humane sunskipped neologism that
gives away freely what it gained
in introspection: you pronounced
her name electrique and i've al-
ways confessed i was born asleep

and so the discourse is extended
but already concluded, and maybe
you'll discover something to the
affect, summer will decline with
the waxing winter that chills me

in both body and mind, but never
spirit: listen to me now because
the dark train should be rhythm-
ically intense and fleet as long
as the track is settled wrongly.


softened arches, made out of milk
and music, the most obstinate art
there is, concerning the imposit-
ion of utopia into the poetic re-
main utilitarian to the extent we

allow ourselves to be softened or
softeners: and souls are the lib-
raries of lucent manual technolo-
gies, as i realised when i perma-
nently left off from the highways

and found myself amidst althusser
and between beauty and splendour:
that you forgive me when i depart
from the subject long enough that
i remember that i was remembered;

the longshot is integral to these
obscene arsenals, juvenilia stet-
ted to put us in mind of the ever
present contact of future over a-
temporal antiquity-- all the time

i was instructed to forget or ig-
nore but i became norse, basque &
gdansk--not drunk, if that's what
you think i mean--in service to a
radicality that inheres, implicit

in the structure and post-struct-
ure of convivial gentility & jud-
aism, harmonised.. it looks some-
thing like a guatemalan pelorubio
who stretches leaning into frame.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


nevermind the bibliography, and i
dub us with echo: the enchantment
is neverending, as in it spilling
molten dollarbills into openmouth
children, who've done nothing but

grow-- hypnogogia, lift my arms &
stand me up against no wall, for-
getting to give me a cigarette or
a television call, and however my
rubbings rebound, play it the way

it lays: giving grief over sunset
that allays the stars and the big
star is always the sun, basically
you're got the starring role that
insinuates itself into the black;

symbol, so precious and sweet the
alarmclocked percussion, becoming
something like a perpetual-motion
machine made out of fire, whereas
the visions and illuminations are

all cooled, settled gentle shower
of inactivity that alerts us none
the less to the vibrato reverber-
ation made radium and discoverer,
just a mess of logic that pinning

down between boards doesn't mask,
recover, improve, inspire, or re-
dound with any colour or sensuous
inessentialities-- everything was
already there when we were small.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


apprise, prismatic amplifications
regarded come the hegelians & all
of the normaliens, the tongues've
been reversed in on themselves as
if winter came over their surfac-

es like surf, listlessly influen-
tial americans harbored in books,
but beatifying the real and other
for the edification and embossing
of ambassadorial edition, flower-

ing us now with showers of bless-
ing and the onslaught of privacy,
nevermind the pride, and diameter
is not always a limit: discovered
petrichor flowed in the parlance;

after the turn, pages are binded,
i walked forever having forgotten
nothing and regretted nothing and
constructing myths for myself you
could drink coffee to-- sometimes

we're chamomile, lily-begotten an
emphasis on all the israeli monu-
ments: just a task which we we're
holpen to endure, given the maths
and scientific temper the plosive

and harmonious masterpiece of the
agonist ecstasies of ecclesiastes
and understood all this with hope
that was shaken and clasped, know
this: that harmonics scintillate.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


i am asking you that i don't feel
this guilt: humdrum, well-met age
quod agis and stammerer of script
and caricatures, beholden unto my
insidious professorship and moved

timed excelling scholarship.. but
pollen and shimmers jemmy herself
with the accord of angels' and in
future there'll've been books-- a
bluish blush that reveals the war

of breathtaking beauty, wait that
isn't a war, it's a cry of life &
conquering, with magnetic patois,
and as always the long goodnight;

but all of that remains unmeaning
given the lacunæ that phonetical-
ly prosify the parodic chapelling
that the grown-into-boys are mut-
tering under their words, as if i

had made a mask, and couldn't en-
joy the dream pop anymore-- taken
its toll, and kneeling recollect-
ion with alternative tracklisting
and film, if i may '68, and i do:

the baby was born on the nineteen
like a skull surrounded by flesh-
es that were free radicals almost
qualia in the perceptionist withs
green and never dried, how droll.

Friday, July 21, 2017


clause implodes, linguistics hav-
ing been shortened, irrhythmical-
ly irregular, bulletin point sent
blown capsule aggregative folk: a
blessing for naima turned my tab-

les onto mathematics which appear
in the ground and foreground both
romantic and obviously forgotten,
oh illiterate humanity and young-
er lungs are at work, believe-- i

limit myself with integral, phys-
ic psychedelia, and pay the piper
whose tune has yet to be called..
i always wanted it this way, such
that i can recline infinitesimal;

mania of shattered infrastructure
observed on the primary wednesday
of the month, the mouthings open-
ed my mind to nullsleep & all de-
void of tropicalia-- it's so hard

to punctuate that it punctured so
visionism move me around a lot as
if in water with moonage, hyster-
ian curandera come freely through
epochs of bondage, and faultlines

distract your attention momentar-
ily as befits their grandeurs and
must be closed: let us walk, pray
gentility cozen the felt abstain-
ing nonvote, this happens before.

Monday, July 10, 2017


the padded synthetic junglism, oh
how it weighs heavy like an heavy
weight, pugilist/gregarious punch
to the face that dislodges one or
more teeth.. it's been designated

to lift me off my feet and intro-
duce me to the lights--which also
pack punches--and liquor that i'd
left behind, the distasted bright
sunblood that rolls around in the

clover and waterfall cities, hav-
ing given all it could to my city
and so have i, and it's only rec-
ently that i'd come to understand
that i am an early riser, sleepy;

well, it might not quite be art--
maybe i've got to prepare myself,
read the arts of warmongers in an
eyeglass, raised-eyebrow manner &
if that's so, then how could i be

sure of anything anymore? i drank
the liquid in and let it flow in-
side my veins--like having such a
choice--and the result was a bomb
and a flower, and in that i shall

certainly decide: making love, or
making hate and it seems selfsame
to me at least that the only rad-
ical position is selfless genera-
tion, yes i am calling your name.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


preposterous scalene imagination-
ist gun-jumping, which has fervor
to strike and ravish, blossomings
and the grown-women power of non-
sense--but is still novel--oh how

its name rolls on the tongue like
a typewriter, shorter and shorter
stories and coltrane quintets, an
entry within heaven should signi-
fy some sort of heaven, but i was

still fully involved in the star-
gazing paradigm shift and accomp-
lished parades, how and why twins
everyone with the big book and an
obvious cryptomnesiac fluttering;

team sleep, powered by economical
circumstances that place us some-
where in the previous aeon: time?
if it became fixed? it would pro-
bably bleed into the culture with

an heretofore unmeditated mazatec
fearlessness which expels both of
the interested parties in a perm-
anent display of agricultural and
intellectually preservationistic-

al affection that renders us cat-
atonic for a while and then, com-
ing up gasping for air, it'd have
been as a dream, and i know this,
just like i have seen your faces.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


lifter and the power and coherent
pearls, not before swine or reach
for the sky--as in, on its behalf
and commonry--the dizzied purview
of privilege and imprisonment.. i

thought, momentarily that to pos-
sess a mind would lead to release
but there are such as wind, keys,
and even gold that can be sharper
than any instrument entold by the

enfolding embrace of parenthood &
its concomitant innocence--which,
if worn from the inside out, her-
meneutically, is perpetual--given
without price, world without end;

vertigo washes as if the techne i
need to accomplish myself upon my
memory, a blessing in disguise to
be so clichéd because, oh because
to be beautiful is to be puissant

and pursued.. goodbyes floated in
inflammable liquors that i cannot
bring myself to burn, like the a-
gainstist mercy that never arriv-
es in time to blunt the scalpel--

there are bones, however, harden-
ed in temperance by the instruct-
ions of perhaps some other aeon &
gives voice to the tired and poor
and huddled masses, at what cost.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


clicky, cutting countoff that i'd
seen burst forth like a butterfly
emerges from the sunned scattered
plot with the icicles and irides-
cence to prove it.. patrician and

severity with anniversaries, near
not feared, oh how does this ever
apply to our lives, and at such a
time? the questioner itself might
be viewed irreligious and insane,

but i'm sympathetic to a fault: a
wintered summary that wickedness,
following into the peacock's wake
won't disrupt/disturb an envelop-
ing bass that calms like a truth;

i can feel the applause and ador-
ation rising on the planes, half-
girl paradigm shattering sky, yet
told more lovely-- entirely unvi-
olent but encompassionately ultra

and redeeming valuable, she's got
tired of the attention but cannot
give it up foreverwise, and if we
have a word of caution, it sounds
something like the road does when

travelled in mystery: i am always
asking for something even when my
mouth is closed and you have ever
risen to the occasion with little
smoke, lasers, and simple things.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


i feel an impetus rising in these
walls: as it were a plague on our
house but we've long since earned
immunity, all the infinities, and
their eternities, wolved with the

woebegone ugliness of intelligent
fire.. i don't despise myself but
i'm learning to grow into a shell
built for me by an innocent & who
dwelt in hell-- how i long to ad-

vocate for contralto advice & the
grasping impenetrability that you
suspect would divine us into per-
haps another world like annie for
a while, no not the one you know;

the tenth track on the disc isn't
always the best, but it makes you
most immaculate: laser-guided be-
yond impeccability through to the
crowflight fidgeting, that summum

bonum that feels like progressive
house in the early evening, oh my
god i am full of contraindication
and need a builder to construct a
purpose for my life, any ideas? i

surrender my infants' breath to a
chromatic angel whose wrists, yet
intact are the terminal for tears
that begin in the heart and you'd
not expect such but help survive.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


sleeping milky with the attribute
of attrition, nay all these wars,
hallelujah people that march into
the tide with the fearlessness of
someone who knows god.. untressed

but purposefully, as if her style
wasn't vital or heady, but she is
become the indica girl euphoriant
and sibilant with the soul-smack-
ing sense of it, all while watch-

ing the fanblades revolve (in re-
verse) to cool us and soothe, the
air renewed by movement in a con-
structive vector and the science,
it falls unexplainable and vapor;

spirit revelational my father let
us fly-- making things by methods
such as poiesis and instructional
moving video, anyway half-bidden:
prepared for an afterlifetime our

eyes will weep to see and lifted,
in this faith and order to listen
with the perception of those made
in-between, we are more than con-
querors through him who loved us:

if you believe, if you can feel a
motion inwardly and recognize the
hebrew tongue, and if you wrapped
your arms around your child today
you're as invited as anyone else.


struggle to sustain: interest and
parties and blocks with lettering
that spells things like the names
of the future children who've al-
ready bowed, author their origami

which is prevalent in the stores,
books, and stones-- foreverhaired
girl who smiles the brilliant pun
leaning into the wind occasional-
ly putting her feet out the wind-

ow: how has this been so graceful
as to attract wild life, and what
are we going to do about quarter,
after the sun burns away the math
and we've naught to swim but sea;

oh yes, the grace is sufficient &
it kind of feels so different now
that we've got our fingers on the
pulse-- radical whitening shadows
that sing to you of numerology as

well as the thousand-yard stare &
tracing the jawline to stuff that
scarecrow full of straw, it scar-
red me: in languages as yet unde-
fined-- staying up all night man-

ic and depressive, blackened fact
with placebo rhythm to sharpen up
the nervous system and wring some
confession out of us, which is no
less than we deserve, truth told.

Monday, April 24, 2017


megalithium and poseurmyth melted
with true 303 rhythms: the alter-
ed flight of inscrutable puzzles,
which denounce the anxiety of in-
fluence in favour of the posh and

comfortable christianities wedded
with seen diluvian antechambers &
their attentions-- divided, as if
the sky, and liquid as well, like
funk in the twenty-first century:

it's not really as facile as that
though, because ever--but not al-
ways--looming in the people's way
is the shadow of the vista of the
son of hinnom, may henna compete;

illustrated rioting campus singer
and her rings on her fingers--and
toes--and a coiffure like the sun
and the magniloquent, feverish id
that blacked out taking the night

off when confronted & glassed for
trying to play her cello: all the
world's a stage: in a phase sense
you look good and good looks come
in necessary (not merely handy) i

have learnt and misspelt and gave
up on educating myself other than
to listen always-- all the ways i
can listen are omnibenevolent and
even just foreign enough to work.

Monday, April 3, 2017


the album of gentle waves, isobel
left in the woods and what should
she discover there but a witch? i
recommended a house, but there is
never enough time--when it's been

divided, like the sky--to foresee
banal eventualities such as death
and this is the macrocosm.. teach
me, instead, a professional lyric
that'll not return unto him void:

the kindness of regeneration, and
the literature of exhaustion, and
the love of everything other than
oneself up to and including yours
which is in mine that hands hold;

sharpening images compare the yet
and heretofore stolid immalleable
with the everpliant and complaint
that make up the sum of comedy: a
nation needs azalean refreshments

like water needs roots, and there
was formerly blood on the leaves,
sap within the medulla of angelic
potentialities which could become
turned-inside-out for the benefit

of gracious personages and which-
ever principles they set forth: i
let ourselves be anewened, awake,
o sustain of velocity and sweeten
the sickness comforting the poor.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


rhyming, as if stepped--or steep-
ed--building, that will not leave
you unedified, o it has got royal
pardons and glittering spires all
for your delight, and the rhymist

isn't excused or accused, that of
the holiest of facts: sacred & e-
mitting emanations that circumam-
bulate the surrealist and situat-
ionist arts--amongst others--with

the humble élan which is vigorous
spirit and rigorous honesty.. the
mead of shuffled papers and vapor
arisen in our minds, some fall we
may find ourselves in a paradise;

if you're a drunk like me, you're
beginning to discover the agility
in delivering dissertations with-
out expecting anything in return,
as is our habit-- the monasteries

and gentlegood peoples that amass
there, arrayed in finery like our
dreams and the results scattering
shatter the walls, hotels, malls,
and even prisons--which are never

concentric--which are reeducation
camps.. i wanted to escape, but i
also wanted to educate, and every
time has a meeting of minds: look
wise for handfuls of electricity.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


given to laughter, exploding like
the fist that unfurls as a nation
and becomes a flag: there isn't a
thing wrong with literature, that
flighty temptress with her tress-

es that involve--recombining--and
measured to dress like students &
built upon a precipice.. i do not
yet know what i'm good for, mast-
ery avoided and money forgotten i

adventure myself upon you for the
moment, just in order to remember
lost time: such a vibrant paradox
of numbers and niches a hangman's
noose funny for its obsolescence;

absolutely nonever, climbing down
into the black chasm of spiraling
comorbidity that will not redeem:
i have multiple fistfuls of tick-
ets to the great and secret show,

confetti in other words, to throw
a fight and acknowledge praise in
the humility of the space wander-
er: sometimes it's so beautiful i
have to sigh, which is translated

into many legacies and their und-
erworlds-- some day i'll fly then
and everyone will see the man i'd
become and watch and burn ecstat-
ically, with nativitian pleasure.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


slip of the tongue stream, it was
the most beautiful ivory tower we
ever detonated & watched explode,
while holding hands in the rubble
and the mechanics are something i

like to think of as precipitation
or binomially named, cloudbusting
and see thou to that: knocking in
my knees and heart, which absorb-
ed most of the impact of the fee-

ble shrapnel & can't we have done
with the foreplay and long, dron-
ing infinity? longing for nothing
so much as a comfortable place to
sweat out judgment day, alleluia;

i realize that i am unbeautiful &
i've found that it really doesn't
make the slightest difference.. i
build with my hands, folding them
peacefully in order to sleep, and

through this meditation an essen-
tial fact becomes made manifest..
in other words, in other domains,
and most of all, in another life-
time: everything there is to know

about life is shrouded in plastic
and sold for dollars on the penny
and get this: none of it's ameri-
can-made! give it thought, and it
will settle into st. elmo's fire.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


automatic autumn whether i'm und-
er wraps or uncovered like the æ-
neid, so sad to part the seas the
way you did but mosaically it was
accomplished whereunto he sent it

and stuttering candle blown, glad
futurist grenade type awareness i
could not contain so i was wedded
and i hope i never have the shud-
dering stereoscopic images to de-

ny my maker and master-- who puts
the pants on in this family? does
she do it one leg at a time? what
does it mean to be answerable for
genetic engineering? i am unsure;

what i know is ashes in the fall,
i burnt it so i built it so i re-
discovered the pungent fragrances
and work-scarred soul: everything
around me is free, and what is my

law? thou shalt love the lord thy
god with all thy heart, soul, and
strength, and thou shalt love thy
neighbour as thyself, and i'm not
really so hard to get along with,

once you've disrobed me and punc-
tured my orb.. which is made of a
teardrop that involuntarily leak-
ed from a convoluted entity so it
isn't responsible for the malady.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


meanings occluded, the experiment
was dead on the ground, and all i
could see was hard house: like my
graceful, endemic encomia, wheth-
er for pandora or helen it was as

lovely as a thunderhead-- astoni-
ed like a man of olden times, the
ancient of dreams dispersing dust
to choke the lies out of lungs we
long abused, and that itself is a

lie of the utmost, because we are
not guilty of giving ourselves o-
ver to centuriocracy, o believer:
yea, allow your wavering faith to
soak into your bones & shredding;

hope is a generation, the albumen
of a little child's moistened eye
that looks for a hand and receiv-
ing a scorpion rather involves us
forever with the deplorable word:

i will not abide an evil for sake
of the good, and waterfalling god
through my heart will not stone..
how to perform that which is good
i find not, and beyond all this i

have to remain human! no excuses,
distortion and delay and phrasing
and visual plays that move us for
a while and which we do not forge
or forget we'll school ourselves.

Monday, January 30, 2017


the path to ascendants' chicanery
is fraught with false starts, and
multiple personalities place rea-
son after cause upon the altar of
recalcitrant authority: never be-

fore spake woman, like this woman
spake, giving grace to the humble
and quartering the fruits, fifth-
ing the pipers' celestially pond-
erous error-- i could sweep it a-

way one-eyed, one-handed but then
i wouldn't be a prince, nor celt-
ic, nor gallic.. it's up to us to
bloom great shivering gems into a
sky heretofore devoid of nuances;

however bold, or shorn, my vow is
a vow: we are the children of the
latest emergency, and act accord-
ing to libraries deliberately and
delicately forgotten, such that i

am a forgettor and you are a pro-
tector, mathematics aligned siph-
oning the precious signs from the
forehead of the sylph--and herald
and triumvirate--so that nonesuch

and trial are the rhymes of lydi-
an minstrelsy and what has so far
been accomplished? the sleepy eye
of any manner of animal: is valor
undressed? the spirit is willing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


delivery for the herald's ongoing
smitten rose heraldry, not in the
least obvious and not in the most
given to wine: this begins to the
utmost and dwells forever without

sin or obsession, all of the mad-
ness forgotten long ago and numb-
ered with the stars, the sands, o
hallelujah to you lord, thou hast
upheld me by thy right hand-- mi-

nority senior and inculcated in a
grasping shortness of woodwind: i
built my everlastingness upon the
admission that i had been already
chosen, and now it cannot vanish;

let us be beautiful, and whirring
within the rhythms, harps sounded
like a quartz that had glown hav-
ing been sewn into her gowns.. my
magnificat is hesitant and smile-

stretched so that i--and anyone--
might see farther and furthest or
as much as makes no difference at
the clockstrike, and in the citi-
es that kneel with the breathing,

expecting fervor that has honored
us by being legible.. let my word
have meaning, for a little while,
so it can't wound me against silk
skies that the sober sail toward.