Thursday, November 22, 2018


here was a surprising explosion..
the nomadics of truth, pure wand-
erer who moves against the water,
liking the lack and giving to the
grandeur held back by a terrible,

resonant radiance that turns upon
itself, like a switch which works
light into the corners of bedsits
but there's a new lease-- playing
as if he loves me he loves me not

but it's more than a game and al-
so less than a game: of i'll die,
i'll not die, and death isn't al-
ways expiration, breath sustained
the beatitude of rolling decades;

when i think on these things, say
on: dozing sleeper waked by punch
rhythms & computers are no longer
stronger than radical chic, while
stirring the browse all pizzicato

the microspherologies of ultimate
lust, the shinings emanate within
the bright world: like a follower
will respire in utter resplendent
flowers and whether of evil or of

peace is to be determined, surely
my god father, word & holy ghost!
and as its creepers ensnare mind,
body, and soul, the question begs
is soul the exact same as spirit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


religious, oh photographical marx
and visual kei, cider of morpheme
that moves: pierre/père wave thou
my intellect and capture the mov-
ing pictures-- i am incumbent and

sleeping, just how the vocabulary
is self-evident & self-recursive,
as the marriage is monosyllabical
even though the participants have
twinned each other with alchemies

and the results were futurist and
made massive: with the undamnable
mise en scène and ellipsised cast
virgin, your jumpings and shaking
overcome the camera with eclipse;

so much (and enough) for film, to
marching and illiterate nonsense,
comrade, though you're the letter
of the law: phoenix in free verse
and synecdoche everywhere, latin-

ate the style of recumbent energy
that staircases-candles-and-darks
like bad dreams, or such as books
with too much profanity-- imagine
an obelisk, and what colour is it

and whence its grinding falsetto?
i'm not holding my breath waiting
for answers and the longer my day
the more munificent the benedict-
ion of orchestrating world peace.