Tuesday, July 31, 2018


saharan arctic circus reflecting:
let my people go, and spires--all
around ringing--inflect with juv-
enilia and sympathetic lists.. an
olden & half-remembered mythology

that's wait more like folklore or
kept to oneself revolves emitting
blanketing reports that shuddered
to think of the silver service: o
taleteller sit simple in the mid-

dle of the earth, which is parod-
ically paradoxical and can't have
been shamed with the fist-crushed
glass and all of our potent stems
and seeds, scattered, like babel;

relentless kisser slighting above
the dark settlement that twisting
substrate that penny on the pound
rebuffed once too often, which is
to say that offering can lead you

to rebuke-- i've got matter in my
eyes, dandelo il miglior fabbro &
crystalline sugars whitened teeth
like judaist milk, i need a world
full of law: perfect, permanent &

immaterial! as easy as can be too
lifted language who can see who's
got matter in my eyes? anyway the
smoke is fragrant and symbolist &
a little while spent dreamt lara.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


elevator rotoscope belonging rare
indulgence, non-linear and equal-
ly anarrative: symbol speak sooth
shakings that rise from the north
and its interior rays, like olden

times i absolutely beg of you-- a
mark in the stitch and these com-
binations streak like undone dec-
adents moved through the linguist
declarative glow.. however it may

and cruel, april and intelligence
plattered with cyclic redundanci-
es and unintuitive plans: delight
became delirium, i can hold these
ideas in my energies, duplicated;

i'd rather think about high love,
nodded discretionary inspections:
seems the material walked head up
and chest out like we had nothing
to hide, but more often more rec-

ently seems nothing.. when i dine
at a restaurant, the "no sharing"
signs speak volumes, and do their
brilliantine fervor smack in fut-
ure like the pride of being water

or whatever it really is-- privi-
lege, content, foreign sign lang-
uage, i'm not necessarily americ-
an: not all the time! are you in-
dian, too? primarily challenging.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


bust pursing schism-and-the-lips,
pseudopolis yardie hidden teacher
and black electric dragon stymied
the silly, equatorial paper: news
moves you truly, luka, like these

megazines & glance over shoulder,
by god give me the injection! now
or better yet yesterday it's get-
ting perfectly angular or perhaps
cut and dried-- articles are bas-

ically cheating, if you've got at
least one face on your head, how-
ever perpetual the mirror bleeded
dissidence and utter premonition:
pianos equidistant from parallel;

and i skipped a beat! crime pays,
daughter of the exceptional union
and boxcars, candle-wished breaks
crumple like a folding hand, now,
i didn't exactly mean it like el-

iot, though i thought i could see
where he was coming from-- what's
more is enough to eat your brains
if you kept your receipt, and yes
it's that easy! anyway, what were

you getting at before you were so
rudely interrupted? i would never
answer questions, if i were you..
not if they're posed by a factory
or a small but insistent machine.