Friday, April 24, 2020


wick, why wry? is it the building 
that settles into its foundations 
or does the superstructure levit- 
ate upon history like a distorted 
head--on the shoulders of giants?

let alone that my impenetrability 
has got me weymouthed like angel- 
ical streets wending the commoner 
on a self-effacing path, yet yel- 
low my absolvent king-and-emperor 

who leans into the foreground, as 
if to banish me from view at once 
and from viewing: this is the ev- 
ening skeleton of absent-mindedry 
that evolves, blooming from zero; 

never not looking back, with such 
an adherent paranoia and fear the 
way out is impossibly grand, like 
teeth that chatter in cold weath- 
er tend to combust themselves all 

appropriate and vainglorious this 
mechanical song painting the tile 
and ceiling.. personality failing 
my mind had also been shredded to 
illustrate the prevailing, shift- 

er colourless liquid that tasting 
of doubt hollows & thrusted, such 
a dream was also on that roof and 
i feel enabled by this, made man- 
ifest & of course yes made a man.