Wednesday, December 18, 2019


emoluments, high-standing reacher 
busting up, photons & manufacture 
that warp like gilt stallions the 
breeze browning out as if friends 
with the morning, moon, and night 

that riding inward staircase wit, 
the sphere that thrusts his fists 
against the post & still insists, 
transformative skin sheds herself 
and the kiss is regenerated, also 

sustained-- humming rope-skipping 
rhymes that all alliterate across 
vistas of indescribable anonymity 
and though the bell is not broken 
the baby wakes to crashing waves; 

honestly unedited cardiopulmonary 
script slipped under the doors on 
a momentary discovery that vanity 
bespoke & rhythm recalibrates, my 
lion's share with many arrays and 

multitudes, all oriented, arch, a 
calumny prostrate, passive, lead- 
er snaked under the stage, ballet 
notwithstanding-- all the parts i 
can handle are holy, gorgeous and 

demonstrable heart surfeiting the 
diatribe which is effaced loving- 
ly warm and on sleeves everywhere 
because the time has come to talk 
of many things: shambling techno.