Tuesday, August 30, 2016


settling scatter-plot, building a
rubric for animation that scales,
chords, and theory can't contain:
the beatifical imagination of our
homo sapiens sapiens illusions, &

a collision between advanced rock
and roll & the infinitesimal hues
of crying filtered through digit-
al sound processors-- habit-form-
ing substance with feelers creep-

ing for lifeblood and an illumin-
ed stratus which reaches apogee..
not once, not twice & never again
positioned like the saturnine hu-
bris of satellites and birdcalls;

relentless eveready punctualizat-
ion that spreaded and was broad..
an attempt to fathom an insubord-
inate, civilised clamor for free-
dom and antibodies, dose them all

with the sunlight and energetical
proud-backed historicity implicit
in nativity-- i want, therefore i
am: if this is not enough a taste
then it is in fact a foretaste, a

blessing conferred upon the souls
of living, breathing unwaverers i
encounter routinely as uninterred
bands of sound, which revolve and
spit sparks for the glory of god.

Monday, August 22, 2016


flax resplendent, with tattletale
environment replete with and for-
gotten about: climbing spiralling
inward by the graceful systematic
burgeoning of modernist sympathy,

bullhorn program and computerized
skin-- which sinks into the floor
first: the water, or the blood? i
skipped a few vowels in my enunc-
iation of the assumption, so give

unto me to demonstrate conceit in
the context of spherics.. person-
al graphic user interface and sin
is left, is left behind, all to a
neoprofundity that's illustrated;

what am i if i don't have the big
words? flying a rainbow kite in a
windstorm, razorbladed acid house
with updated electronics, grappl-
ing techniques understood, under-

stated, and invested with squeaky
synths.. in another language, may
have been in a dream or a centri-
fuge, i could make my contacts an
encyclopedia of olympian majesty,

grave as you please and nigh unto
burning as far as empty dusk set-
tles forwards and backwards, rock
paper scissors style, in the palm
of a child who thinks it's a pyx.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


if you're listening there's pond-
erous lightning in the noosed and
forgiven softness: as round as an
egg and brightening with the sup-
posed asperity of wishes and sub-

tle dresses made for girls who've
outgrown them, dual carnatic pro-
cession won't cease and the rumb-
ling undertow lingers with scents
like russet liquor and a freudian

slipper who was born that way-- i
have all the synthetic brass pad-
ding my insides so i'll emit warm
blanketing to the barren and icey
if they prefer not to remit such;

behold falls and chic machineries
that illuminate the city night to
its wind and glass, castilian now
for the gratitude of linear skull
made so by the immensity of these

modemed concourses and the pianic
rain that appears in the shape of
beams: alive timber and bone giv-
en to shelter the less fortunate,
however surreal-- plan to pay the

piper, ambient and stuttered gold
chords embodied beatifying smiles
and resisting the profound: which
of us would allow ourselves to be
rewritten? merely a televisioner.


upsettered shutting with militant
elias, waterbird of the sunrising
beauty that elicited stifled snow
from the damasked mouth, and with
an eye's mind: sweetener who your

brother is, and can be found in a
dictionary if you need definition
to grace the stage with ballast &
ouijist nearsight-- a companion's
tale knitted into knockings and a

knee-high skirt, all insufferable
that surprising, nurses us upside
down, and if it shall march power
on the periodic table of annuity,
live roundwound for me, clarissa;

having failed before the show had
begun felt like plunging a gloved
fist into snow.. three mighties &
a reward that matches the sullen,
sword-besotted impressionist that

has become a breathless confessor
and aligned, rushes rhyming wines
into the aurelius whose son never
returned from the parlour but you
can see his face as he rocks this

chair i'm sitting in, within this
tavern of blushes and crying that
warns approachers of an intricate
system that we guessed would have
ordered the bespoke circumstance.