Monday, January 30, 2017


the path to ascendants' chicanery
is fraught with false starts, and
multiple personalities place rea-
son after cause upon the altar of
recalcitrant authority: never be-

fore spake woman, like this woman
spake, giving grace to the humble
and quartering the fruits, fifth-
ing the pipers' celestially pond-
erous error-- i could sweep it a-

way one-eyed, one-handed but then
i wouldn't be a prince, nor celt-
ic, nor gallic.. it's up to us to
bloom great shivering gems into a
sky heretofore devoid of nuances;

however bold, or shorn, my vow is
a vow: we are the children of the
latest emergency, and act accord-
ing to libraries deliberately and
delicately forgotten, such that i

am a forgettor and you are a pro-
tector, mathematics aligned siph-
oning the precious signs from the
forehead of the sylph--and herald
and triumvirate--so that nonesuch

and trial are the rhymes of lydi-
an minstrelsy and what has so far
been accomplished? the sleepy eye
of any manner of animal: is valor
undressed? the spirit is willing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


delivery for the herald's ongoing
smitten rose heraldry, not in the
least obvious and not in the most
given to wine: this begins to the
utmost and dwells forever without

sin or obsession, all of the mad-
ness forgotten long ago and numb-
ered with the stars, the sands, o
hallelujah to you lord, thou hast
upheld me by thy right hand-- mi-

nority senior and inculcated in a
grasping shortness of woodwind: i
built my everlastingness upon the
admission that i had been already
chosen, and now it cannot vanish;

let us be beautiful, and whirring
within the rhythms, harps sounded
like a quartz that had glown hav-
ing been sewn into her gowns.. my
magnificat is hesitant and smile-

stretched so that i--and anyone--
might see farther and furthest or
as much as makes no difference at
the clockstrike, and in the citi-
es that kneel with the breathing,

expecting fervor that has honored
us by being legible.. let my word
have meaning, for a little while,
so it can't wound me against silk
skies that the sober sail toward.