Friday, December 16, 2016


allegory, come down for a talk a-
bout ways and means: scatterplot-
ted pointillist rays, which might
be redundant, break the day bold-
ly into basics, giving us all the

rose spirit of amnesia and melody
at a moment's notice.. can i live
reddened with pristine adherence,
but not descend into the arena of
marriage to--or addiction to--the

administration of medicine, which
folds inwardly like origami tends
to total more than the sum of its
parts? i'm trying: god knows, you
expressed our critique exquisite;

inclination deserts me for a time
and she has proved a better lover
for all her quakes: with blacken-
ing sunlight & reinvigorated dark
bolstering you two together, such

that you segue artfully into acts
unknown and implacable, that seem
to inflate my mind, though thank-
fully the sky is void & limitless
tonight-- a study in opposability

granted it's beautifully imagined
and would look good from any vast
height and i'm afraid of distaste
to the point that i make me small
and irreducible: just know i can.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


a parchment skies of anachronist-
ic shedding and sculpture the mi-
nor variant that results from the
best laid plans: all coined by an
obeliskian luck-giver, the fruits

of soft posture and daguerreotype
wine that sifts through the fing-
ers quite easily enough that omen
disappears with eden's breath and
cannot recur-- don't let me down,

this time, vainglory: attest this
monochromatic variety that blinks
its impetus--throbbing--against a
wall and surroundings and all in-
tellect, which we're not void of;

tell me the most beautiful stori-
es in returning and i'll have be-
gun already to colour us with the
silenian impasse that strikes, "o
adoration verbose and similar, be

cautious with what's neither liq-
uid nor gas, but can be consider-
ed solid, to all intents and pur-
poses"-- they were reaching for a
chaos that'd been quite inimical:

to their games, their manifestat-
ions of destiny and the cruel but
accurate purpose they'd put us to
and if i have to sit right here i
will, and if i must move make me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


what is an obsession, anymore and
anyway? the scales of it are both
green with the texture of curren-
cy, and tonic as the octave of my
forgotten folio and having ending

in sight, and sigils-- formerly i
could tend and steal simultaneous
inventions that made me cold, but
becalmed: this was the femininity
bursting forth with the forces of

serene vectors and sketched pass-
ion, that would always exist, al-
though i have become more skepti-
cal as time marches on.. somewhat
blanketed with the junk of ideas;

i don't have to think, or ask my-
self questions, to wrap myself up
in the turmoil of a joke gone too
far-- we are wives' men, all most
confident lame and kings of not a

bridge or its land but the emoti-
onally safe satisfaction which is
imputed by speakers and their ar-
rays of meanings: sun rises east-
erly in order to soothe a troubl-

ed breast with the softly surreal
signals of antediluvian centuries
that barely woke before they were
carried away with mouths and this
hint of bricking seventeenliness.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


euphemist with a cause: black no-
thingness cannot elide the gentle
scents and colours of a year gone
grand, the child's home where the
weary rest from their labours-- a

tree grows in the soil, which has
been nurtured by responsible life
and is not inured to hardship: is
not culpable of the having forgot
what it means to breathe oxygen &

cannot possibly be named in one's
own language-- this takes our god
who is everlasting and true, mak-
er of a threefold chord and ring-
ing out, it entwines us in bliss;

now that i've got my motive clear
i pledge to honour myself and the
mystical other, whether with palm
or psalmistry, because i know one
of you tends the branches of your

revealing science, and whatsoever
vow i make, i surely keep-- haven
awaiting in the kingdom of forev-
er and it subsists within, like a
breeze can blow inside this atmo-

sphere and that atmosphere is not
more or less than a vital whole i
found myself revealed to wherever
the universe is unbroken and good
precious light keeps up a record.

Monday, November 14, 2016


punk has to be somewhat literate,
or it collapses inward spiralling
like the flower of discord assum-
es a second mother tongue for the
benefit of the native assembly, a

mechanics of progressive house to
sit in and be surrounded by-- no-
thing ever arises from the depths
of nonsense to smack you in veins
that were supposed to carry blood

to discrete parts of your body, i
think, and if it did you probably
wouldn't be able to step under or
around the tanktreading immanence
of it or at least without injury;

this is ultimately private: scal-
ar legions and the rule of the a-
bandoned ritual that was formerly
the war, stand up or lie on earth
for a while, you're on the clock,

as it is & can nevertheless still
the moving pictures with this in-
nate sound.. bounce graphics into
artistry with the finesse of let-
tered, flowing people: how are we

going to get them from one nation
to the next? i hid in my admonit-
ions and rediscovered an automat-
ic ascendancy, which was platinum
& weaponised, but i don't use it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


the responsible allayed the needy
impulse for rotation, and illust-
rated an example of trance-induc-
ing architecture, the city centre
exploding like the ambulance--and

its fireworks--within the picture
of a young blonde woman who'd got
impressionist with the ichor of a
nightly circle, erudite as you'll
please and full of opera that had

been sewn to her ribs with a silk
network also comprising holy lit-
erature and the desire to experi-
ence something outside of the wit
of incendiaries & a billingsgate;

it's not what i've stopped and in
point of fact, it's not what i've
started: the rabelaisian and that
obscure moraliser met with merely
approximate wingspan, and was any

one reviled? announcing the mult-
ivarious reasons that nest inside
each other like a matryoshka doll
mise en abyme, all correspondence
contraband in the old dark age of

filial, historian intertext-- the
nodal lines of the vibration mode
are interrogated and have been u-
surped for the empire's survival:
come with me if you want to live.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


grand plan of returnal autumns, a
chance throw of tiles and skipped
reminder of glacial velocity that
moves at the speed of light which
is diffused through that very ice

and expressionist coined verbiage
that is honestly a lot more along
the lines of foliage: fewer steel
songs sung in the age of ramparts
and loving oneself whatever comes

of it.. i'm finding myself trying
to impress with wit, but instead,
tending to interisolate, the mem-
ory of which inspires me to plat-
itudes and loose ballet: to play;

i've gotten quite a bit too sharp
for my own persistence of memory,
having written about absence with
presence staring me starryeyed in
the face, like jarry, or leonora:

this is not a poetics of failure,
although we're more than conquer-
ors through him who loved us, re-
placing the space with smoke, and
confessionals underscored with my

own endemic irony, oh, this could
drag me into an early grave, if i
let it, but as honest as i can be
is the man i've been made and for
sure it's a marvelous denouement.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


observances, and absorptions, our
intuited entrée: ever so maximum,
and the remonstrated remembrances
that coil tightly in time's fists
as it beats you over the head-- a

compleat obligation to reverse in
midways, the bulletin-point with-
drawal that's undeniably a state-
ment.. this is what i'd hand into
my editor if i wanted her to com-

mit me to an asylum-- otherwisely
duplex characterisation of stars'
own peace: first the nodding, be-
calmed strum, and lately the well
poised turn of phrase, delivered;

warm and enveloping, like a comb-
filtered chatterbox, listening to
itself grow into a real boy, or a
real girl.. an insouciant present
that lags a little behind him/her

in dismantling the legactical in-
fluence punching us in the muscle
and expecting you to flinch-- you
know, if there isn't anything mu-
sical to sing about, and if there

isn't anything literary enough to
write about, it's okay: it's okay
to fall prey to the womb's subtle
wisdom, though it's a bit riskier
than i'd attempt to stay forever.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


careen around the fountain, metal
skipping rope imagist with all of
our pretense and torque.. isn't a
walk in the surf, boy, the event-
ual decline? surely intent, chess

for the twittering mass, catholic
and fretting upon the footwork a-
while with needled mentasm & that
concurrent species of aggravation
which spiralling, rings out, inv-

iting applause for: both the girl
and her governess, the scientific
applications of revealed religion
vis a vis heading home for sleep,
and counting sheep, with pillows;

there exists a vast, nagualist a-
vocation that's subsumed by warm,
round sound that anyway pinpricks
like a dose of medicine with even
a spoonful of sugar: contretemps,

covalent investiture towards life
everlasting and immanentised with
the teleological inversion of the
physics of mathematics.. i really
don't know how to make it anymore

plain-- evidence taken pleasurab-
ly and coagulated to make arabian
scaled belletristic liquor out of
a relentless, allusive literature
that amounts to lived experience.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


sky upon skies, and ichor subsets
with the mechanical drama of lov-
ers' eskimo kisses and light his-
tory: it could've been comic, but
wrapped up with a punchline-- its

hyperlinks reaching to embrace an
usurping ursprach, lily and leila
in the squat parties coloring the
scene with class and verve, as if
a threefold cord cannot be quick-

ly broken.. oh the living potent-
ialities of paraphrase move me to
sit radiant and meditating for an
epoch or so and letting the angel
speak so forth move nowhere fast;

half again over and nonesuch with
reinvigorations and west virginia
and of course garage, just burned
off the gossamer for access to my
golden braid: i am an instigator,

a good liar and deep sleeper with
time on my side and my hands, are
you? rides a train in ultramodern
tokyo with all the tech house and
triangle waves instead of addict-

ion, allow me to disabuse you the
notion that everything that feels
good is good for you, an activist
city inhabited by saints of these
crafts that compare with harmony.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


ceramic intaglio rosette with the
stained-glass soul of compassion-
ate lives left lived, building to
an heavenly climax: that sustains
throughever for the glory of love

integral and kind.. used to be my
mussed hair and charms, into this
becoming that is comely and good,
innocent childrens' laughter that
buoys the seat of haloed, temper-

ate, languaged ages--and its rock
will not erode however sunlit his
sea--crafted with the care of the
gardener, roll over me with space
& our permanent autonomous zones;

i only want to lift love in hands
cleaned by beatitude, singing al-
leluia without end, and settle my
face in the everlasting gaze-- on
a march and evening yourself into

the image of mirrored wits match-
ed resounding eternal with quali-
fied angels whose breathing, syn-
chronized with the symphonic past
to generate future, rings veriti-

es beyond temporal comprehension,
whitens the stormed seasons of an
obvious currency, and comes conf-
ident again ahead operatically: a
long story that ends quite happy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


beaucoup unmastered budding truth
beholden to a duo in its maserati
with the rain issuing forth, mist
and such as that, all the ecstat-
ic misericordia of alteration, by

and by: whispers of blown a wish-
es and my surreality is most oft-
en found in the refuge of social,
fastened, speedy freshmens talk--
legendary pictures of fisherwomen

and ice transliterated into music
for the edification of the illit-
erati, the amused-to-death stares
and sneakers plucked pizzicato to
slide into the acoustic spectrum;

life, to worry, liquid bluing our
whites for minimal-electronic ap-
erture which gives me an ideal to
shoot for, if not lunaristically:
being myself at all costs but re-

maining relaxed and respectful of
the rights of the roamers-- amer-
ica is mine and it owes me a liv-
ing, and such euphoriant nonsense
as ever impels olympian & fractal

inversion, making a table and ask
how it got in the suite anyway, a
romantic getaway and the car will
not start after the bank has been
robbed these are all good things.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


de l'alouette, john the revelator
and the imagining of roofless el-
evated sphere, i'm not doing this
for us, but i am doing it, anyway
so hush and don't fuss, schematic

of violin, trap kit with fretless
bass and a catchy number, one i'd
say advertises your figures-- the
rail is light, the light is unbe-
holden to the people who feel it,

colorless tasteless scared of may
be blowing it all in one place or
blowing it at all, i have to tell
you bigger and bigger stories, or
i toss and turn day in & day out;

ramshackle punter making a living
out of slips of the tongue: sawed
in half and mixed and rearranged,
so you can admit one and take the
heat off me for a while.. however

i want this to be beautiful, come
on strong with an owl in daylight
and hands stuffed full of wads of
cash money, current with the mer-
chant, and sane monkish guitarist

just doing it for the fun, out to
lunch, naked, and for a revolving
cast of dayglo industrialists and
eleven-four time, it just sprawls
by real slow & crime doesn't pay.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


maxi schematic controller who's a
paragon of silent introspection..
skitt'ring fullstop copilot whose
senses nevermore fail: theoretic-
ally, who could cooperate? thund-

ering inscription found relative-
ly eroded and late, hours passing
with the hoarfrost of humus, also
many years and limbs and this has
become your leader of renaissance

from new york to chelmsford again
back to paris, ever on the shift-
ing sands, and lifting the girl's
chin so she can look at startling
eyes, maserati and keen intently;

five o'clock shadow of a national
overthrowing invaders, who all've
prayed round the squared circle--
prepare to meet me by the vanish-
ing university, where the profes-

sors yield kindred, and so clean!
it's no less than a cooperational
bloodline, noble consequence that
is hereditary though these things
often skip, er, three generations

and must i go on? having been saw
square and sine for a month spelt
murmur and spine, repetitive, but
not moot, i'll make a scene if we
have to but i'd rather take root.


thriving arc, that tracers across
the radiant sky my miles and john
and abstracted, radioed-in decod-
ing strictures, with liberty, and
justice for all-- pizzicato pluck

flying that levitates one, that's
got us by the ovals & replenishes
itself with the emeralds of work:
angels' sustenance, a latticing &
scissor-cut slalom that's pink, i

find it so enticing.. buildings a
blind man cobbled together out of
scratch and kings', although this
signal is noisy albeit rosy: bent
circuit staggering forwards lean;

oh, to be inspirited, the bookish
won't tell you that trade secret,
anthroposophist illgotten against
the bluish brilliantine white our
home pushes downstairs into hands

ready to impetuously generate the
maneh of self-gratitude, and does
it ever grate! as if we were more
than a matched pair: something on
the order of heliosubsistence but

with all the benefits implicit in
being, i know this isn't strictly
beautiful but it's certainly bus-
iness.. cutting across statelines
to smuggle the truth, everywhere.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


settling scatter-plot, building a
rubric for animation that scales,
chords, and theory can't contain:
the beatifical imagination of our
homo sapiens sapiens illusions, &

a collision between advanced rock
and roll & the infinitesimal hues
of crying filtered through digit-
al sound processors-- habit-form-
ing substance with feelers creep-

ing for lifeblood and an illumin-
ed stratus which reaches apogee..
not once, not twice & never again
positioned like the saturnine hu-
bris of satellites and birdcalls;

relentless eveready punctualizat-
ion that spreaded and was broad..
an attempt to fathom an insubord-
inate, civilised clamor for free-
dom and antibodies, dose them all

with the sunlight and energetical
proud-backed historicity implicit
in nativity-- i want, therefore i
am: if this is not enough a taste
then it is in fact a foretaste, a

blessing conferred upon the souls
of living, breathing unwaverers i
encounter routinely as uninterred
bands of sound, which revolve and
spit sparks for the glory of god.

Monday, August 22, 2016


flax resplendent, with tattletale
environment replete with and for-
gotten about: climbing spiralling
inward by the graceful systematic
burgeoning of modernist sympathy,

bullhorn program and computerized
skin-- which sinks into the floor
first: the water, or the blood? i
skipped a few vowels in my enunc-
iation of the assumption, so give

unto me to demonstrate conceit in
the context of spherics.. person-
al graphic user interface and sin
is left, is left behind, all to a
neoprofundity that's illustrated;

what am i if i don't have the big
words? flying a rainbow kite in a
windstorm, razorbladed acid house
with updated electronics, grappl-
ing techniques understood, under-

stated, and invested with squeaky
synths.. in another language, may
have been in a dream or a centri-
fuge, i could make my contacts an
encyclopedia of olympian majesty,

grave as you please and nigh unto
burning as far as empty dusk set-
tles forwards and backwards, rock
paper scissors style, in the palm
of a child who thinks it's a pyx.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


if you're listening there's pond-
erous lightning in the noosed and
forgiven softness: as round as an
egg and brightening with the sup-
posed asperity of wishes and sub-

tle dresses made for girls who've
outgrown them, dual carnatic pro-
cession won't cease and the rumb-
ling undertow lingers with scents
like russet liquor and a freudian

slipper who was born that way-- i
have all the synthetic brass pad-
ding my insides so i'll emit warm
blanketing to the barren and icey
if they prefer not to remit such;

behold falls and chic machineries
that illuminate the city night to
its wind and glass, castilian now
for the gratitude of linear skull
made so by the immensity of these

modemed concourses and the pianic
rain that appears in the shape of
beams: alive timber and bone giv-
en to shelter the less fortunate,
however surreal-- plan to pay the

piper, ambient and stuttered gold
chords embodied beatifying smiles
and resisting the profound: which
of us would allow ourselves to be
rewritten? merely a televisioner.


upsettered shutting with militant
elias, waterbird of the sunrising
beauty that elicited stifled snow
from the damasked mouth, and with
an eye's mind: sweetener who your

brother is, and can be found in a
dictionary if you need definition
to grace the stage with ballast &
ouijist nearsight-- a companion's
tale knitted into knockings and a

knee-high skirt, all insufferable
that surprising, nurses us upside
down, and if it shall march power
on the periodic table of annuity,
live roundwound for me, clarissa;

having failed before the show had
begun felt like plunging a gloved
fist into snow.. three mighties &
a reward that matches the sullen,
sword-besotted impressionist that

has become a breathless confessor
and aligned, rushes rhyming wines
into the aurelius whose son never
returned from the parlour but you
can see his face as he rocks this

chair i'm sitting in, within this
tavern of blushes and crying that
warns approachers of an intricate
system that we guessed would have
ordered the bespoke circumstance.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


wait for me, inspirer.. shall she
ever scale the squares, cubes any
way that cover my eyes, as if the
music of a choir: if i've master-
ed the fragrance of tears, yet we

owe and hold-- supervised surviv-
al and grotesques of grace: where
they have been subsisting they've
been insubstantiated and substit-
utions for what you really do not

mean, what doesn't float on zeph-
yrs and what doesn't emanate bud-
dhist from your breath (with even
burning, as insists, even) and my
heart can't burn my hand anyways;

i have to colour my eyes, frankly
bespoke in order to combat all of
the sick acquiescence which falls
our lot in any given generation--
there is a room in our house that

one can fall into if one wouldn't
take care, slurrism and the smoke
of pastoral freedoms i recommend-
ed to you and you to me-- tremolo
and vectoral vibration, vestalist

and your vestiges which shouldn't
bore me (and doesn't, and will we
ever reunite?) all the people are
rising up like the jazz of tonics
and saloons are the same as spas.


love is a power: flowing rich and
siloed from the century and thou-
sand of blocky, bursting datums..
forgiveness dreams of me which we
blend infrared for the manifold &

exceptional purposes of crippling
ability and the resplendent shame
of knighthood and all of the sev-
enteen shapes of subjectivity-- i
was a fountain, eventually and so

embarrassed became two-tissued to
the ringing taste of milk and the
spidered spindle-legged salvador-
ean crush, musk, and masque which
will lead us homeward glorifying;

beauty is an event: resolutional,
resulting from artism and clever-
ness and let yourself feel that i
know your truth-- reanniversaries
and annie proulx's shipping news:

carried, built upon a shimmering,
which glisters and bulletins this
sleeping fortress.. of loosening,
loss, and the intrareversed image
which fills our hearts with honey

that was not pollen, list of made
things that are magic but haven't
disappeared in the new glown age,
and yes finally the impetus to've
stricken ourselves yet confessed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


summering winter whose hair hang-
eth long and languorous, may thy-
self ever be delivered from cross
criticism and imperfections of my
own that hinder your equality-- a

not i, otherwise that strums me i
not a, steal more gifts and great
lord, this is merely a prayer.. o
unskilful in word, meager in deed
and megan and dylan, i confess to

myself the crimes that i couldn't
offer to anyone: words, rhythms &
palms that are not stigmatic, yet
nonetheless suffer stigma, and we
thank you alway alliterationally;

i crave the awesome power and the
concomitant demonstration.. whose
else is there really to speak? of
simplicities liven attentively, i
need another set of vowels to va-

cate my soul of sitting silent in
the midst of reinjouissance: king
of kings, lord of lords-- i want-
ed to negate my choices inversely
refusing to choose, but would not

presently fail to bleed, and true
is the saying that not the hearer
of the word only is justified but
the doer of it, magmatic formulae
and tremoloes that flower fourth.

Friday, June 24, 2016


process of elite flair that moves
me to contortion, a blond scatter
plot with all the visions intact,
won't scare and doesn't harm, but
by virtue of itself in fact humb-

les me to less/fewer, a reduction
that is far from the absurd while
incorporating some of its method:
rising skyward sky, ringing heav-
enbound winded angel with designs

upon encomium and compassion: the
drugs didn't work and neither did
i, yet i was left and bereaved, i
was announced and implored and in
offering platitudes, we rejoiced;

i could feel my weight and having
refused to rush, i pushed, making
the land that i stand on mine-- a
cyberneural mission completed: my
obvious return to the glory which

we had before the earth was, this
whereby i know i'm mine, flatten-
ing effects to straighten my sig-
il and hyperactivism that signals
progressive matrices of binaries:

are we in opposition? so am i.. a
plenitude & gracious mathematics,
that cannot affray, afford, none-
theless dispenses portions on the
worthy, so that suffering erodes.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


poiesis of gentle falconeering, a
build up to a peak that caresses,
inside an inner shell that encom-
passing gospel also alludes, milk
colded and flown all for the girl

with her hair hanging down withal
her tender, tired eyes, but hope-
ful eversprung and drinking these
inward and without sirens' calls,
that she may nonetheless sigh-- i

have no less of a lack of invisi-
bility, and can crack the core to
elision, madonna the proprietors'
hospitality and stroke such fires
as are deemed meet, or necessary;

reversion and intelligent debt, a
foresight to forbear and redouble
myself in pure, manifold varieti-
es, which are endless yet not un-
named-- which yield and grow unto

themselves devisitationally, this
great sorceress's plan and eagles
that flying pan am point north an
agility which can be held in your
hand, if you wish to strike south

with the wind: at your back, free
sun on face made for looking into
and feeling inwardly-- it is this
liberty which calls a soul out of
its cocoon into the silk vesture.


finch's surfer stiletto unanimity
and according to an holy mountain
range is extended to everyone re-
spectively-- retroactive virality
virile in the made man's darkened

improvisational sugars, we dunked
our heads in the water for a var-
iety of reasons, but paramount is
the test pattern: climber and un-
natural--yet familiar--brothers &

sisters, in the sense that they'd
been constructed by the means she
wore in her skin.. tattooed false
and true contiguous flesh that'll
bear a message gloriously, selah;

space stuff, the dimension of our
entrance and summering for twelve
ages by the measure of humanity--
cheap shot punchline: mellifluous
to the tongue with plenty of har-

monic, nocturnal synergy teaching
my mind and my mouth to accept an
albumen through the umbilical zen
of dreamers who march steeped be-
yond the sunrise and with courage

to match our convictions-- i have
been counted amongst that number,
before and i expect that the con-
clusion of the matter is the joys
of altruistical metal, sharpened.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


initiation to comedown, circus of
fifty years and the rubrics known
unto film, scored-- an ascending,
marked time to the tenor of bomb-
astic jungle and breaking forth i

called my own name, to see if you
could still spell, and the result
was fascinating beyond belief, my
self-will run riot upon my tiding
and phases to weather me with the

pleasure of islands in the centre
of the earth.. a big, blocked-out
trawl for juniper and lamentation
that doesn't end, does not, simp-
ly doesn't end, forevermore amen;

sticking planning, note to naomi:
i have given you your sobriquets,
and wish to allure you to the mad
and washing surf that rolls blind
into the sunset and as is suppos-

ed from there onto space-- could-
n't bask any farther than that or
dream ahead of myself for the six
virtues of nous and phenomena, in
other words saying how struggling

to keep from strangling on worn &
tired lace and wicker, i supplant
her offering with honey, dew, and
rosewater, so that i can find the
way from the labyrinth unscathed.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


put your coins on my eyes, holpen
in the future being brazen for my
furniture-- cells and railing, an
option to stick it to them awhile
over something like a magazine: a

running, ringing puncher with the
elevationist treble of the lowest
convolution and gang relation-- i
took my leave at the ninth hour &
could have taken it or left it to

be perfectly honest: cramped halo
mentality for the amorites, loved
with the authoritative glances of
glassed chucks and skywritten all
my illustrious, singsong sonnets;

go is the word, the game, and the
ending of a lot of vellum, march-
ing into october by the might she
dubs blazing into a night of mos-
aic gratitude, and ration-- know-

ing full well this won't be read:
not on the steps, not in the far-
away eyes, and not in the crowded
regency.. but made to pontificate
exquisite criminal regard to tech

and its teachings: i will not be-
come sure, i refuse to understand
your subtil craze until the visi-
on comes clean and colourful in a
mad twisting, obvious alteration.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


harpsichorean discoverer, hearken
wildly wise to the sorrowings she
masked with tigress' stripes, and
the threshers, which have worthi-
ed themselves unto the kingdom in

your christ parts: i have nothing
and desire less, thrown blossomed
title and archaeology of a forgot
vise, scripted in the forge those
angels alliterated, all for a man

and a woman, and their commands--
the bounced percussive reverbera-
tion that zeal alone accomplished
will ever efface the promontories
of our bethlehem and alexandrias;

crest coming on with city scapes,
fell in love with the innocence i
saw reflected in her, and at once
go forth in the name of cerebral,
tested times that will drop sweet

wine (and the hills, milk) etern-
ally, o immanuel-- protect from a
creeping chill all ice encompass-
ing and evangelism chosen & drawn
for someone to drink from: listen

with the inward sense, so as this
missive goes not astray nor glows
with the cracking strain of honey
wrapped around the brain stem nor
the base of the spine physically.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


walker arts school and dramatical
impresentation of pressures and a
building to spill, kept like gold
in a wall and digged out in order
to make of melisma a new and sub-

stantive spine: that whispers out
of the midst of grace, that moves
me parenthetically almost to this
apex, and is sealed with my twist
of fate, falling blunted and ever

scraping the future for intention
that will not forsake the imagin-
ation of good, young heart-- have
been reminded that there was once
a power of that and their sevens;

hollowing rouges, blush echo tan-
gent in tandem with dervishists &
devotion fourscore and armature i
cannot obtain-- a moving stranger
whose motives sing to the stars a

russian lullaby and minuetted may
reverse in traffic to become real
and intent, so that the lovers'll
rock, splendour magnified through
a bough of rocks and skinned ice:

i had within me to worship whilst
glasscandle grenades bulrushed my
city and there was indeed an ark,
which by the virtue of infinities
swum hanging brightly, removable.


repentative skill loving applied,
brushstrokes and metrical solilo-
quy for brothers quay, for railer
and mansionary all given got with
the honour of prospect interrupt:

my only true love, the profundity
that strikes me on one cheek, and
i present to him the other, saved
slips and watermarked silhouettes
with the rain falling down on us,

excused for a while-- to dance an
operatic spasm which yields bouq-
uets of lilies, worn copper penny
with the base metal shown through
and all the illuminations of sky;

i wanted to be a child for us two
but i found that i had become hu-
man to the extent that trailings,
tracery and inflamed violations a
skip in the pattern revealed will

not blank the nebula's aurora nor
the hugo-- as walking beside this
shore for a moment, scattered via
time's momentum to fill up a cup,
or two with the nectar of absence

but the taste! so fluid, forgiven
verbiage with accoutrements which
speed down the lane and: became a
phoebus apollo, four hundred, and
forty, all for her genteel touch.