Wednesday, December 12, 2018


alter receptionist, how to do the
aleatory, with the altar bronzed:
like subsuming munificent, sacred
nursing, that runs with a harmon-
ic heart and the cold pulsing the

forgotten, just so, just so, hal-
lelujah to the industrial revenge
because that's what reverses it..
how to do things with words, wed-
der not mention and pleonasticism

plugged into the radio of diamond
vehicle, returner bought with the
mammon of dross, mane like candy-
flossed independence: which keeps
the evolution too legal and free;

what didn't hurt was precisely an
honest brush with the immanences,
the retort and crucibles of media
that struck from the root swallow
the endemic power and style of an

absentist, a magician, a defeated
promise which involves within it-
self and answers to no one except
itself, fascinatingly-- and as if
you felt like you were talking to

yourself before a drink-up and an
awful sleep, moving backwards be-
yond the scoping and hardcastling
redundancies the magnum opus, the
life's hard work, and the melody.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


inanimatus conjuror, black eye of
candle burning and unexpired, how
challenger evening stair that she
stood upon ascending and descend-
ing with all the chagrinned wit..

what are we without taste? inter-
rogating the questions: back into
themselves cheating that way only
joking there's nonesuch as cheat-
ing-- holy hallway with only left

turns, doors that evaporated when
i left for study and eased my eye
of candle burning and unimpugned,
lifelong legacy that bespoke this
susurrating whir that hums smack;

i can't keep up with my biography
and my vocabulary is entirely in-
sufficient to scale: programming,
patterns, star quietude and never
communiqué but whatever i believe

i'll remember that together loves
comprised, and illustrating it! a
simple penstroke, flourisher mars
immartial material, submerging my
weathered soul in the rotationist

environments that beg entrance to
your star chambers, and that even
one like you never failed to turn
away.. what exactly are you so a-
fraid of? finding out or vacuity.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


here was a surprising explosion..
the nomadics of truth, pure wand-
erer who moves against the water,
liking the lack and giving to the
grandeur held back by a terrible,

resonant radiance that turns upon
itself, like a switch which works
light into the corners of bedsits
but there's a new lease-- playing
as if he loves me he loves me not

but it's more than a game and al-
so less than a game: of i'll die,
i'll not die, and death isn't al-
ways expiration, breath sustained
the beatitude of rolling decades;

when i think on these things, say
on: dozing sleeper waked by punch
rhythms & computers are no longer
stronger than radical chic, while
stirring the browse all pizzicato

the microspherologies of ultimate
lust, the shinings emanate within
the bright world: like a follower
will respire in utter resplendent
flowers and whether of evil or of

peace is to be determined, surely
my god father, word & holy ghost!
and as its creepers ensnare mind,
body, and soul, the question begs
is soul the exact same as spirit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


religious, oh photographical marx
and visual kei, cider of morpheme
that moves: pierre/père wave thou
my intellect and capture the mov-
ing pictures-- i am incumbent and

sleeping, just how the vocabulary
is self-evident & self-recursive,
as the marriage is monosyllabical
even though the participants have
twinned each other with alchemies

and the results were futurist and
made massive: with the undamnable
mise en scène and ellipsised cast
virgin, your jumpings and shaking
overcome the camera with eclipse;

so much (and enough) for film, to
marching and illiterate nonsense,
comrade, though you're the letter
of the law: phoenix in free verse
and synecdoche everywhere, latin-

ate the style of recumbent energy
that staircases-candles-and-darks
like bad dreams, or such as books
with too much profanity-- imagine
an obelisk, and what colour is it

and whence its grinding falsetto?
i'm not holding my breath waiting
for answers and the longer my day
the more munificent the benedict-
ion of orchestrating world peace.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


our rolled aeon generative & mag-
niloquent like the soarings frit-
tered, waked, seasonist antiquity 
jumped up smacking and so falling
down commits the ultimate justice

upon the unordered and disarrayed
remnant of thoroughly blown mind:
shaked, emotional warrior stance,
but only peacefully in the inter-
est of stood three trees, playing

skipping games & all blackened as
hazel stripped the beech entrance
to the forevermemoried thicket of
psilocin and its utterly uncount-
ed children lay down upon mesmer;

the darkening boy shook his hands
and murmured revelation, the book
set unclosable like a hole in the
wall to watch and surprisingly as
you should like an omnibenevolent

lifetime piled up stirring, slept
put to bed but remained optimist,
and these're what was rumoured to
have happened (and did).. did you
know that, just because something

really happened, couldn't bear on
whether it's true? and as a child
i'd been sung unto sleep in those
trees with the deafening silences
yet powerful of urim and thummim.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


i even surprise myself.. you have
this ineluctable cold call in the
palms, victoria of absent politic
so that my lolling eye--revolving
around at least our sun--captured

the hunter and is the game: grave
me over again like you do, music-
ians arranged with big imbecility
& irredeemably conspicuous tongue
shivering jemmy and other delect-

ables notwithstanding.. my bodies
are ready for the impactful entry
of entertainment that nonetheless
glibs me and dripping just so can
border the surrealist infinities;

what is it to need to believe you
such that my lolling eye revolted
with the inhuman intellect of as-
sonance, fortuna pleading guilty,
and sri-aurobindianism all've yet

took photographs of inscription &
ornament that consummate the love
inherent in hospitable design and
spoorloos? in other words, if i'd
spiked my vein with the insolvent

gold of generations, marking time
like an hermit-king so hebridean-
ly blacked, is clevinger and otto
the antipsychiatrical theatre you
wanted from me, or do you settle.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


recession, you can wade into deep
water and the shore hides the sky
so merciful to blinded wandering:
i told myself i'd be the girl who
cried the prettiest and fearfully

gave in to the ivory knife before
the cycling snow crept over still
eyelids, lashing me, and that was
the end of that lifetime, and you
didn't stop talking & today's our

birthday-- and then there was, as
it were, a lacuna.. redbreastened
moistener that makes fools of us,
oh time and the march and all the
unforgiven, bustling linguistics;

i don't care how ugly i am & much
less how beautiful i've become as
it's got all too much shining ill
like sexuality so i suppose water
is the appropriate image: respect

and full-stop automata, mechanic-
al fellowship or am i even talked
out, all given in to the hysteri-
cally militant camp (which i'd so
love to null) that what's growing

in me is not a girl & not a youth
yearning to breathe, but somebody
shut down my solitary confinement
and i'll tell you one true thing:
monosyllable glossolalia repeats.

Monday, October 1, 2018


audio forecast, cut ties discour-
ager forest & god blessed me with
you: bleeding like a sheet, paper
lantern yet the building is shook
as if kissed by leesa but rhythms

are sharpening my fragile gifts..
while i walk on water the violent
memories crash me, we have become
a machine that reduces fractions,
all unrepenting peace and candles

that emit the perfect unremitting
flames to wake you up, carry your
body down the stairs, and eventu-
ally carry it back upstairs tuck-
ing you undercover like a secret;

every now and then the feedback's
got to stop: pennant which strewn
across the corners covers evening
and submerges me in the cerebral,
polarising surf.. my fingers move

faster than i can unwind, and the
world has moved on (this much i'm
sure of), settler shortening like
the stilettos of farming & cracks
in the crust which always upwards

themselves with expectant youth..
coda is birdsong, cerise, crowned
you with triumph according to the
tenor, and rolling slow down fast
against the current, yes: resist.

Sunday, September 23, 2018


alliterating bruce-lee credit se-
quence you blew the lead and have
overdrawn your account.. i'm sor-
ry for lying down in traffic, but
there's no place like home: faded

colourless wind turned up to pain
and print markings on your skin--
i lay down and i fell asleep in a
nest like making money for dream-
ing, and all this happened at the

official site of orbital connect-
ion, infrared life squeezing away
into the undiscovered country and
the underdeveloped real wild west
yet the tongue is tense, smiling;

claudia is the angel of returning
and running water and it's got to
have been a decade since i ran my
hands under the faucet and didn't
catch cold: flat, complex topolo-

gies are escaped from the centre,
silly, dizzying leaps that scream
like digital recordings southward
all day and all of the night.. an
instant ago, the future i planned

for today became tomorrow and i'm
not sure if i can keep up meaning
the rituals and ursprach cut into
the dance and the top is valuable
but the bottom's got wavelengths.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


amnesia the room-temperature sky,
silent darkness sort of thing you
used as a bookmark: revolutionary
you are so facile, pacifist! sum-
mer the metal fall like the anci-

ent of alexandrine noise, but how
my lyrics have grown insipid with
the dust and seashells always re-
ceding away from me, always viol-
ent the matrix of penance & yin--

i began to wonder if i was etern-
ity thinking itself, deconstruct-
ionistically arrived at the point
of total surrender and having de-
voted you to it, let it brace me;

opposing sides: met like daybreak
pushing itself into the recessive
genes and manifesting daily, hold
pattern text inadequate scholar &
a round record, o the slip of the

tongue that i'd swallow if i were
unafraid, you know it's as though
the heat speaks with a trans-atl-
antic drawl, leading by blackmail
and stipples the paint, while in-

wardly, inwardly-- locke with the
navigated psychologies, droller &
ursprach rolling us up and stored
us in a story: light can't neces-
sarily get through but it's okay.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


braken stander and immanence that
insists, thrusting fists and oth-
er shibboleths that downplay this
inanimate kitsch: if you say that
you know of what matter consists,

i don't trust you, as a matter of
course, but i still expect you to
work your lazy miracles upon me--
dismal status, checking the track
against the pumping iron, running

animals who don't understand what
a hurdle is, how decadent & free!
there's not always innovation and
i am getting really tired and all
of my fingers are braken stander;

laetitia loves me nevertheless, a
star that bursts between my teeth
in my mouth melting on my tongue,
il n'y a pas rapport de sexuel to
cycling flirt like underwater in-

sufferance, yet the flutter moves
the spokes but the cards actually
make the noise.. helpful and kind
you of the capital-and-quilting i
see myself in a rising threat and

not the smoke i breathe but these
gilt letters trace anthropologies
back through the cities and time,
and when we get where we're going
all'll've been surprisingly easy.

Friday, August 24, 2018


how could you have loved me there
where i was felled on all fours--
no thanks for the attentively af-
fectionate, sometimes, as in this
case who kept the keys & reported

so, so drawling slow threefold, a
portrait that hanging shines, and
i have to know and learn, growing
that i am worth it.. lo & behold-
er that roots in the groundations

of grief and healing, masterhood,
and the flying that results: when
i build me anew in the shape that
was traced by your kisses further
confess to all of us love's true;

oh heavy-headed animal who's been
led by the muzzle, treading water
for the sake of a light thing yes
god you were always illustrious--
dree your weird ever generous yet

lit-upon-castling, throat remains
indescribably good and my stories
are also appalling.. a surrealist
and a dada walk into a bar: žižek
the infinities palmed and opening

the moth, holding the cups, given
blacked the board decline again &
really won't happen, my mind's in
the gutter but honestly i feel as
if i make sense, belonging there.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


telegram to nina misinterpretable
and underfunded, with the italic-
ised article subsumed in the slip
has got me weymouthed, multifoil-
ed application of positives found

in the immanent and kant-- number
is so useful: positively resister
lineage underfunnelling heavy red
rocks, as well as yes i know, the
wellknown ecstasies we're heir to

and count.. my locks are red, too
simple and indivisible to suffer-
ing poll and have been shaved was
not was confucius: input signator
put that in your vape & vaped it;

the immensity going forward--with
natural wonders all phenomena ap-
proved--good credit bad credit no
credit, faller that creeps silent
to school within the dawning of a

dreadful day: i always thought we
understood one another, and judg-
ment doesn't apply.. palindromic-
al slumber and somber institution
descriptively maken by the dollar

and its disciples, oh, oh, oh the
summer nights! apple-orchard rose
intuiting the names of everything
that there could just possibly be
yet the link remains unbreakable.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


nearer by god taken in the lasted
burst, movements unspoken in long
tongues that usurp and affix-- it
was a long, long time ago, and it
was talking to me with the voices

implicit in understanding loving-
kindnesses (all covered in giving
poor and heavy-laden, wearier the
artistical nap of bit-collected &
edited health) which put the idea

so safely at home: plugged it in,
as it were naming the rhythm, yet
holding fast all melody and these
used to be big, strong hands.. my
father's neither black nor white;

sing illustrating, monumental re-
finished school palmed like vict-
orious orielling lisas, susannah/
mio the address on the green poll
and exagminate heavier and petite

that subsists whilst overflowing:
sing to thrive, massive angels or
even the violence can be forgot..
love and forgive, utter attitudes
built on a frame whitewashed por-

traiture bent and strangling how-
ever allusive yet having a friend
and as the images crystallise new
and imaginative--much like images
and nonetheless--inversion swims.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


saharan arctic circus reflecting:
let my people go, and spires--all
around ringing--inflect with juv-
enilia and sympathetic lists.. an
olden & half-remembered mythology

that's wait more like folklore or
kept to oneself revolves emitting
blanketing reports that shuddered
to think of the silver service: o
taleteller sit simple in the mid-

dle of the earth, which is parod-
ically paradoxical and can't have
been shamed with the fist-crushed
glass and all of our potent stems
and seeds, scattered, like babel;

relentless kisser slighting above
the dark settlement that twisting
substrate that penny on the pound
rebuffed once too often, which is
to say that offering can lead you

to rebuke-- i've got matter in my
eyes, dandelo il miglior fabbro &
crystalline sugars whitened teeth
like judaist milk, i need a world
full of law: perfect, permanent &

immaterial! as easy as can be too
lifted language who can see who's
got matter in my eyes? anyway the
smoke is fragrant and symbolist &
a little while spent dreamt lara.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


elevator rotoscope belonging rare
indulgence, non-linear and equal-
ly anarrative: symbol speak sooth
shakings that rise from the north
and its interior rays, like olden

times i absolutely beg of you-- a
mark in the stitch and these com-
binations streak like undone dec-
adents moved through the linguist
declarative glow.. however it may

and cruel, april and intelligence
plattered with cyclic redundanci-
es and unintuitive plans: delight
became delirium, i can hold these
ideas in my energies, duplicated;

i'd rather think about high love,
nodded discretionary inspections:
seems the material walked head up
and chest out like we had nothing
to hide, but more often more rec-

ently seems nothing.. when i dine
at a restaurant, the "no sharing"
signs speak volumes, and do their
brilliantine fervor smack in fut-
ure like the pride of being water

or whatever it really is-- privi-
lege, content, foreign sign lang-
uage, i'm not necessarily americ-
an: not all the time! are you in-
dian, too? primarily challenging.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


bust pursing schism-and-the-lips,
pseudopolis yardie hidden teacher
and black electric dragon stymied
the silly, equatorial paper: news
moves you truly, luka, like these

megazines & glance over shoulder,
by god give me the injection! now
or better yet yesterday it's get-
ting perfectly angular or perhaps
cut and dried-- articles are bas-

ically cheating, if you've got at
least one face on your head, how-
ever perpetual the mirror bleeded
dissidence and utter premonition:
pianos equidistant from parallel;

and i skipped a beat! crime pays,
daughter of the exceptional union
and boxcars, candle-wished breaks
crumple like a folding hand, now,
i didn't exactly mean it like el-

iot, though i thought i could see
where he was coming from-- what's
more is enough to eat your brains
if you kept your receipt, and yes
it's that easy! anyway, what were

you getting at before you were so
rudely interrupted? i would never
answer questions, if i were you..
not if they're posed by a factory
or a small but insistent machine.

Friday, June 29, 2018


unprotection martyrous introspect
had began with a bark and a sign:
not making images, precisely, but
how to do things with words.. and
musculature sculpts, synergy open

on the altar and the alarms: say-
ing punking ardour and many mazzy
trees, like the floodgates opened
and together there three stand my
trinitarians & to be or not to be

crouchers, which--couched in vial
rhetoric--are scrambled like air-
waves & other inheritances due to
the offspring & progeny of dedic-
ation, musique concrète directed;

somewhere it's going to make sen-
sation resplendent in reflection,
alternate cymbal and snare pounds
that are always kept in the spare
till.. my face is spare, too also

square: divided against itself it
cannot but be derivative, however
immersion, composition, and inno-
cence are here, they are here-- a
walk in the sounds, pushes itself

bikewise and colours the textures
of a receiver-pattern, turn these
telephones off and don't mutilate
me: but on the other hand, please
remember & i am he as you are we.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


giver and magnanimities are snow-
falling into the wind with no sun
and earthless behind stifled sus-
tainer that blends and strums-- i
take my head in my hands, and all

the while kate has got my soul in
some kind of imaginatively griev-
ing euphoria: yes, it's like that
now: buildings cracked through to
the underground or weeping sister

my bloodied ichor remnants purist
but iconic mirrors reverberations
of the name you never told anyone
and that rests gently sleeping in
every series that we both played;

every so often i stop and i'm un-
able to countenance the fair even
blush that teases the creek, hold
open such l'effrontée swollen and
pushing secretive legerdemain you

safe warning-shot woman.. of bold
and alternating metempsychoses of
redeemer shouted-out mount marble
and wit that the enchanter offers
pulling faces, laughing, "you can

sit in between the seas, and want
to bathe," and then i fall apart:
we've been busied with the fallow
ground meanwhile the fore is mag-
netically dolorous & appropriate.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


oh if there was nothing other the
girls cascading like the futurist
plan making me plain, plan making
me plain so adventurous the lang-
uors of angels' anatomy added: do

fill the palm with inordinate the
strictures of stressed syllables,
oh damn the purely holy love that
seethes the tea & skins the teeth
just so, just so, just so, leesa:

all i'd ever said & the only word
i've ever known is "love," finder
into flinders spooning the safest
snow that fills the house with an
obviously round-strung frequency;

you ask me, "have you turned this
corner, finally, my beast?" and i
look at you with the nineties and
nothing else are you really myst-
erious or are you sincere, hoping

to be taken in hand? no fuck that
actually taken in hand, unitalic-
ised letters that spell the ever-
lasting honour that rose from her
throat quiet as you please but an

atomical sunburst that appellati-
on which turned on, tuned in, and
dropped out before such thought'd
been thought before: given it's a
prism i expect you to blow glass.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


money for nothing money for truth
windscreen shattering like a lean
into the obsolete planck-- busied
with obscene power & wealth, hats
off to the black iron prison sun-

flowers notwithstanding & rattled
snaking impetus that understands,
offering me visions of colour un-
derstated and also purely maximum
connecting system.. bloody my eye

and boxes stacked up the stairs a
look that falls astray with stars
whirling mirroring & broadcasters
reposing within the palm of hands
o lord you've been so good to us;

activities in the doors & monitor
militant with the secure proposal
of professorship--and angelhood--
however it feels to regress simp-
le, supple, and sublime such that

the world will wait-- shell-shock
vibration skins the apple like my
fairest witch and all around this
sentence there are punctuations..
also space is goal-oriented, tak-

en to task the recalcitrant brick
that was thrown at your face, but
is it any wonder? and did we ever
back down? if i fall, you help me
up, and i just sit in the corner.

Monday, June 4, 2018


percussive, integral blast having
shook the back teeth, sleeves cut
and debts forgiven by the weeping
policemen, there are chemicals in
which one can see all prospective

futures! so much for the heroisms
of the march into frozen wastes &
the temple homelessness, i'd lost
my voice that morning but i learn
to be glad that i can still see &

strengthen the things that remain
however multiplex, or sheer! them
the mazzy stars that scintillated
hopelessly brushed from the vert-
ex: like girls stilted at school;

how can i begin proving myself we
aren't of the downset mouth & its
mississippi with all the liquors?
like i could really care: eli eli
and katerina balanced restorative

and nimble, as in wit-- televisi-
ons owned by the people who'd got
messages to send, stood so slight
and open with hands to praise by,
and letters that were etched with

historical imagination, let's not
even mention style! flair settler
momentary with the whiplash creak
that results from moving your ten
bones: i'm so impressed i'm flat.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


to display the brazen misericord-
ia she turned off the glaring sun
overhead and all-around and ended
the debate: as if all my gathered
successes or demonstrations taken

together began and continued in a
cipher, and i was gladly ruddied,
gladly ruddy to have been punched
in the face by her big inimitable
style, and she smiled.. but slow-

ing and slipping the narrative we
are somewhere entirely fearful we
chew gum and speak to one another
in epithets that--summed up--seem
to signify less than ever before;

the self is a myth sometimes, but
i like to exercise my gaze-- life
is a myth, too, but one with more
of a moral than that, like, catch
the creation: of faerie, idiotic-

al heroisms, all that stuff comb-
ined moves the lineage northwards
with a cruel window onto the old-
en word and strength, best end it
all and never speak of it again..

but here we still are! victorious
again and built from the chaos to
self-destruct: stylishly, honest-
ly unashamed, innocent & massive,
or at the very least intentional.

Monday, May 14, 2018


contour regard lifting splaying &
the five fingers, contrary stance
waving like icol diston, plugging
it in and switched-on so the eyes
have got illumined and the stitch

in time saves nine-- just revolve
enough that the rhythm alternates
with my mood or if the comet mel-
odies paved the unchanging tao to
five or more elements, cubofuture

relaxed and prone for this rondo,
quintetted and unexplained: walk-
ing requires fire, sincere charm-
er blotting the signature, wildly
keen and important to hold on to;

bedsit satori invocational mirror
disperses gloom and promised luck
with the wind caressing your face
beauty unbeholden to the traditi-
ons and empire.. all of this made

me settle in the furrows, alarmed
like the earth's own sense of its
dishonourable discharge, and what
exactly is there to fight for any
way? if alone or excited it's the

miserable shame that convinced me
to practise ineffable bliss, also
to preach healing peace, and what
remains beyond these can't really
interest me because i'm gleaming.

Saturday, May 5, 2018


cut-up anthology overliving dream
issuer: have you got your license
and do you know how to coast? all
the walls close in and the plates
are spun sugar, and the illumined

foreground is much too bright and
she has to shield her eyes! as if
on the morning of all mornings he
was stupid, disappointing me like
the first few years of university

the way of the exploding thorns &
other shrapnel that originated in
the amnesia of living things, ask
me some time whether you've got a
soul or a chance, yet i'm stolen;

interrupted the purchase of fire,
memorable current: like blueberry
wine and skin much too bright and
i have to shield my eyes, sunstep
sister sufferer for whom i've be-

en working to change the energies
and also the vertigo, the book is
thick and heavy--may some day you
will read it--but it isn't even a
weapon: and the word is not armed

in defence of anything, including
love, which we could consider un-
fortunate but the fact's that our
symbolist future can move forward
at a rate 'til now unanticipated.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


to you the submersible, summering
in the innocence of an honest age
fight yourself gracefully, having
disarmed yourself beforehand: the
keyspan and levitical foreshadows

offer loud yet glorious hosannas,
trees agreeing with their roots &
their water moves me aspected ten
years from now with more studious
memories & entirely gorgeous sil-

ver daedalean and useful, whisper
them ushering in the good of pure
intent that results invariably in
intellectual genesis, oh & before
you forget, we are never ashamed;

image hosted and unbetrayable ode
to whatever makes magic as if for
example the libraries uninvadable
and always open: slow timestretch
that erected the story on tenuous

ideals slurring the fraternal his
rapidly moving eye, the stuttered
sermon to allure deaf to unbelief
served to stimulate and uncritic-
ally oppose-- something moves ov-

er the waters like a peace or ev-
en a walking monument to tranquil
repose, the words are redundanted
before we can write them down: an
adumbration of eternal ecstasies.


craving dissatisfied blown candle
sad here, lady sad listening sewn
mindfulnesses & the well-dressing
follower (in fall) didn't answer,
my sire-in-arms, my siren.. verse

in difficult fourth title singing
the french with the words meaning
softened winter which isn't cold:
automatism gets awfully dreadful,
when the queen removes her stones

and all the cycles renewed virtu-
ally christian o pilgrim accepted
lights outside the view and wrote
such songs, christmas comes fully
in the morning, so don't wait up;

irretrievable portraiture anxiety
of influences circling tractatus,
thanatos political exuberance and
antoine de saint-exupéry.. cities
that shade the buildings, somnol-

ent insisting "don't teach me any
lies" & debating it, whether lies
can be taught, or only discarded:
quiet quotes that corrupt the new
holiness of a private life, burst

forth with the wishes of learning
to be public and dramatical, girl
on the shimmering depth of animal
reversal--and irony--to contrain-
dicate that hegemonical humanity.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


memoried begotten, updrift hidden
hand-into-fist dubbing unforgiven
abstract marriable lineage polite
eraserist rhythm & blues funk and
jazz two-tissue kisstatistics ec-

static meteor psyche and our cup-
ids striking the metallic rubbing
face to keep cold, smoked to stay
warm and literally agog with pun-
itive rubric scoring you & making

you merchandise extremely curious
to've learnt and meaned: gleeful-
ly gilded the blade, removing the
sharp points and dulling overall,
for the benefit of the fragilist;

talk that unspoken symbol & break
the chain from between my eyes, i
am so sleepless and impenetrable:
limbed limned waking reeded gosp-
el oak emanating evergowned psalm

fluid that means what you need, o
as if rotating suspended by cords
that point from the outlet to the
vertex in the minimal secret cen-
tre of communal genesis made real

with feeling, speech exploded and
cerebral that danced on the whims
of mastered matter converting the
stillwept winding, warp, and woof
i've ever burnt a candle for you.


exotical spinstress whom's moving
over the landscape, upside downed
verbiage cover me gently & settle
the cliché electrotype magicks're
made to throttle the poison with-

out of the body, just in tribute:
she did and was, or maybe the zoo
was in need of a professional for
a while, bullfighting is bullshit
said old bull lee, skirts twirled

and lassoing the wild, olden west
into shapes, stars, spangling ev-
ery insidious thought-- breakbeat
choice cardboarded a midst within
the central and shining showtime;

maths can't be ugly, can they? we
were inclined to ask, indifferent
like the path had been swept over
and over again: with the besom of
destruction, tuning plucked notes

twinned accelerator innerspeakers
that blare and bust out the rare,
and i still haven't tattooed skin
or cut anything.. if i was a part
of civilisation for a while, just

loitering around the endpapers of
hysterical history, would i joyce
or woolf? and i can begin to even
expect the dazzling starscrapered
night, that's sedative as indica.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


there's a thin moonrise coming up
over the blackened california sky
or: the milk of animal humanities
is inscribed inside the books and
the library is closed on sundays,

political liquid pooling fragrant
from everlasting unto everlasting
and pacific, libertine synthesis:
all i've really seen is luxuriant
like maths homework that we carry

on the king kong centuries, withs
and cradled millennium that their
sprays nurture carnatical & clas-
sic, moving beeping streeting and
electronic with the sweet relief;

the girl in the picture was scorn
and vitiate, it suffers with this
longing that sustains the heavens
with their whitened darknesses, i
thread the needle and flee from a

messianical and orgiastical theo-
ry: which covers up the limbs all
over the sleeping beauty, scratch
cueball logic that moves us magic
like a cardboard box, doubled the

bass and trappistry kit, cooldown
the bible to wit, jazzing guitars
and beat poetry which run wild on
the turnpike and into the future,
just got the facts & recombining.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


as in an empyrean nirvana, glance
on the skin within beautiful, ad-
dictive, and enigmatic: yet lover
safety and security that moves up
like the hope of long fingers ode

currency that feels sensible.. we
are a freeway, so unpoisonable or
unimprisoned and protracting this
settlement by looping the conson-
ant, average piquancy court spark

and heaven referred to in the re-
flection of the room in raindrops
or perhaps i should put me paral-
lel and untilted, yet mathematic-
ally equidistant to surroundings;

you were waiting for somewhat i'd
absorbed before birth, perhaps my
name and its manifold resplenden-
cies, and i don't exist sometimes
through the piano into the hidden

door and followed from the garden
to the book-- it does make sense,
i accept, but is also divided the
way a flower's petals part to of-
fer pollen: scientifically facted

and hugging the bedclothes like a
baby bear, toys & music rippling,
rippling across the ages innocent
and shuffle the deck, pick a card
and i'll promise to play, honest.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


millionfelt, folded honey into my
features, on my face, and becomer
waving oceanspray that intoxicat-
es and is really loud and quiet--
it is so enthralling: to approach

the throne wherewithal intact, an
opening that invites confessional
librettos and octaves you shaking
like the tree, at dark hours of a
sunny day.. but what i want shown

true is that it's so sensual to &
that we absorb scintillating this
astrological schedule with an eye
always to the uplift or even mak-
ing miniature renaissances, free;

ascendants dancing wheels & fires
on the plaited braided grass that
offers scents like homefulness as
the belly is properly round & our
intellect perks at the slightest:

did you know that i love you just
as you are? and that--sometimes--
i need you to create me? unlocked
and hiding without guile.. martha
kincaid singsonging swinging soft

to herself as if we had never be-
en beaten, it's not a game but it
does tend to last forever & again
half as long, summers cutting our
hair and we laugh & grow it back.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


shakey sunrise soothing the peace
into the musculature of statuette
lives unaccountable in a mysteri-
ous vertigo moving through leaves
and obelisked into retroactivity,

begins anew each lifespan eyes to
have been measured: lopey rhythms
mimic the names of half a hundred
deep, rotating portraits, and our
hair is long, so pretty that open

the house to visitors and soon we
have got a benevolent coven.. saw
politic signature, it isn't real-
ly that abstract but blow out the
candle and the flame will follow;

right now there's something out &
about the unspoken, and lettering
with careful expertise automatic-
al surf irradiates the fragrances
of past lives (and future!) in my

birth place where i was born-- if
lustre is born there, too, a sigh
will settle booklength, widthwise
upon the homemade tongue most oft
spoken into the souls of innocent

and trustworthy friends who glad-
ly gather on the grasses of green
fields of foreverland, and cannot
pause in the beautiful work we do
and honestly, it's not necessary.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


some of the little girls are such
that they're frighteningly high--
vertigo implicit in the nighttime
of duke and genesis, olden novels
that tell you all about it: ocean

breaking for its own pleasure be-
cause we don't believe in nothing
or, perhaps steeping teas in liq-
uor that doesn't intoxicate, like
giving a lucky penny to a network

for the sheer, redemptive jive of
it.. maybe you didn't acknowledge
the cliffs, the chrysalises, even
the gentle vulgarity that circul-
ated before you were born & good;

saline the selenium and sere ser-
enities of running up that hill &
cloudbusting, to borrow some salt
from the reverend and personified
identity of nature pushes butter-

fly kisses upon you, pressing the
blush on the skin that denies our
exchange values (because couldn't
you accept the objective fact the
body is holy and so are the memb-

ers?) and the energy moves nerve-
neverendings that are too import-
ant to mince words over: say what
your soul sings to you, then, are
looming and shuttled, iceblinked.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


abracadabrist accompanied by luck
that spins away from the solitary
hand, unaddressed and unsent, and
no one understands you sometimes,
but i'm found in the fountain yes

the dry/wet fountain of youth and
everything in between: comb filt-
ered timestretch that speaks real
invisible razoring gasp which has
a name, in the projects which are

called "the ghetto.." emotionally
self-flagellating but somehow al-
so stoic, listening for something
that remains elusive and passive,
like a bunch of time had elapsed;

virtuosity is worth commenting on
i want to feel the change consume
me playing a show for your enter-
tainment and bringing bad reviews
accomplishes some kind of syntac-

tical error and i can't even see:
dervished the deaf-and-dumb dance
whom's not a tenured professor, a
spoonerist man, or has been educ-
ated at oxbridge-- would i be ly-

ing to you i told you i loved it?
no one could understand that, but
i can, and i'm working to move it
over the border line, long enough
to trip over this wires & energy.

Monday, March 19, 2018


animal detective, you're so cagey
that your somersaults land you in
hot water all the time, and i can
help you put your puzzle together
once in a while-- does anyone yet

decipher the continuity of a per-
petual present? undeconstructible
but post-derridean, oh i make my-
self laugh and hopefully everyone
else, too! because laughter comes

from where one is safe from harm,
also where one's been eating his/
her wheaties, or other parentally
approved indivisible medicine she
designed one day to get you high;

boo to the business world, gianna
on a pedestal & disseminating ice
like creation steppering, laws on
loan from the pedestrians who all
need someone to think for you but

i'm the same.. i could start put-
ting little autobiographies space
boring burn that you can't intend
with water or even dope, blackest
and strongest, or wite-out stamp-

ed with substance that obliviates
the nuclear family and keeps fev-
er mirrored freeing & felt primi-
tive painting with such the voice
that is not proud even prettiest.


rinse-out, organ, and vocalisms
experimenting with this plastic
to read between the lines, what
you'll often find there's white
and that's ambivalent, like the

colour of pomegranates, nothing
in the aesthetics-- it's incum-
bent to bend logic, much like a
rod or a serpent: left like let
the woman shine, whose shine we

appreciate for its urbanity and
profound.. ezra profound, utter
precocity and waste verbiage to
predict and defend, to alliter-
ate and paragraph, intuitively;

it thought it wasn't generating
any sound--or noise--but honest
to god it was midnight in amer-
ica, hardcore ravers illustrate
or america cuts itself off from

us: you work for me, but i'm an
easy employer, but i won't give
you money, and aren't you glad?
the burden of indestructibility
counterpointing the door closed

and virginia eliza clemm poe: i
against i, paired, twinning the
upshock over and above illiter-
ate words that begin by letters
& from there begin to collapse.

Friday, March 16, 2018


i have, and drop on the ceiling
the french that speaks to every
little modernist like arson, or
maybe this season is copyright-
ed & the coping is studded like

someone decides we've no longer
got the right to do whatsoever:
throughly uninteresting psychi-
atry geriatric and genuflection
with the absent cause gossamer-

ing the gunshot, physician heal
thyself or here's an excuse for
misunderstanding, i told you we
deal in dread and not absolutes
but my heart's contraindicated;

saw circumferential logic lock-
ed against the creeping death i
listened to in adolescence, and
appalled by the stopping coach:
emily, virginia, laetitia, mary

strengthen my failing eyesight,
and when i am suffocated silent
the joke's on you because we've
got words, humour undeprecating
and scintillated by liberty and

decadentism.. when i woke up in
the night-time, i got out of my
bed to feed myself and tend the
elements and i told you secrets
that touched upon spirituality.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


command prompt unscheduled real
hardening scatterplot, that re-
sists and bangs its fists as if
insisting that he sees ghost no
gunfighters: the temptations to

explain roll away the tided and
spelling techniques gifted like
the organisation of tremendous-
ly angel.. the prose is so mag-
nanimous, and the tension won't

hold long enough to power on my
book of foreign sunshine, you'd
been brow-beaten and plagiaris-
ed, and it was always fresh, be
and do and slide witness, holy;

vocabulary is power or sometime
legendary master and mistress &
house overwhelming in the rural
and sometimes the suburban: yes
i don't spell, don't spill, but

trying to contain, washing back
the tears simply said righteous
stretching integument that heal
us o father! will bless forever
like a benevolution.. lord it's

so hard, renewed commitment you
policed the regime and what was
it after all worth? just to af-
fray and diffuse leninist truth
that resolves itself into life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


sunsetter of acrobatical tongue
appearing for a limited time in
the large and great shock show,
easily boasting the junior life
that revolves around the varied

self-disciplines that all state
how we are at liberty and free:
the girl is safe at home, as in
no one can coerce or despair, a
consuming fire and a conquering

lion in the atmosphere of night
like stars that combust, gener-
ating the absence of colour but
the immanence of reificationist
rhythms, which are good & real;

yes it's pleasant to watch hour
after hour and sometimes before
scattering their rays across my
floor four walls and roof, how-
ever many languages express run

into the resulting testaments..
hundred thousand million and so
on, profession is walking lover
unashamed water over the signal
that comprises so much pronoun-

ed matter or s'il vous plaît to
roll on like a duophony, logic-
makers and their schemes graph-
ed with the rouge chalk of glad
graspings & grinning agreeably.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


can't, stop talking long enough
to pour in oil and wine, topped
him with turned tables, burning
the planned obsolescence of the
nightmare, and you can't.. what

were you covered in? and did an
alive link striate, suffocating
the inorganic chemistry trailed
behind us, like rose petals the
floor of a church at a wedding?

i'm careful when i look into my
mirrorshades resting upon some-
one else's face, as they're on-
ly another me, but i also don't
really want anyone to stare at;

actually, it's omnibenevolent..
the tattoo has its own, sinuous
rhythm in the biology: mistaken
for decades and only towards an
imminent knowledge discovers he

the pianist, gothical intellig-
ence that buoys up and supports
the big other, he who has among
other things been implicit, in-
tuitive, and insular, but there

comes an era of outward propul-
sion and confessing: the spirit
looked around, literally seeing
everything in its everlasting--
now true--condition & gestured.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


musical or palm-muted electric-
ity, stunner of skies that bent
the brave amidst millimillenary
or the surf burst against curve
like the druggy & dadaist maker

of all worlds, like a tree that
grows upside down and we chant-
ed around it, clambering within
its roots-- i'm amnesic tonight
and cannot sleep: much more the

matrix and arrays of good less-
on but premystical afterthought
carries over into the wake like
our love, symbolical signalling
that smacks you like spangling;

barely literate in their future
that was pushed and extending a
limb to pull us up into safety,
in the future there're no ills:
wounded with the postmodern new

sincerity and i'm not sure this
says anything other than please
being nurtured with the pinks &
birds.. perhaps i'll leap with-
al my newly strengthened ankle-

bones, and shout proudly prais-
ing, though maybe i'll sink in-
to a hot bath that's temperate,
anyway, and remember things i'd
forgot, like the names of suns.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


lemony, headed put forth like a
sonic boom.. picked up where it
had been left off often and you
climb into the cab and away you
go, the range disappearing like

intuition and all the waterfall
accumulated inarticulate: could
walk further within the temper-
atures and raise a flag to warn
us, sliding.. entirely electro,

early risers setting the stage:
however an old woman has always
at least no alternative, choice
being decided upon as necessar-
y and amorous in night's march;

witched as if seen from a dizzy
height and the constituents are
displayed on screens which were
planes before they'd been infra
like the roughed-up face bless-

ing its many teeth and skin: we
animate everything, and we have
always been really good at it..
scribbling words in books, may-
be even sentences, to borrow an

image from a mistress-- are you
overwhelmed and cartwheeling as
if you'd been overheard & care-
worn by the drums of death? yet
i have to interpret it as life.

Monday, February 26, 2018


the schism of ultra-metaphoric-
alist lacan & reemerging blaise
painted the town invisible like
wind that's not made of water..
it's a glitch arcade, referring

to itself in the first person &
hanged phosphene physics with a
hand in the indian ocean simul-
taneously resonates filler yel-
low filter sketching gates, yes

to all the questions didn't de-
ny and summer fever like trees,
beginning to end polling samson
the found installation scatter-
ed this coca, cola, and coffee;

divisor you are pretty and per-
fectly coiffed: coffin rest par
excellence coming up to the sun
incinerating idiom, oh match me
pattern, tribune and i'm steep-

ing like pyramidions negative &
landed owner pushed the vietnam
over the loudspeaker, political
geometry is also known as being
and time.. never stop, just say

these true words to me forever:
if it's made to order, then why
isn't it orderly? and--stacking
the puns like so--why does that
sunset discipline us religious.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


the rolling and thundering con-
gruent with concord, course our
initiation scored like tighten-
ing the logic of availabilities
and the background, the history

waves hello with an optimistic-
al smile that precedes existent
essence, a chemical is bursting
to be born in the body and also
its brain: did you ever begin a

flight and then think perhaps i
am being dreamt? all wet cover-
ed over in nontoxic paint which
was applied with fingers.. also
trumpeting announcement beside;

it's easy to love: this is that
insistence that knock-kneed and
opening lives in the rooted and
praises being irresponsibly be-
cause there is no blame that we

can have, and yet there is this
urge to overstandingly outsmart
the baddened eternal: which got
out of bed & looked around say-
ing, "well, i'll be," and every

heart understands that the more
& more abstractive has the less
and less instruction, or other-
wise, "the faster we go, is the
rounder we get," sleep's maxim.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


no kicking, two are more honest
than loads of birds: one sight-
ed with jovial merchandise, ir-
radiated the musculature you're
going to use next, because i'll

be honest with you: i'm not go-
ing to defend myself--or anyone
else--but i feel like i should,
and it's making me ill.. symbol
tired needing an injected thea-

trical bliss, chewed-on cheek &
the enormous pleading which re-
sults in community, you may not
care, hear, feel, or see or any
of these, but that's my career;

plain paper bag, knocking order
insists with totally obliviated
slicks and caricature, career &
pastime-- full-throated erasure
that fastens itself to a moment

that might last forever! epist-
le to myself but we can discuss
it, oh you, centuries of dusted
furniture that nonetheless vib-
rates like the energy subsisted

long enough to form a man and a
woman and their one true child:
what a wild adventure that ever
after has an happy ending, less
of the recuperation & more joy.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


triangular panegyric that seed-
ed the fey, sleepy boundaries..
maybe try something different a
time or two? as-is pocketful of
iron pyrite that gazes, applied

with a brush and maybe stacking
snares-- no-one home bemused as
a brilliant rush of relativity,
it's a trick, see? so internal-
ly pure and awarded letter like

the spartan flighted emmy & hu-
go, a merely unpronounceable qi
that gusts like solid cold wind
and settles, dusking quartered,
into the laughter and applause;

axiomatisation is surely possi-
ble if you ask me: and i didn't
want to wake to the kiss of the
spider woman, but--upon reading
enough books--one tends to fall

a bit faster, proving.. what? i
rhymed, bubbling over the safe-
ty and its implications, but do
you know what i learned? i felt
my muscles moving northeastern,

as if if i kept on walking some
day i would have alchemised the
pocketful into something like a
windfall: oh, it was redoubling
all the time that i was silent.

Friday, February 16, 2018


why talk about music, anyway? a
book full of sheets to the wind
and hymnlike strains repeating,
the fluid is nice.. chopping up
my body to put it on a page can

get tedious if i'm made of any-
thing less luminous: high-grade
low spark, hacking like a spade
and breaking up fallow ground--
technically, nothing is memora-

ble or past-tense, as if flames
were wrapped around you like so
many swaddling sheets, and may-
be you call yourself a genius &
you're always right, sometimes;

anyway the repetitive nature of
prescription covers up the vib-
ration like israel and acoustic
clarity, i can say "anyway" and
mean it because i've treaded an

absolute & infinite eternity of
paths recursively, occasionally
and it's really good! headacher
minstrel won't let me hold this
instrument, and in responsibil-

ity i plan out series of themes
that can be held in the hands..
frames upon samplers with money
changing faces, you had to walk
so hard that you bled, goodbye.

Monday, February 12, 2018


presupervisual suppositions and
blockheaded nonsense floating a
deconstruction into the wheels,
they tend to ride on despite an
opposition & you've got me, the

girl is so good: so spoonerised
that she eyes in her stars, big
shaolin rave subbassed and hard
like the rock within the pipe--
downspouted dissatisfaction she

blends with the occult methodo-
logy to make retroactive calcu-
lus adhere to the poi and spin-
ning fire of maximal exertion &
disinhibited sleep, eulogising;

oh come over, come down lulling
the dulled shoeblade it doesn't
matter what it means anymore, a
voice that intimates stimulants
shredding sixty-fourth notes o-

pen the ground of lilting skip-
ping silver, instructions carry
texts and dead sea: killer, who
are you to walk into my bedroom
and disturb my panopticon? have

tryst and dada film, unspooling
unspoilt spilt split cataclysms
and redundant and vibrato video
that holds just such as a cent-
ury of diminishing information.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


reduction, confronted the green
vista of highwaymen, thieves we
stole into the interstate comb-
ing the floors of rivers & sit-
ted the throne upright in situ-

ationist demolish serious cult-
ure: break my sternum with that
colourable and precious lolling
around the park days that you'd
done, not trying to be feminist

or politically correct, or even
a person of colour: but i'd got
my own palette nonetheless, can
subside into the bath simmering
with salt & bas-relief octaves;

whatever this is it can hold no
sway over us, anymore-- drinker
of chalk and reviewer of books,
metropolitan in the expanse the
moving sidewalk pencilled in to

illustrate and redefine a spur-
ious lack that tells the entire
story of my childhood and later
adolescence and subsequent mat-
urity-- whatever this is it can

fuck right off, in my opinion &
the modes are cliché, the woman
bowed out before the third act,
and the psychiatrist is student
to the child: dreadful agonies.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


so the lapping started to drip,
however you please me walker of
trees and their shells, worlded
and undone like the shambling &
shoegazing young team, utterly,

real, and hallucinating: do not
remember this right now, howev-
er you're bulbed.. writhing mad
with palimpsest of nativity and
irredeemable coup de grace, yes

it is steel, yes it is bendable
with the wind and loft for thus
hidden sneaking laughter in the
environment coloured like ashes
that have been painted, yellow;

the tenor of the language broke
the sexed impetus of classical:
history, and--everafter--musing
upon the reflection in the deep
pool of mnemosyne came up talk-

ing one morning like that reli-
able sun: we would be surprised
and dissected if the hollow and
roughing thieves' settled with-
in the eye of the storm because

some things have to make sense,
it's just that way.. but depend
on whom you ask, and be careful
what you wish-- all my long day
i've been flowed certain water.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


precursive babble & magic sword
that utters urdu glossolalia my
mind tends to shatter with this
sword in my mind, imagination &
entirely black playing cards we

might've put between the spokes
of a bicycle in adult sceneries
that revolved around a cemetery
and electrocution-- candour and
armor and l'amour fou, intelli-

gent refusal leaking informati-
on into the main street stream:
it's almost as though your eyes
were flowing, and we're well a-
ware that it didn't mean aught;

a mellow decade that got turned
inside out by the slipstream of
the popular detection & vulgar-
ity that impels it is summaris-
ed in the beach read, the novel

with the millennial cover which
was grandly exhibitionist: each
world's fair pretends to invent
a future, and inside the future
is the nihilist impulse towards

she loves me, she loves me not:
honestly, their weapons, secret
societies, and farcical gnostic
public houses sound better with
a little light let in, maestre.

Monday, January 22, 2018


supersaw penetrant, participated
and came home come over with the
sick and seesawing orbitals made
of arbitration, echoed drill our
harmony, test the waters as many

as there are, simple television-
ist epideictic that slums within
the flowers of maddening, rattl-
ed video-- this doesn't comprom-
ise and isn't bended or shaked..

highway opening to the pineal my
medicines and machinery: punched
in the poetry, catch-phrase com-
edy, drummed on the pillows hav-
ing swallowed the lilies & fire;

the leader looked to the elevat-
ed train hoping against time she
could lay the rails upwards, ev-
en sideways across the bleak and
forbidding, occult civilisations

escaping the reduction of irrel-
evant paper trails and shocking-
ly succeeded & the results were:
politely traveling unauthorised-
ly and ill advice, take 2 of the

most essential elements, what is
matter made of? and does it mat-
ter? steeped the amber until, as
it was crumpled like a business-
man, it suited us.. oh, flowing.

Monday, January 15, 2018


you put the brakes down, church-
es comprised of gifts-- more the
embossed, transparent filigree &
more the wine-dark sea, moth our
mother of invisible cities taken

from the italian, with regret no
where to be found yet tongue yes
in cheek.. building and refining
the water to stand upon could've
walked yet found it standard yet

to remain stood, high colour the
cheek and offered: generation an
impediment to the speech, o, let
the deliverer run and work play-
ing whatsoever games, also free;

industrial skidding my blown-op-
en operation that was surviving,
though illegal-- lasers and this
night which moves out on stilts,
careering with the drunkennesses

implicit in the darkness of day:
life isn't treating me any cert-
ain way, because it's not anthro
and can not.. the interventional
station tipped like a hand, over

simile verisimilitude, reverdant
and reverend child who opened an
avenue for the disseminations of
ideas such as, mass production &
weight propagation, proudly fat.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


too audacious to accomplish this
novel, blue-tinged snow that ran
down the history of, oh if you'd
listened you'd've conquered like
the lion and riddled the sphinx:

so tall, so tall.. magnificented
perusal and refusing and bound..
answering sire with crown scept-
re and throne, leaving for seas-
ons that struck the senseless as

plain and unnumbered as schooled
and rearranged: you'd really al-
ready got heaven, and as much as
you tend to rhyme, we're binding
our efforts together to display;

narrator who is thin, yet plump,
and so eager to eat a peach how-
beit that we name our constella-
tions nightly hanged crescentist
with prescience and incredulity,

it seems so-- lettered and force
of ambivalent language which has
dropped and is now sat in my lap
oh lover who is worthy & redemp-
tive with the colouring, books i

read in braille, irrepentant to-
wards the privilege inhered with
the legacy of living: being made
in time earns me a chair in this
assembly, yet never godforsaken.

Friday, January 12, 2018


the magnetic start of the decade
that burns through the paper and
binding, as if left out behinded
and beheaded with the foam moved
heavy on the blue bells and exed

relations that poured into glass
resemble eyes.. oh my bird is an
one and only, like a child, like
a butterfly that flew away, from
the shack or the meetingplace or

the community center, the absent
ontology that substrated our new
and illustrious approach to pol-
itical science: give me liberty,
or give me death, sailor-swains;

the fruit that's fiona in dream-
ing together and moving forwards
with the tightspinned hypnogogia
that pitch the ark, pitch a ball
perhaps clockwise so caught-up &

defined by the circles around my
eyes, under them, blackening and
relevant to the study of girls--
literature and language are ine-
luctably for everyone, that's at

least something you can't deny &
i only want to swim, love, love,
swim, kind of like forever, mov-
ing my muscles major against the
current and living high enjoyer.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


i've spent my good singing mmend
and trisha the spangling star of
nearer my god to thee, three and
spoked the blanketing omniscient
thrum of magnetical dischord and

obvious skin, oh do let us go on
with your ambient, planetary the
skipped-rope hemp that burns in-
side the brazier, chalice my god
given gift of gentlemanly rever-

end and owing debt unto such the
bloat and sanguinary, resistings
against the urge to comment upon
the very schooled paradigm beset
with ringings and lordly glamor;

christ you know it ain't easy, a
building that sets itself ablaze
in order to demonstrate unto the
gladly pallid coming obstruction
that sets in the road, river and

rail that gave in and gives up &
built the building that--tasting
like cherries in winter--wineri-
ed itself ablaze with inflammat-
ion of alcohol, so dangerous the

magnetical distensions of modern
culture that seem to inhere into
alcoholism and nordical futurism
that reclaims the clans and will
burn this old mad house so down.