Sunday, February 12, 2017


automatic autumn whether i'm und-
er wraps or uncovered like the æ-
neid, so sad to part the seas the
way you did but mosaically it was
accomplished whereunto he sent it

and stuttering candle blown, glad
futurist grenade type awareness i
could not contain so i was wedded
and i hope i never have the shud-
dering stereoscopic images to de-

ny my maker and master-- who puts
the pants on in this family? does
she do it one leg at a time? what
does it mean to be answerable for
genetic engineering? i am unsure;

what i know is ashes in the fall,
i burnt it so i built it so i re-
discovered the pungent fragrances
and work-scarred soul: everything
around me is free, and what is my

law? thou shalt love the lord thy
god with all thy heart, soul, and
strength, and thou shalt love thy
neighbour as thyself, and i'm not
really so hard to get along with,

once you've disrobed me and punc-
tured my orb.. which is made of a
teardrop that involuntarily leak-
ed from a convoluted entity so it
isn't responsible for the malady.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


meanings occluded, the experiment
was dead on the ground, and all i
could see was hard house: like my
graceful, endemic encomia, wheth-
er for pandora or helen it was as

lovely as a thunderhead-- astoni-
ed like a man of olden times, the
ancient of dreams dispersing dust
to choke the lies out of lungs we
long abused, and that itself is a

lie of the utmost, because we are
not guilty of giving ourselves o-
ver to centuriocracy, o believer:
yea, allow your wavering faith to
soak into your bones & shredding;

hope is a generation, the albumen
of a little child's moistened eye
that looks for a hand and receiv-
ing a scorpion rather involves us
forever with the deplorable word:

i will not abide an evil for sake
of the good, and waterfalling god
through my heart will not stone..
how to perform that which is good
i find not, and beyond all this i

have to remain human! no excuses,
distortion and delay and phrasing
and visual plays that move us for
a while and which we do not forge
or forget we'll school ourselves.