Tuesday, April 30, 2019


impelliteri the busted-up shrouds
the hands, and alliterating hours
backing away conspiratorially the
celestine vertex holds the worlds
together, much like queen's milk:

wisener habituate us with harden-
ing euphoria, instantiating, that
structures bend & recapitulate to
an immured science ever so roman,
and predisposed to brutal justice

as well, as well as terrible mer-
cy, dawn, life out of time warred
its way to summit, council, other
colours that we now know were sad
and ineffectual in light of fact;

i've never wanted anything and so
i judge myself absent.. invocator
votive noctuary, crowning & stam-
mering, spilling the arpeggiating
anticipation precipitate and made

fuller in its uncontrollable glee
like a glass cavalcade that sorts
bright blood into the arteries of
a dark horror of night, later the
replenishing routine of daybreak,

and while she shelters slaughter-
ous hearts in her thought, and an
immunity blended with irradiance,
forever, blanches in the sunlight
sun & desert, a surfeit of water.

Monday, April 1, 2019


do you one better than earnesting
surplus, wartime shivers spine at
odds with the verse-chorus-verse,
but not the chorus: which arrives
in your own perspective like this

opening night-and-dawn (and feel-
ing, you are the authority who've
got acclimatised and moving celt-
ic/franco/gaul like the apostolic
monument of redemptive symphonies

compromised of pattern as well as
the shrikes) and opening surprise
the apocryphal scattered fluidity
that runs true through the palace
of hardcore punk, and later rave;

uttar pradesh, skin seaming steam
the mother, weaver, and we, begun
in unison the magician's music of
fretted infraharmonical neoteny..
hologram teen the blush, skipping

oh often several generations, the
dynamic disciple of futurability,
writing things in ink that summer
can't burn and won't even warm, a
castle, a lifetime's inventions..

all of these things can't & shall
not braid me farther, wiser, more
your lovingkindnesses replenished
the watering skies and scree that
sink yet revive and evolve plush.