Wednesday, September 21, 2016


beaucoup unmastered budding truth
beholden to a duo in its maserati
with the rain issuing forth, mist
and such as that, all the ecstat-
ic misericordia of alteration, by

and by: whispers of blown a wish-
es and my surreality is most oft-
en found in the refuge of social,
fastened, speedy freshmens talk--
legendary pictures of fisherwomen

and ice transliterated into music
for the edification of the illit-
erati, the amused-to-death stares
and sneakers plucked pizzicato to
slide into the acoustic spectrum;

life, to worry, liquid bluing our
whites for minimal-electronic ap-
erture which gives me an ideal to
shoot for, if not lunaristically:
being myself at all costs but re-

maining relaxed and respectful of
the rights of the roamers-- amer-
ica is mine and it owes me a liv-
ing, and such euphoriant nonsense
as ever impels olympian & fractal

inversion, making a table and ask
how it got in the suite anyway, a
romantic getaway and the car will
not start after the bank has been
robbed these are all good things.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


de l'alouette, john the revelator
and the imagining of roofless el-
evated sphere, i'm not doing this
for us, but i am doing it, anyway
so hush and don't fuss, schematic

of violin, trap kit with fretless
bass and a catchy number, one i'd
say advertises your figures-- the
rail is light, the light is unbe-
holden to the people who feel it,

colorless tasteless scared of may
be blowing it all in one place or
blowing it at all, i have to tell
you bigger and bigger stories, or
i toss and turn day in & day out;

ramshackle punter making a living
out of slips of the tongue: sawed
in half and mixed and rearranged,
so you can admit one and take the
heat off me for a while.. however

i want this to be beautiful, come
on strong with an owl in daylight
and hands stuffed full of wads of
cash money, current with the mer-
chant, and sane monkish guitarist

just doing it for the fun, out to
lunch, naked, and for a revolving
cast of dayglo industrialists and
eleven-four time, it just sprawls
by real slow & crime doesn't pay.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


maxi schematic controller who's a
paragon of silent introspection..
skitt'ring fullstop copilot whose
senses nevermore fail: theoretic-
ally, who could cooperate? thund-

ering inscription found relative-
ly eroded and late, hours passing
with the hoarfrost of humus, also
many years and limbs and this has
become your leader of renaissance

from new york to chelmsford again
back to paris, ever on the shift-
ing sands, and lifting the girl's
chin so she can look at startling
eyes, maserati and keen intently;

five o'clock shadow of a national
overthrowing invaders, who all've
prayed round the squared circle--
prepare to meet me by the vanish-
ing university, where the profes-

sors yield kindred, and so clean!
it's no less than a cooperational
bloodline, noble consequence that
is hereditary though these things
often skip, er, three generations

and must i go on? having been saw
square and sine for a month spelt
murmur and spine, repetitive, but
not moot, i'll make a scene if we
have to but i'd rather take root.


thriving arc, that tracers across
the radiant sky my miles and john
and abstracted, radioed-in decod-
ing strictures, with liberty, and
justice for all-- pizzicato pluck

flying that levitates one, that's
got us by the ovals & replenishes
itself with the emeralds of work:
angels' sustenance, a latticing &
scissor-cut slalom that's pink, i

find it so enticing.. buildings a
blind man cobbled together out of
scratch and kings', although this
signal is noisy albeit rosy: bent
circuit staggering forwards lean;

oh, to be inspirited, the bookish
won't tell you that trade secret,
anthroposophist illgotten against
the bluish brilliantine white our
home pushes downstairs into hands

ready to impetuously generate the
maneh of self-gratitude, and does
it ever grate! as if we were more
than a matched pair: something on
the order of heliosubsistence but

with all the benefits implicit in
being, i know this isn't strictly
beautiful but it's certainly bus-
iness.. cutting across statelines
to smuggle the truth, everywhere.