Tuesday, June 28, 2016


summering winter whose hair hang-
eth long and languorous, may thy-
self ever be delivered from cross
criticism and imperfections of my
own that hinder your equality-- a

not i, otherwise that strums me i
not a, steal more gifts and great
lord, this is merely a prayer.. o
unskilful in word, meager in deed
and megan and dylan, i confess to

myself the crimes that i couldn't
offer to anyone: words, rhythms &
palms that are not stigmatic, yet
nonetheless suffer stigma, and we
thank you alway alliterationally;

i crave the awesome power and the
concomitant demonstration.. whose
else is there really to speak? of
simplicities liven attentively, i
need another set of vowels to va-

cate my soul of sitting silent in
the midst of reinjouissance: king
of kings, lord of lords-- i want-
ed to negate my choices inversely
refusing to choose, but would not

presently fail to bleed, and true
is the saying that not the hearer
of the word only is justified but
the doer of it, magmatic formulae
and tremoloes that flower fourth.

Friday, June 24, 2016


process of elite flair that moves
me to contortion, a blond scatter
plot with all the visions intact,
won't scare and doesn't harm, but
by virtue of itself in fact humb-

les me to less/fewer, a reduction
that is far from the absurd while
incorporating some of its method:
rising skyward sky, ringing heav-
enbound winded angel with designs

upon encomium and compassion: the
drugs didn't work and neither did
i, yet i was left and bereaved, i
was announced and implored and in
offering platitudes, we rejoiced;

i could feel my weight and having
refused to rush, i pushed, making
the land that i stand on mine-- a
cyberneural mission completed: my
obvious return to the glory which

we had before the earth was, this
whereby i know i'm mine, flatten-
ing effects to straighten my sig-
il and hyperactivism that signals
progressive matrices of binaries:

are we in opposition? so am i.. a
plenitude & gracious mathematics,
that cannot affray, afford, none-
theless dispenses portions on the
worthy, so that suffering erodes.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


poiesis of gentle falconeering, a
build up to a peak that caresses,
inside an inner shell that encom-
passing gospel also alludes, milk
colded and flown all for the girl

with her hair hanging down withal
her tender, tired eyes, but hope-
ful eversprung and drinking these
inward and without sirens' calls,
that she may nonetheless sigh-- i

have no less of a lack of invisi-
bility, and can crack the core to
elision, madonna the proprietors'
hospitality and stroke such fires
as are deemed meet, or necessary;

reversion and intelligent debt, a
foresight to forbear and redouble
myself in pure, manifold varieti-
es, which are endless yet not un-
named-- which yield and grow unto

themselves devisitationally, this
great sorceress's plan and eagles
that flying pan am point north an
agility which can be held in your
hand, if you wish to strike south

with the wind: at your back, free
sun on face made for looking into
and feeling inwardly-- it is this
liberty which calls a soul out of
its cocoon into the silk vesture.


finch's surfer stiletto unanimity
and according to an holy mountain
range is extended to everyone re-
spectively-- retroactive virality
virile in the made man's darkened

improvisational sugars, we dunked
our heads in the water for a var-
iety of reasons, but paramount is
the test pattern: climber and un-
natural--yet familiar--brothers &

sisters, in the sense that they'd
been constructed by the means she
wore in her skin.. tattooed false
and true contiguous flesh that'll
bear a message gloriously, selah;

space stuff, the dimension of our
entrance and summering for twelve
ages by the measure of humanity--
cheap shot punchline: mellifluous
to the tongue with plenty of har-

monic, nocturnal synergy teaching
my mind and my mouth to accept an
albumen through the umbilical zen
of dreamers who march steeped be-
yond the sunrise and with courage

to match our convictions-- i have
been counted amongst that number,
before and i expect that the con-
clusion of the matter is the joys
of altruistical metal, sharpened.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


initiation to comedown, circus of
fifty years and the rubrics known
unto film, scored-- an ascending,
marked time to the tenor of bomb-
astic jungle and breaking forth i

called my own name, to see if you
could still spell, and the result
was fascinating beyond belief, my
self-will run riot upon my tiding
and phases to weather me with the

pleasure of islands in the centre
of the earth.. a big, blocked-out
trawl for juniper and lamentation
that doesn't end, does not, simp-
ly doesn't end, forevermore amen;

sticking planning, note to naomi:
i have given you your sobriquets,
and wish to allure you to the mad
and washing surf that rolls blind
into the sunset and as is suppos-

ed from there onto space-- could-
n't bask any farther than that or
dream ahead of myself for the six
virtues of nous and phenomena, in
other words saying how struggling

to keep from strangling on worn &
tired lace and wicker, i supplant
her offering with honey, dew, and
rosewater, so that i can find the
way from the labyrinth unscathed.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


put your coins on my eyes, holpen
in the future being brazen for my
furniture-- cells and railing, an
option to stick it to them awhile
over something like a magazine: a

running, ringing puncher with the
elevationist treble of the lowest
convolution and gang relation-- i
took my leave at the ninth hour &
could have taken it or left it to

be perfectly honest: cramped halo
mentality for the amorites, loved
with the authoritative glances of
glassed chucks and skywritten all
my illustrious, singsong sonnets;

go is the word, the game, and the
ending of a lot of vellum, march-
ing into october by the might she
dubs blazing into a night of mos-
aic gratitude, and ration-- know-

ing full well this won't be read:
not on the steps, not in the far-
away eyes, and not in the crowded
regency.. but made to pontificate
exquisite criminal regard to tech

and its teachings: i will not be-
come sure, i refuse to understand
your subtil craze until the visi-
on comes clean and colourful in a
mad twisting, obvious alteration.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


harpsichorean discoverer, hearken
wildly wise to the sorrowings she
masked with tigress' stripes, and
the threshers, which have worthi-
ed themselves unto the kingdom in

your christ parts: i have nothing
and desire less, thrown blossomed
title and archaeology of a forgot
vise, scripted in the forge those
angels alliterated, all for a man

and a woman, and their commands--
the bounced percussive reverbera-
tion that zeal alone accomplished
will ever efface the promontories
of our bethlehem and alexandrias;

crest coming on with city scapes,
fell in love with the innocence i
saw reflected in her, and at once
go forth in the name of cerebral,
tested times that will drop sweet

wine (and the hills, milk) etern-
ally, o immanuel-- protect from a
creeping chill all ice encompass-
ing and evangelism chosen & drawn
for someone to drink from: listen

with the inward sense, so as this
missive goes not astray nor glows
with the cracking strain of honey
wrapped around the brain stem nor
the base of the spine physically.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


walker arts school and dramatical
impresentation of pressures and a
building to spill, kept like gold
in a wall and digged out in order
to make of melisma a new and sub-

stantive spine: that whispers out
of the midst of grace, that moves
me parenthetically almost to this
apex, and is sealed with my twist
of fate, falling blunted and ever

scraping the future for intention
that will not forsake the imagin-
ation of good, young heart-- have
been reminded that there was once
a power of that and their sevens;

hollowing rouges, blush echo tan-
gent in tandem with dervishists &
devotion fourscore and armature i
cannot obtain-- a moving stranger
whose motives sing to the stars a

russian lullaby and minuetted may
reverse in traffic to become real
and intent, so that the lovers'll
rock, splendour magnified through
a bough of rocks and skinned ice:

i had within me to worship whilst
glasscandle grenades bulrushed my
city and there was indeed an ark,
which by the virtue of infinities
swum hanging brightly, removable.


repentative skill loving applied,
brushstrokes and metrical solilo-
quy for brothers quay, for railer
and mansionary all given got with
the honour of prospect interrupt:

my only true love, the profundity
that strikes me on one cheek, and
i present to him the other, saved
slips and watermarked silhouettes
with the rain falling down on us,

excused for a while-- to dance an
operatic spasm which yields bouq-
uets of lilies, worn copper penny
with the base metal shown through
and all the illuminations of sky;

i wanted to be a child for us two
but i found that i had become hu-
man to the extent that trailings,
tracery and inflamed violations a
skip in the pattern revealed will

not blank the nebula's aurora nor
the hugo-- as walking beside this
shore for a moment, scattered via
time's momentum to fill up a cup,
or two with the nectar of absence

but the taste! so fluid, forgiven
verbiage with accoutrements which
speed down the lane and: became a
phoebus apollo, four hundred, and
forty, all for her genteel touch.