Wednesday, December 12, 2018


alter receptionist, how to do the
aleatory, with the altar bronzed:
like subsuming munificent, sacred
nursing, that runs with a harmon-
ic heart and the cold pulsing the

forgotten, just so, just so, hal-
lelujah to the industrial revenge
because that's what reverses it..
how to do things with words, wed-
der not mention and pleonasticism

plugged into the radio of diamond
vehicle, returner bought with the
mammon of dross, mane like candy-
flossed independence: which keeps
the evolution too legal and free;

what didn't hurt was precisely an
honest brush with the immanences,
the retort and crucibles of media
that struck from the root swallow
the endemic power and style of an

absentist, a magician, a defeated
promise which involves within it-
self and answers to no one except
itself, fascinatingly-- and as if
you felt like you were talking to

yourself before a drink-up and an
awful sleep, moving backwards be-
yond the scoping and hardcastling
redundancies the magnum opus, the
life's hard work, and the melody.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


inanimatus conjuror, black eye of
candle burning and unexpired, how
challenger evening stair that she
stood upon ascending and descend-
ing with all the chagrinned wit..

what are we without taste? inter-
rogating the questions: back into
themselves cheating that way only
joking there's nonesuch as cheat-
ing-- holy hallway with only left

turns, doors that evaporated when
i left for study and eased my eye
of candle burning and unimpugned,
lifelong legacy that bespoke this
susurrating whir that hums smack;

i can't keep up with my biography
and my vocabulary is entirely in-
sufficient to scale: programming,
patterns, star quietude and never
communiqué but whatever i believe

i'll remember that together loves
comprised, and illustrating it! a
simple penstroke, flourisher mars
immartial material, submerging my
weathered soul in the rotationist

environments that beg entrance to
your star chambers, and that even
one like you never failed to turn
away.. what exactly are you so a-
fraid of? finding out or vacuity.