Sunday, April 29, 2018


to you the submersible, summering
in the innocence of an honest age
fight yourself gracefully, having
disarmed yourself beforehand: the
keyspan and levitical foreshadows

offer loud yet glorious hosannas,
trees agreeing with their roots &
their water moves me aspected ten
years from now with more studious
memories & entirely gorgeous sil-

ver daedalean and useful, whisper
them ushering in the good of pure
intent that results invariably in
intellectual genesis, oh & before
you forget, we are never ashamed;

image hosted and unbetrayable ode
to whatever makes magic as if for
example the libraries uninvadable
and always open: slow timestretch
that erected the story on tenuous

ideals slurring the fraternal his
rapidly moving eye, the stuttered
sermon to allure deaf to unbelief
served to stimulate and uncritic-
ally oppose-- something moves ov-

er the waters like a peace or ev-
en a walking monument to tranquil
repose, the words are redundanted
before we can write them down: an
adumbration of eternal ecstasies.


craving dissatisfied blown candle
sad here, lady sad listening sewn
mindfulnesses & the well-dressing
follower (in fall) didn't answer,
my sire-in-arms, my siren.. verse

in difficult fourth title singing
the french with the words meaning
softened winter which isn't cold:
automatism gets awfully dreadful,
when the queen removes her stones

and all the cycles renewed virtu-
ally christian o pilgrim accepted
lights outside the view and wrote
such songs, christmas comes fully
in the morning, so don't wait up;

irretrievable portraiture anxiety
of influences circling tractatus,
thanatos political exuberance and
antoine de saint-exupéry.. cities
that shade the buildings, somnol-

ent insisting "don't teach me any
lies" & debating it, whether lies
can be taught, or only discarded:
quiet quotes that corrupt the new
holiness of a private life, burst

forth with the wishes of learning
to be public and dramatical, girl
on the shimmering depth of animal
reversal--and irony--to contrain-
dicate that hegemonical humanity.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


memoried begotten, updrift hidden
hand-into-fist dubbing unforgiven
abstract marriable lineage polite
eraserist rhythm & blues funk and
jazz two-tissue kisstatistics ec-

static meteor psyche and our cup-
ids striking the metallic rubbing
face to keep cold, smoked to stay
warm and literally agog with pun-
itive rubric scoring you & making

you merchandise extremely curious
to've learnt and meaned: gleeful-
ly gilded the blade, removing the
sharp points and dulling overall,
for the benefit of the fragilist;

talk that unspoken symbol & break
the chain from between my eyes, i
am so sleepless and impenetrable:
limbed limned waking reeded gosp-
el oak emanating evergowned psalm

fluid that means what you need, o
as if rotating suspended by cords
that point from the outlet to the
vertex in the minimal secret cen-
tre of communal genesis made real

with feeling, speech exploded and
cerebral that danced on the whims
of mastered matter converting the
stillwept winding, warp, and woof
i've ever burnt a candle for you.


exotical spinstress whom's moving
over the landscape, upside downed
verbiage cover me gently & settle
the cliché electrotype magicks're
made to throttle the poison with-

out of the body, just in tribute:
she did and was, or maybe the zoo
was in need of a professional for
a while, bullfighting is bullshit
said old bull lee, skirts twirled

and lassoing the wild, olden west
into shapes, stars, spangling ev-
ery insidious thought-- breakbeat
choice cardboarded a midst within
the central and shining showtime;

maths can't be ugly, can they? we
were inclined to ask, indifferent
like the path had been swept over
and over again: with the besom of
destruction, tuning plucked notes

twinned accelerator innerspeakers
that blare and bust out the rare,
and i still haven't tattooed skin
or cut anything.. if i was a part
of civilisation for a while, just

loitering around the endpapers of
hysterical history, would i joyce
or woolf? and i can begin to even
expect the dazzling starscrapered
night, that's sedative as indica.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


there's a thin moonrise coming up
over the blackened california sky
or: the milk of animal humanities
is inscribed inside the books and
the library is closed on sundays,

political liquid pooling fragrant
from everlasting unto everlasting
and pacific, libertine synthesis:
all i've really seen is luxuriant
like maths homework that we carry

on the king kong centuries, withs
and cradled millennium that their
sprays nurture carnatical & clas-
sic, moving beeping streeting and
electronic with the sweet relief;

the girl in the picture was scorn
and vitiate, it suffers with this
longing that sustains the heavens
with their whitened darknesses, i
thread the needle and flee from a

messianical and orgiastical theo-
ry: which covers up the limbs all
over the sleeping beauty, scratch
cueball logic that moves us magic
like a cardboard box, doubled the

bass and trappistry kit, cooldown
the bible to wit, jazzing guitars
and beat poetry which run wild on
the turnpike and into the future,
just got the facts & recombining.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


as in an empyrean nirvana, glance
on the skin within beautiful, ad-
dictive, and enigmatic: yet lover
safety and security that moves up
like the hope of long fingers ode

currency that feels sensible.. we
are a freeway, so unpoisonable or
unimprisoned and protracting this
settlement by looping the conson-
ant, average piquancy court spark

and heaven referred to in the re-
flection of the room in raindrops
or perhaps i should put me paral-
lel and untilted, yet mathematic-
ally equidistant to surroundings;

you were waiting for somewhat i'd
absorbed before birth, perhaps my
name and its manifold resplenden-
cies, and i don't exist sometimes
through the piano into the hidden

door and followed from the garden
to the book-- it does make sense,
i accept, but is also divided the
way a flower's petals part to of-
fer pollen: scientifically facted

and hugging the bedclothes like a
baby bear, toys & music rippling,
rippling across the ages innocent
and shuffle the deck, pick a card
and i'll promise to play, honest.