Monday, April 24, 2017


megalithium and poseurmyth melted
with true 303 rhythms: the alter-
ed flight of inscrutable puzzles,
which denounce the anxiety of in-
fluence in favour of the posh and

comfortable christianities wedded
with seen diluvian antechambers &
their attentions-- divided, as if
the sky, and liquid as well, like
funk in the twenty-first century:

it's not really as facile as that
though, because ever--but not al-
ways--looming in the people's way
is the shadow of the vista of the
son of hinnom, may henna compete;

illustrated rioting campus singer
and her rings on her fingers--and
toes--and a coiffure like the sun
and the magniloquent, feverish id
that blacked out taking the night

off when confronted & glassed for
trying to play her cello: all the
world's a stage: in a phase sense
you look good and good looks come
in necessary (not merely handy) i

have learnt and misspelt and gave
up on educating myself other than
to listen always-- all the ways i
can listen are omnibenevolent and
even just foreign enough to work.

Monday, April 3, 2017


the album of gentle waves, isobel
left in the woods and what should
she discover there but a witch? i
recommended a house, but there is
never enough time--when it's been

divided, like the sky--to foresee
banal eventualities such as death
and this is the macrocosm.. teach
me, instead, a professional lyric
that'll not return unto him void:

the kindness of regeneration, and
the literature of exhaustion, and
the love of everything other than
oneself up to and including yours
which is in mine that hands hold;

sharpening images compare the yet
and heretofore stolid immalleable
with the everpliant and complaint
that make up the sum of comedy: a
nation needs azalean refreshments

like water needs roots, and there
was formerly blood on the leaves,
sap within the medulla of angelic
potentialities which could become
turned-inside-out for the benefit

of gracious personages and which-
ever principles they set forth: i
let ourselves be anewened, awake,
o sustain of velocity and sweeten
the sickness comforting the poor.