Tuesday, February 25, 2020


the drummer envisioned the africa 
of misspent saturdays all replete 
with the alcohol of living truth, 
and as i walked myself to school, 
the bus remained in the car park, 

as gentle as bees-- fliers should 
advertise literacy, musics should 
sing: all girls's schools made of 
the girls who attended was as yet 
calculus but likely disappoint as 

well.. since i broke my own prom- 
ise to the environing and castle, 
my feet find purchase but my hand 
can't hold, and yet, and yet maya 
shinnies & lindy-hops with paint; 

no one knows where the redeemed & 
instructed lie their heads in the 
rush of bleeding view, and though 
i was born in the tents of paris, 
i ended up montmartre & gracious: 

illustrating illusions for small, 
ever-so-small and smallest, child 
you've got many worlds to conquer 
like books, bikes, brilliant your 
smithereens and sugarcubes! liver 

so destitute to scream my yearned 
words forever within & without an 
arabian jamaica that sows the re- 
assuring genesis of ontic glass.. 
kant you read, bent over roaring.


brute the frustrating flush of my 
absentee power hour and blinking,
shrinking rose: an high-schooling 
built overrunneth rem & the colo- 
rados, arizona sky, anthony began 

to learn magick and decided-- the 
whale was inside the belly of the 
whale, brushstroke of lilypattern 
gilt and voices that mature, band 
gypsy king brushes eliot's beard: 

plug in and drive & walking haunt 
the studio apartment at the term- 
inus of the driveway at the term- 
inus of the hallway, and there, i 
the finality of the final repose; 

the newborn babe was a weapon our 
auroras susurrating and cascading 
as though swallowed by jerica, of 
course after having been chewed-- 
wroth math skins the black page a 

few more times before noon, and a 
vision is born, like lamps, abil- 
ity, reconcentrate my eyes within 
the serene unheroin of redistrib- 
utive and tributary: laughing the 

leader away from the gates like a 
rhythm that lifts & giggling owns 
a parcel, apart breeding confect- 
ions & sweet fluid always as liq-
uor as you please and wrote slow.