Friday, August 25, 2017


legato liberty produced, has the
intelligent rubric of intention-
al elision: to guide the makers'
hands in electing the inhabitab-
le futures that we colour in and

sometimes slumber.. which, if it
can be taken as true, tends sug-
gestively towards a massage-like
concatenation of effects on--not
only the psyche--also the dream-

work and the matter within which
it subsists: the apotheosis liv-
ing at the nadir of civilisation
and talking over not only itself
but the complete historiography;

howbeit freewheeling, comes this
king with her sceptre and spect-
ral fire that is overdetermined:
whereas it had been merely elem-
ental, it's now got great and a-

leatoric, driven to the constant
that underlined in the volume of
the book retcons the postmodern-
ities that the subset chooses to
militarise, river made from rev-

ersal of sky and ground: this a-
mong the maniprincipled arts may
inform the sphere, all its equi-
distant members, and not to for-
get the neoheroic administrator.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


of angelic punk, we shan't speak
nor give direction, yet whirling
suffices to stay and potentiated
the stream of stark raving, con-
temned for lending its letter to

the transhumanist gaze and temp-
orary autonomy: delving further,
it's easily discernible that the
furor of lost and found meets at
the interstice of shadows--burn-

ing--and colour--perpetrated--in
a skinning, stone, electric mar-
vel which cannot be invoked, nor
can it be adumbrated with accum-
ulation or sophistical critique;

all this seems to say the heart-
ening execution of republic with
all of the preservation inherent
therein, in fact progressing on-
to the substrate casting of liv-

ing-skull preponderance, a time-
less aphorism that transmutes an
effervescent nonsense simultane-
ous to the vibrations of rocking
heavy water: later, this becomes

the sensual crossing of connect-
ed, heliacal programmes contain-
ing good data that have been un-
organized and convey little more
than nonbeing that's everything.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


censured the wayward, children &
women all growing shaded in suns
whose revolutions are sparkling,
so serenity bloom backwards this
anthology of time that recapitu-

lates itself for the perpetual &
mutual benefit of all present: i
feel like swinging--and ever go-
ing for the two--have convoluted
singing with james the bell, aum

the mathematics and philosophies
of impossible sculpture and poem
and i am seated, prone, laid out
like the corpse of myself, to be
viewed, and perhaps appreciated;

slightly incipient tendentiously
talking moved by the vibration i
could sense with my root, absorb
the moisture and draw it in like
a sight, it was the way eternity

appeared before it had been pop-
ular, so that makes me a hipster
in the ginsberg fold, and whence
the wolves? you cannot take away
my literature, and you can't in-

vent letters long enough to sway
us from the holy situations that
originate in the crown, and only
ever evolve strangeways.. music-
ally making novel the absolvers.


given the impetus to perform up-
on command, demanded inscription
reversing duplicate intuition, a
widescreen type of view of alter
egos and the concomitant futures

thereof: it has all amounted the
same, so much of a challenge, or
gauntlet thrown, and i was kiss-
es blown and glimmering.. become
the vacancy of ethereally lived-

in space, which is for rent, but
not for sale, which means i will
charge you your ideas and you'll
collapse unfolding like the nude
descending a staircase, i think;

commerce can be ugly, woebegone,
and insidious, like a profession
of poor faith, that's not to say
"bad faith," but the invention's
got to roll of the tongue, as if

you believed & had seen an aleph
which is not to say "the aleph:"
all prologue is inherent in sim-
ilar parallels, and that wrought
by feeble hands bespeaks a feeb-

ler spirit, sometimes-- although
that's occasionally true, howbe-
it that there exists redemptions
for the woebegotten overerased &
the traces thereof so satisfied.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


free pressure! from its manifold
beholdennesses and then to infix
the liberatory spirit of materi-
al truth, oh the excess exists..
inconspicuous empire that's con-

spicuous by its imperspicuity, i
direct you to the foothills, the
races displaced however honoura-
ble, myself being without cause,
yet thereby on behalf of all, at

least as opposed to nihil-- what
makes sense to me right now is a
repetitive process of discovery,
though it may be cyclist and in-
corporated it's not all piteous;

humane sunskipped neologism that
gives away freely what it gained
in introspection: you pronounced
her name electrique and i've al-
ways confessed i was born asleep

and so the discourse is extended
but already concluded, and maybe
you'll discover something to the
affect, summer will decline with
the waxing winter that chills me

in both body and mind, but never
spirit: listen to me now because
the dark train should be rhythm-
ically intense and fleet as long
as the track is settled wrongly.


softened arches, made out of milk
and music, the most obstinate art
there is, concerning the imposit-
ion of utopia into the poetic re-
main utilitarian to the extent we

allow ourselves to be softened or
softeners: and souls are the lib-
raries of lucent manual technolo-
gies, as i realised when i perma-
nently left off from the highways

and found myself amidst althusser
and between beauty and splendour:
that you forgive me when i depart
from the subject long enough that
i remember that i was remembered;

the longshot is integral to these
obscene arsenals, juvenilia stet-
ted to put us in mind of the ever
present contact of future over a-
temporal antiquity-- all the time

i was instructed to forget or ig-
nore but i became norse, basque &
gdansk--not drunk, if that's what
you think i mean--in service to a
radicality that inheres, implicit

in the structure and post-struct-
ure of convivial gentility & jud-
aism, harmonised.. it looks some-
thing like a guatemalan pelorubio
who stretches leaning into frame.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


nevermind the bibliography, and i
dub us with echo: the enchantment
is neverending, as in it spilling
molten dollarbills into openmouth
children, who've done nothing but

grow-- hypnogogia, lift my arms &
stand me up against no wall, for-
getting to give me a cigarette or
a television call, and however my
rubbings rebound, play it the way

it lays: giving grief over sunset
that allays the stars and the big
star is always the sun, basically
you're got the starring role that
insinuates itself into the black;

symbol, so precious and sweet the
alarmclocked percussion, becoming
something like a perpetual-motion
machine made out of fire, whereas
the visions and illuminations are

all cooled, settled gentle shower
of inactivity that alerts us none
the less to the vibrato reverber-
ation made radium and discoverer,
just a mess of logic that pinning

down between boards doesn't mask,
recover, improve, inspire, or re-
dound with any colour or sensuous
inessentialities-- everything was
already there when we were small.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


apprise, prismatic amplifications
regarded come the hegelians & all
of the normaliens, the tongues've
been reversed in on themselves as
if winter came over their surfac-

es like surf, listlessly influen-
tial americans harbored in books,
but beatifying the real and other
for the edification and embossing
of ambassadorial edition, flower-

ing us now with showers of bless-
ing and the onslaught of privacy,
nevermind the pride, and diameter
is not always a limit: discovered
petrichor flowed in the parlance;

after the turn, pages are binded,
i walked forever having forgotten
nothing and regretted nothing and
constructing myths for myself you
could drink coffee to-- sometimes

we're chamomile, lily-begotten an
emphasis on all the israeli monu-
ments: just a task which we we're
holpen to endure, given the maths
and scientific temper the plosive

and harmonious masterpiece of the
agonist ecstasies of ecclesiastes
and understood all this with hope
that was shaken and clasped, know
this: that harmonics scintillate.