Saturday, March 31, 2018


millionfelt, folded honey into my
features, on my face, and becomer
waving oceanspray that intoxicat-
es and is really loud and quiet--
it is so enthralling: to approach

the throne wherewithal intact, an
opening that invites confessional
librettos and octaves you shaking
like the tree, at dark hours of a
sunny day.. but what i want shown

true is that it's so sensual to &
that we absorb scintillating this
astrological schedule with an eye
always to the uplift or even mak-
ing miniature renaissances, free;

ascendants dancing wheels & fires
on the plaited braided grass that
offers scents like homefulness as
the belly is properly round & our
intellect perks at the slightest:

did you know that i love you just
as you are? and that--sometimes--
i need you to create me? unlocked
and hiding without guile.. martha
kincaid singsonging swinging soft

to herself as if we had never be-
en beaten, it's not a game but it
does tend to last forever & again
half as long, summers cutting our
hair and we laugh & grow it back.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


shakey sunrise soothing the peace
into the musculature of statuette
lives unaccountable in a mysteri-
ous vertigo moving through leaves
and obelisked into retroactivity,

begins anew each lifespan eyes to
have been measured: lopey rhythms
mimic the names of half a hundred
deep, rotating portraits, and our
hair is long, so pretty that open

the house to visitors and soon we
have got a benevolent coven.. saw
politic signature, it isn't real-
ly that abstract but blow out the
candle and the flame will follow;

right now there's something out &
about the unspoken, and lettering
with careful expertise automatic-
al surf irradiates the fragrances
of past lives (and future!) in my

birth place where i was born-- if
lustre is born there, too, a sigh
will settle booklength, widthwise
upon the homemade tongue most oft
spoken into the souls of innocent

and trustworthy friends who glad-
ly gather on the grasses of green
fields of foreverland, and cannot
pause in the beautiful work we do
and honestly, it's not necessary.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


some of the little girls are such
that they're frighteningly high--
vertigo implicit in the nighttime
of duke and genesis, olden novels
that tell you all about it: ocean

breaking for its own pleasure be-
cause we don't believe in nothing
or, perhaps steeping teas in liq-
uor that doesn't intoxicate, like
giving a lucky penny to a network

for the sheer, redemptive jive of
it.. maybe you didn't acknowledge
the cliffs, the chrysalises, even
the gentle vulgarity that circul-
ated before you were born & good;

saline the selenium and sere ser-
enities of running up that hill &
cloudbusting, to borrow some salt
from the reverend and personified
identity of nature pushes butter-

fly kisses upon you, pressing the
blush on the skin that denies our
exchange values (because couldn't
you accept the objective fact the
body is holy and so are the memb-

ers?) and the energy moves nerve-
neverendings that are too import-
ant to mince words over: say what
your soul sings to you, then, are
looming and shuttled, iceblinked.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


abracadabrist accompanied by luck
that spins away from the solitary
hand, unaddressed and unsent, and
no one understands you sometimes,
but i'm found in the fountain yes

the dry/wet fountain of youth and
everything in between: comb filt-
ered timestretch that speaks real
invisible razoring gasp which has
a name, in the projects which are

called "the ghetto.." emotionally
self-flagellating but somehow al-
so stoic, listening for something
that remains elusive and passive,
like a bunch of time had elapsed;

virtuosity is worth commenting on
i want to feel the change consume
me playing a show for your enter-
tainment and bringing bad reviews
accomplishes some kind of syntac-

tical error and i can't even see:
dervished the deaf-and-dumb dance
whom's not a tenured professor, a
spoonerist man, or has been educ-
ated at oxbridge-- would i be ly-

ing to you i told you i loved it?
no one could understand that, but
i can, and i'm working to move it
over the border line, long enough
to trip over this wires & energy.

Monday, March 19, 2018


animal detective, you're so cagey
that your somersaults land you in
hot water all the time, and i can
help you put your puzzle together
once in a while-- does anyone yet

decipher the continuity of a per-
petual present? undeconstructible
but post-derridean, oh i make my-
self laugh and hopefully everyone
else, too! because laughter comes

from where one is safe from harm,
also where one's been eating his/
her wheaties, or other parentally
approved indivisible medicine she
designed one day to get you high;

boo to the business world, gianna
on a pedestal & disseminating ice
like creation steppering, laws on
loan from the pedestrians who all
need someone to think for you but

i'm the same.. i could start put-
ting little autobiographies space
boring burn that you can't intend
with water or even dope, blackest
and strongest, or wite-out stamp-

ed with substance that obliviates
the nuclear family and keeps fev-
er mirrored freeing & felt primi-
tive painting with such the voice
that is not proud even prettiest.


rinse-out, organ, and vocalisms
experimenting with this plastic
to read between the lines, what
you'll often find there's white
and that's ambivalent, like the

colour of pomegranates, nothing
in the aesthetics-- it's incum-
bent to bend logic, much like a
rod or a serpent: left like let
the woman shine, whose shine we

appreciate for its urbanity and
profound.. ezra profound, utter
precocity and waste verbiage to
predict and defend, to alliter-
ate and paragraph, intuitively;

it thought it wasn't generating
any sound--or noise--but honest
to god it was midnight in amer-
ica, hardcore ravers illustrate
or america cuts itself off from

us: you work for me, but i'm an
easy employer, but i won't give
you money, and aren't you glad?
the burden of indestructibility
counterpointing the door closed

and virginia eliza clemm poe: i
against i, paired, twinning the
upshock over and above illiter-
ate words that begin by letters
& from there begin to collapse.

Friday, March 16, 2018


i have, and drop on the ceiling
the french that speaks to every
little modernist like arson, or
maybe this season is copyright-
ed & the coping is studded like

someone decides we've no longer
got the right to do whatsoever:
throughly uninteresting psychi-
atry geriatric and genuflection
with the absent cause gossamer-

ing the gunshot, physician heal
thyself or here's an excuse for
misunderstanding, i told you we
deal in dread and not absolutes
but my heart's contraindicated;

saw circumferential logic lock-
ed against the creeping death i
listened to in adolescence, and
appalled by the stopping coach:
emily, virginia, laetitia, mary

strengthen my failing eyesight,
and when i am suffocated silent
the joke's on you because we've
got words, humour undeprecating
and scintillated by liberty and

decadentism.. when i woke up in
the night-time, i got out of my
bed to feed myself and tend the
elements and i told you secrets
that touched upon spirituality.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


command prompt unscheduled real
hardening scatterplot, that re-
sists and bangs its fists as if
insisting that he sees ghost no
gunfighters: the temptations to

explain roll away the tided and
spelling techniques gifted like
the organisation of tremendous-
ly angel.. the prose is so mag-
nanimous, and the tension won't

hold long enough to power on my
book of foreign sunshine, you'd
been brow-beaten and plagiaris-
ed, and it was always fresh, be
and do and slide witness, holy;

vocabulary is power or sometime
legendary master and mistress &
house overwhelming in the rural
and sometimes the suburban: yes
i don't spell, don't spill, but

trying to contain, washing back
the tears simply said righteous
stretching integument that heal
us o father! will bless forever
like a benevolution.. lord it's

so hard, renewed commitment you
policed the regime and what was
it after all worth? just to af-
fray and diffuse leninist truth
that resolves itself into life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


sunsetter of acrobatical tongue
appearing for a limited time in
the large and great shock show,
easily boasting the junior life
that revolves around the varied

self-disciplines that all state
how we are at liberty and free:
the girl is safe at home, as in
no one can coerce or despair, a
consuming fire and a conquering

lion in the atmosphere of night
like stars that combust, gener-
ating the absence of colour but
the immanence of reificationist
rhythms, which are good & real;

yes it's pleasant to watch hour
after hour and sometimes before
scattering their rays across my
floor four walls and roof, how-
ever many languages express run

into the resulting testaments..
hundred thousand million and so
on, profession is walking lover
unashamed water over the signal
that comprises so much pronoun-

ed matter or s'il vous plaƮt to
roll on like a duophony, logic-
makers and their schemes graph-
ed with the rouge chalk of glad
graspings & grinning agreeably.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


can't, stop talking long enough
to pour in oil and wine, topped
him with turned tables, burning
the planned obsolescence of the
nightmare, and you can't.. what

were you covered in? and did an
alive link striate, suffocating
the inorganic chemistry trailed
behind us, like rose petals the
floor of a church at a wedding?

i'm careful when i look into my
mirrorshades resting upon some-
one else's face, as they're on-
ly another me, but i also don't
really want anyone to stare at;

actually, it's omnibenevolent..
the tattoo has its own, sinuous
rhythm in the biology: mistaken
for decades and only towards an
imminent knowledge discovers he

the pianist, gothical intellig-
ence that buoys up and supports
the big other, he who has among
other things been implicit, in-
tuitive, and insular, but there

comes an era of outward propul-
sion and confessing: the spirit
looked around, literally seeing
everything in its everlasting--
now true--condition & gestured.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


musical or palm-muted electric-
ity, stunner of skies that bent
the brave amidst millimillenary
or the surf burst against curve
like the druggy & dadaist maker

of all worlds, like a tree that
grows upside down and we chant-
ed around it, clambering within
its roots-- i'm amnesic tonight
and cannot sleep: much more the

matrix and arrays of good less-
on but premystical afterthought
carries over into the wake like
our love, symbolical signalling
that smacks you like spangling;

barely literate in their future
that was pushed and extending a
limb to pull us up into safety,
in the future there're no ills:
wounded with the postmodern new

sincerity and i'm not sure this
says anything other than please
being nurtured with the pinks &
birds.. perhaps i'll leap with-
al my newly strengthened ankle-

bones, and shout proudly prais-
ing, though maybe i'll sink in-
to a hot bath that's temperate,
anyway, and remember things i'd
forgot, like the names of suns.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


lemony, headed put forth like a
sonic boom.. picked up where it
had been left off often and you
climb into the cab and away you
go, the range disappearing like

intuition and all the waterfall
accumulated inarticulate: could
walk further within the temper-
atures and raise a flag to warn
us, sliding.. entirely electro,

early risers setting the stage:
however an old woman has always
at least no alternative, choice
being decided upon as necessar-
y and amorous in night's march;

witched as if seen from a dizzy
height and the constituents are
displayed on screens which were
planes before they'd been infra
like the roughed-up face bless-

ing its many teeth and skin: we
animate everything, and we have
always been really good at it..
scribbling words in books, may-
be even sentences, to borrow an

image from a mistress-- are you
overwhelmed and cartwheeling as
if you'd been overheard & care-
worn by the drums of death? yet
i have to interpret it as life.