Saturday, May 25, 2019


promontory saga and relative con-
sonants, lover rediffused & dist-
ributing the simplified life, do-
ing wakeful awareness and the in-
sistent distortion-- how happy! a

walk into the resist go ahead how
you're my little-light-and-star &
saying with the erudite immanence
irresolvable and undivorced vocal
radiant stone.. chapels and fruit

of spirited grid, mumbling names:
exempt, experimental guilder, tao
supports and extinguishes the ec-
stasies of mirror-revolved washes
of utterly surprised comministry;

sawn colourful fulfilling the art
and proverbs of the most vibrati-
on, spilt sand and surf bluing an
accepted linguistics, so reversed
the lofty aspire and bend, wender

who marks species: like a profes-
sional amputee, my chemicals made
medicine, sans frontières! missi-
on to document & abstract-express
as if time was involved & wrapped

up with a bow, sealed with a kiss
and the mystic is envelop-filter-
ed, flanging, and voice-synthetic
all so that we can speak soothing
to each other, spooning & serene.

Friday, May 17, 2019


victoria you shine, kids put your
fingers in your ears or any other
techniques turning yellow in this
bleachy morning with its tricky &
provincial antiempathy.. boasting

like the bold rivulets around the
trench, all my defences eradicat-
ing the twenties and i am so glad
to burn your money, next i should
spit-- mathematics that show us a

docile future and gang up like an
outsider orthodoxy, pulp the pope
bloody his nose reuben, immatures
and miniatures and cruciform heat
shimmering off blacktop in oases;

remaster, up on the trust, places
beaten & molten by hard, poignant
cold, just to establish the front
of continent prelude, washed-face
candour and the ultimate splaying

surf-- rizla, riffing like titans
in the chaos that came to set the
teeth on edge, and the juices are
moving in the foreground distort-
ing the abstract of intragenerat-

ional scholarship: are we putting
anything in our pockets? desiring
to survive, model united nations,
smoke stacked like crimson smiles
and inanimate throwing procedure.