Wednesday, December 18, 2019


emoluments, high-standing reacher 
busting up, photons & manufacture 
that warp like gilt stallions the 
breeze browning out as if friends 
with the morning, moon, and night 

that riding inward staircase wit, 
the sphere that thrusts his fists 
against the post & still insists, 
transformative skin sheds herself 
and the kiss is regenerated, also 

sustained-- humming rope-skipping 
rhymes that all alliterate across 
vistas of indescribable anonymity 
and though the bell is not broken 
the baby wakes to crashing waves; 

honestly unedited cardiopulmonary 
script slipped under the doors on 
a momentary discovery that vanity 
bespoke & rhythm recalibrates, my 
lion's share with many arrays and 

multitudes, all oriented, arch, a 
calumny prostrate, passive, lead- 
er snaked under the stage, ballet 
notwithstanding-- all the parts i 
can handle are holy, gorgeous and 

demonstrable heart surfeiting the 
diatribe which is effaced loving- 
ly warm and on sleeves everywhere 
because the time has come to talk 
of many things: shambling techno.

Saturday, May 25, 2019


promontory saga and relative con-
sonants, lover rediffused & dist-
ributing the simplified life, do-
ing wakeful awareness and the in-
sistent distortion-- how happy! a

walk into the resist go ahead how
you're my little-light-and-star &
saying with the erudite immanence
irresolvable and undivorced vocal
radiant stone.. chapels and fruit

of spirited grid, mumbling names:
exempt, experimental guilder, tao
supports and extinguishes the ec-
stasies of mirror-revolved washes
of utterly surprised comministry;

sawn colourful fulfilling the art
and proverbs of the most vibrati-
on, spilt sand and surf bluing an
accepted linguistics, so reversed
the lofty aspire and bend, wender

who marks species: like a profes-
sional amputee, my chemicals made
medicine, sans frontières! missi-
on to document & abstract-express
as if time was involved & wrapped

up with a bow, sealed with a kiss
and the mystic is envelop-filter-
ed, flanging, and voice-synthetic
all so that we can speak soothing
to each other, spooning & serene.

Friday, May 17, 2019


victoria you shine, kids put your
fingers in your ears or any other
techniques turning yellow in this
bleachy morning with its tricky &
provincial antiempathy.. boasting

like the bold rivulets around the
trench, all my defences eradicat-
ing the twenties and i am so glad
to burn your money, next i should
spit-- mathematics that show us a

docile future and gang up like an
outsider orthodoxy, pulp the pope
bloody his nose reuben, immatures
and miniatures and cruciform heat
shimmering off blacktop in oases;

remaster, up on the trust, places
beaten & molten by hard, poignant
cold, just to establish the front
of continent prelude, washed-face
candour and the ultimate splaying

surf-- rizla, riffing like titans
in the chaos that came to set the
teeth on edge, and the juices are
moving in the foreground distort-
ing the abstract of intragenerat-

ional scholarship: are we putting
anything in our pockets? desiring
to survive, model united nations,
smoke stacked like crimson smiles
and inanimate throwing procedure.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


impelliteri the busted-up shrouds
the hands, and alliterating hours
backing away conspiratorially the
celestine vertex holds the worlds
together, much like queen's milk:

wisener habituate us with harden-
ing euphoria, instantiating, that
structures bend & recapitulate to
an immured science ever so roman,
and predisposed to brutal justice

as well, as well as terrible mer-
cy, dawn, life out of time warred
its way to summit, council, other
colours that we now know were sad
and ineffectual in light of fact;

i've never wanted anything and so
i judge myself absent.. invocator
votive noctuary, crowning & stam-
mering, spilling the arpeggiating
anticipation precipitate and made

fuller in its uncontrollable glee
like a glass cavalcade that sorts
bright blood into the arteries of
a dark horror of night, later the
replenishing routine of daybreak,

and while she shelters slaughter-
ous hearts in her thought, and an
immunity blended with irradiance,
forever, blanches in the sunlight
sun & desert, a surfeit of water.

Monday, April 1, 2019


do you one better than earnesting
surplus, wartime shivers spine at
odds with the verse-chorus-verse,
but not the chorus: which arrives
in your own perspective like this

opening night-and-dawn (and feel-
ing, you are the authority who've
got acclimatised and moving celt-
ic/franco/gaul like the apostolic
monument of redemptive symphonies

compromised of pattern as well as
the shrikes) and opening surprise
the apocryphal scattered fluidity
that runs true through the palace
of hardcore punk, and later rave;

uttar pradesh, skin seaming steam
the mother, weaver, and we, begun
in unison the magician's music of
fretted infraharmonical neoteny..
hologram teen the blush, skipping

oh often several generations, the
dynamic disciple of futurability,
writing things in ink that summer
can't burn and won't even warm, a
castle, a lifetime's inventions..

all of these things can't & shall
not braid me farther, wiser, more
your lovingkindnesses replenished
the watering skies and scree that
sink yet revive and evolve plush.

Monday, March 18, 2019


haul and announce, rollover turn-
around of exquisite crypt, flares
and inattentive smoke which treed
the inanimate wonder of islington
and trenchtown, rockers meets the

scientist in a dark tower of dub:
fleeting, cherish the simpliciti-
es that wash my skin, rosining my
grip for the ultimate and addict-
ive whirl towards the world! pow-

ers that weren't, silly vocalisa-
tion trending the grip and making
many months, push/pull walk halls
digitised like binomial infiniti-
es that remain undisguised, free;

spilled lust maps the undiscover-
able country that's propped up by
pedal-steel and as the stage tied
up and crying dies, the show must
go on.. someone said you've lived

here for millennia, burning night
pride that sleeps your eyes, sand
moving forever as dictated by the
silt stenographer, i hope against
hope she knows she's not guilty &

can relax, for a moment's space--
pace enunciated with the reclined
stars arrayed in diadems and halo
an exemplary superlative thrust..
doubled soul, nearly inquisitive.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


machine-made ultra high-definiti-
on gun, blank, razor on the back-
sliding invisibility spells, take
a walk for a while and wean their
fêted failure (which you can hold

in your hand, much like a staple)
yet my adam's apple is memorexing
the recaller vibrations: crossing
stride deus lumina unfaultability
pre-examined metaphysical laughed

entertainer, hewers of stone, and
carriers of water, in all of your
"every thing" intimations did you
ever set the controls? sailing to
the three taverns & turned equal;

most beatitude vistas encrownable
and naked to the bright, spectral
shirka's eyes, replenitude planet
that skated sinks and is revived:
like the oldest name in the anci-

ent tongues, heart's endeavourers
and magick that settles me yellow
and haughty, oh circumambient sun
missioneering the church's subtle
and ultramagnetic tow, hail ambi-

guous tetrahedra railing & blurry
pictures of pictures of peace, on
the silten path that, reflecting,
follows me myself & doesn't lead!
brethren dwell together in unity.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


wound sheet, stick 'em up, kid, a
descent and an ending, movies the
bastard schism of unremitted skin
and--pooling--a z-shot of experi-
mental proportions, imputing data

in bad blocks and twining fingers
through my hair: i want this, for
you to make me know i'm glowing..
no purpose to it really, just art
for art's sake rolling yet blown,

breathing together & dreaming the
same, melodic-death sidewalk core
expansion and force high with the
frozen still-life freeze-frame of
luxuriating in the essence of it;

the story was written a long time
ago, so many beginnings of novels
but never-ending, was it a waste?
and you're not listening to this,
no matter how infatuated i've be-

come or let myself know that i've
been.. sinuous, crawling needling
babble dripped like abstractions,
as they march on into the nocture
and indiminuition, as marvels the

spool with our heads in the sand,
all extant flesh delaying & shown
effulgent of all manner of living
angel if angels can be said to be
living, he's honestly astonished.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


please allow me to ring off these
abstinent projections of thoughts
learning no new techniques splay-
ed fripping mince & satellites in
the harmonium of balanced ballads

that suspend the sentence, vertex
propounds beaten-heart wish, seer
perplexing and moving in on sunny
steel beams, rays, arrayed texts,
understood to be felt if not und-

ertaken and glow-blown punch for-
gets, kneeling en passant statist
papist father of money, concomit-
ant choir-slash-wire, blazed sub-
mitting unrelenting ecstatistics;

misremarked colour graphite swim-
mer of seventeen sons, why do you
reply: kite the skate and serpent
skirted shirts versus skins, poem
inherent with magnificent malice,

and yet it goes misremarked.. yes
that's a story, the spirit levels
civics like crying liberty, and a
so luminous bowl backmasked sits,
power to arrive with the weather-

ing, solar wind, and though you'd
bust you probably burn, addition-
al alleleuia reconstructed, over-
worked & underpaid, clicking swat
fireflies heading indestructible.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


absolute, opposite revelator roll
the windows and britannia, my ac-
celerator nimble be quickened and
ascendant, or i'll knuckle my eye
when the dam bursts-- the streaky

eyeliner informed me, as i walked
the beat, that someone was on the
point of throwing it all away: be
as silent as the foreground, even
if it pulsates, wavering, thought

skittering around a pinball night
like so many vanishing spells and
hasty generalisations, and waking
up i began to believe that i am a
blank canvas over a tilted easel;

sehnsucht elevator floors follow-
ing the wheeling saudade, origin-
al sound that got scribbled in so
many notebooks like wishlists you
sent to father christmas but when

the refracting dawn slit open the
envelope of sleephood someone was
knocking slight on the wall, like
it ultimately shouldn't make much
difference whether anyone answer-

ed or if something sharp fell out
of the sky, and let me tell you a
secret about that: there are many
skies, and the faster your faith,
something is better than nothing.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


loose, repetitive perspicacity an
obvious non-issue a leap of faith
or hunger, paperback skeleton the
white flame oh god helping sorrow
bury the concussive theses, luth-

ier make the bow true and we have
heaven, like a generation of pure
talent & it's spilt down the sink
but don't call, don't call my ex-
tension when the iconic pitfalled

the venus of absolute antiquities
or, if you do, remember the numb-
er starts with the area code, and
if you know where you are, you've
done a sight better than me, you;

i'm reminded of rae, corc & rpeg,
like the spirallingly duoheliacal
premonition of ashes to ashes and
dust to dust: choosing to feel my
own replenishing texture and torn

from the theory a beneficent oth-
erness that walks in my shadow, a
spurned invocation i've spent the
accumulated drift of lifespans as
if i'd deny.. block-digit glee, a

byword glowing in the dim oceania
surrounded like the soul of ever-
ywhere & i sense goldfinch watch-
ing over me as i go, as i go, and
as i go, and i've got my reasons.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


self-begotten suturer & psychoan-
alysis stutters insisting: around
the table with blackening candles
all lucent and may weather autumn
until it's shaken into resolution

by the fraternal nemesis, winter,
or perhaps the depth is forgotten
in its palimpsest of waxy guilt &
the memories proceeding from ages
of innocent childhood which clash

insofar as waves, breaking upon a
shore can be said to renounce the
legacies, equalities, and frisson
that, required of them at our own
hands, distill their personality;

i don't like to see hard thoughts
but i don't really hate anything,
either: mind/psyence redissociat-
ed like the undertow of physical-
ly healing--and recover my eyes--

rhyme, for god's sake, however in
debt and inundated with the shake
rattle and rolling electronics we
built with our own bright spectre
of shirka's eye, the movies spool

like 1950s america, when all of a
sudden something finally happens,
and the permanent immanence leapt
into my arms marking me faithful,
great, kerouacian rant undrunken.